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Chap8. Water also returns…

Ismael was a simple boy and his mother left him in the middle of the desert ”because he didn have anything to eat or drink; much less a home where they could be sheltered (Abram, threw them out of the shared home ”at the request of his legitimate wife ”) and Hagar sat at a distance to wait for his son to die. And the boy woke up and cried ”seeing himself alone in life. ” And the Creator – says the Word of the Prophecy: he sent an angel -. And the food supply appeared and the direction for their lives was told as on a map drawn from start to finish. By GenXPrays.

Does this happen when we depend on others and not on ourselves? Or we lose everything ourselves and others win everything we lose. See it in the mind of a 3R manager: Sasry.

Before an autobiographical glimpse of Bierny:

I remember that the inspiration for Project 3R came in the first three years of age.

My parents were constantly moving from cities and homes; -which my father sold to his relatives, under the pretext of improvement or for leaving the home temporarily-; and at each reconciliation, a new housing project was started in another city.

I think I learned to rise from every test like they did, starting over from scratch.

At the age of 3, they were studying in a small school in an emerging, but modern and civilized city, well thats what I thought; until one realizes the following:

He used to cross a small field, which was like a playground for visual recreation; This was outside the little school. It grew there, all kinds of little plants and it had a water tap with which it was irrigated. And from so much crossing, like the little animals in the Andes, an increasingly wide furrow was made and little by little the plants were disappearing.

The little school integrated a large social complex, which included: a market, the little school itself, a bus terminal, three parking lots, and a sports platform made of pitch, that is, a fourth parking lot and the local park area – where the little plants grew-that no politician dared to build; on the contrary, the challenge of invading the green areas was planned.

Although this was just a detail; because the Plaza Mayor and the most residential and institutional area of ​​the nascent district of Nuevo Chimbote, were built after ”magically ” making an extensive area of ​​pine trees disappear ”through commercial political strategies ” ”read, trees were deforested to plant institutional and residential buildings on the lucrative cement ”.

The initial education teacher called us one by one to the blackboard, and we had to draw a line that we had already practiced on the paper and painted in color.

It was a number three, with the dissertation explaining How is it done? Adding a complex playful game: it was necessary to differentiate if the number three that our companions had already drawn: it was in that form. We all lost, the 3 point grade. Due to lack of reflections. The most ”gamers ” made an eight and the ”expert gamers ” a spectacled bear.

Well, that didactic experience stayed with me and until now, I use this reference as an anecdote.

Try to instill, in your youngest child, up to three years old: to draw or trace a line, such that it is similar to a number three and comment on the experience. Do not forget that it is in game form. Without any pressure and with a prize such as applause.

Now I understand, why when you visit your friends, in their houses, everywhere, you find glued, sheets: made in pencil, colors, temperas, crayons, markers, pens… and that are treasured as relics of knowledge. Whats in the sheets matters in the hearts of parents: My child is quite an artist! –It is heard from a distance, for each manually made sheet.

Over the years, having recorded the promotion, we realized that someone stole the water pipe, and for that reason they closed the watering of the plants and consequently, all the greenery of the long-awaited park faded, as with our children leaves¸ that from being exhibited so much were erased with the critical looks of the ”adults ” or the greenhouse sun; because the plants that cooled us every morning dried up: both when entering the little school and when leaving.

Then the bus terminal was closed. And guess what: in the sinister ”ecological ” park, a ”commercial ” environment was made and a first batch of informal stalls were placed. Appearing the first extension of merchants of the Buenos Aires Market.

Following this series of visions of ”environmental ” delay, the sidewalks were invaded and what was an excellent parking lot for the ”fashionable ” transportation of ”residential ” citizens; overnight it became another informal extension of the aforementioned market, just as luck passed another parking lot. Finally, the bus terminal was subdivided under the pretext of ”housing ” and guess what the houses that would form a new

s homes also became informal businesses, but first with floors and walls made of wood and plywood, and then with one to two ”concrete or cement ” floors.

The paradox of this short reflection is: if you look at how supermarkets are built today.

What are they done in a few months! And they will never go away.

Well, transnational investments with a national firm are highly planned.

All the initial planning of the Buenos Aires Market founded in 1974; it was as much like an international supermarket of the 22nd century. Of course: there are huge differences, it is said that: there are 300 or more active owners of the mentioned market and the owner of the supermarket is perhaps: one; or perhaps a single family: where everyone is a partner.

That there was no delay!? Someone will say it: because large desert extensions were won for housing and also for other supermarkets.

The heart of the problem is the following:

You walk the streets of emerging cities, including the countrys capital and main cities of provinces or districts. And around the urban, residential, institutional area, the avid ”merchants ” of informal profits will abound.

Call it for example: The most cultural street in Chincha. With its sucre street: There we located a little school not only for childrens students, but for students more ”aware of social realities ”, well guess what: their parents work in front of the educational institution and sell bread products to take away in the middle of the street -they are informal-

Although in the national reality, ours –said a thinking Bierny-: 80% of the micro and small businesses are informal, and they are the ones who move the internal or mass economy: Yes. From those every morning they buy ”their bread to take away of the freshest. ”

Sasrys Universe:

One day, Sasry, managed to influence her community (As Danay did in the novel: Ideas for Daydreaming)

He composed a ”prophetic ” story which he narrated in his 3R exhibit:

After that summer… (2019)

The sea is seen in stillness!? Can raise high waves anymore!!?

Immersed in nostalgia: Because of the absence, of vacationers? Because of the Covid-19

The praise of the surfers, are, every time, scarcer…

Being, few, the flashes, in the absence of tourist selfies.

By the waves loaded with human waste:

They hit a talented young man, ”great acrobat on his surfboard ”; which, he ended, with an eyebrow cut, by the impact of a bottle, Carelessly thrown into the sea.

For the occasion of drinking, under the sun, and; until the sunset of the moon.

To simmer. Grass dancers.

For hollow idea or reason that breaks.

In turn, certain beings of the sea had a similar fate:

Crabby. A Dancing Crab: Beach Tourist; with smiling eyes, and festive lips…

To whom, ”A bottle was embedded in his shell ”

Guarson. ”The friendly dog, friend of foreigners ”. One day, while walking through the streets of the city of Chincha, in the Ica Region.

He ate spoiled food: ”Exposed to chemical reactions. ” Are there inedible toilet bottles?

Are there rivers, whose waters receive mining waste; And that, with these waters, farmers irrigate their crops!?

Since then, foamy slime comes out of his mouth every time something upsets, angers or saddens him.

Chimpy. Whose offspring, she is a native of the White Island; in the Chimbote Bay. Who: When rummaging, between, the drains of shipyards and metallurgy, of factories that use chemicals, of factories that emanate toxic gases, of fishmeal factories…

Something suddenly grabbed his neck. And when he was about to shout: -Call for help-

His grandiose beak of a great orator, he saw himself attached to a can opener. Going away: His voice from him!

And the news tips from him.

…Time after: Craby, the ”dancing ” crab. After an exotic dance,

He was exhausted! Craby, slept to pleasure, between mosses and rocks.

Suddenly: Hit, from behind, by an object, semi-transparent…!

That was compacted on his body. Despite him, the problem is: ”In that, he took it as a sign. ”

And he set out to find: ”A lid ” The complement of the bottle…

You don mind the bother, do you? Due to the pressure of the plastic object, Craby: Was he smiling!? For there was: Conceived, a goal…

A 3R purpose! In the marine existence of him.

His friends joined him: Chimpy.

The pelican, he watched: ”Through the eyes of binoculars. ”

And, Guarson. The dog, guide: ”A hunters nose ”; and, with poultry fleas.

Everyone believes: ”If they find the lid, the object would recover: life; and consequently, it would leave: the body of the crab Craby ”

– The end-.

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