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Chap9. The MDF Craftsman by Regeneration

Its not that you can drink the same water twice in a river. The water returns to salt living beings and nature itself. By GenXPrays.

On a daily basis, the man: consumes fluids; made with different nutrient elements, although most of its composition is water.

The human body itself is composed mostly of water.

Because we fear an oil spill, if it is the black gold of all peoples. Can oil return to its natural habitat?

Petroleum means: ”rock oil ”; It is an oil of mineral origin due to the transformation of organic matter accumulated in sediments from the geological past.

That is to say: all the wear of the same nature; It goes deep into the earth and accumulates in natural geological traps, which are found all over planet earth.

It is the main energy source and raw material for making plastic.

If the same creation; tells you that the Creator of him: wisely arranged that the garbage accumulated for centuries go to the bottom of the earth, it is the same man who raises it to the surface and dresses it in oil.

The exclusive fabric of the shirt worn by the most famous athlete is made partly from petroleum derivatives and partly from cotton. Or 100% of one or the other.

So, while ”I don know ”; It is valid for my personal use.

Something curious talking about oils. There is an oil of vegetable origin for culinary use.

-It goes well with salads –Said a good listener, about Biernys dissertation, about other realities.

In agreement. It is the fruit of the olive or olive. And almost its third part of pulp is oil and easy to extract since the dawn of humanity.

Is there anyone who gives it cosmetic, medicinal and religious use? -He returned to contribute as a question -The good listener or reader.

Im surprised –he said, Bierny. Extending the expression-: The connection that created things like these two oils allow us: mineral and vegetable; with the Creator.

Perhaps: Does the oil spill occur to remember what was created and therefore its Creator? –He auscultated. The good listener.

Effectively. Everything happens, in favor of everything created; and it is for us: humanity! He replied: Bierny. With the following:

Nature is an endless book of pages rewritten daily. And whoever learns to read it in his daily life. He will know the message ”a priori ” that allows him to survive.

Then, the created things are reordered to each natural error –Reaffirmed the listener.

Lets return to the topic of water –He directed: Bierny. Next:

If a raging sea, ”because of heavy oil ” its waves cannot rise: What will it do differently from other ”eternal ” times? –He asked, emphatically: Bierny.

Impossible to stop a sea made of waves to triumph – the listener replied ”poetically ”.

Likewise, man, Objected: Bierny-: ”cannot forget that there are created things that connect us ” and the all-knowing Creator; many many times: he will cause humanity to err so that they relearn or understand and redo or use or redo. He Reapply!

The aforementioned ”olive oil ”, for example of its different uses. It has one in particular that ”connects you with the Creator ” in a supernatural and divine way – Bierny introduced this dialogue to tell:

It happened like this:

It was a time of cold summer, due to the intense humidity that is a product of the constant rains that occur in this season further north towards the mountains in the Piura Region.

A man rebuked ”the behavior of the people who tell the news ”, since he recently heard it on the radio and asked the group gathered during a weekend fast: -Is the subject right, in what he speaks?

Not precisely: if the interpretation that he makes of the Word of the Prophecy does not come close to the truth, it is another vile lie; before which it is necessary to discern the intention –Bierny rebuked-: Expanding on what was said:

We are going to pray, but: for such a proposed case and to be in ”spiritual communion ” through fasting, we apply to ”the gifts of discernment of spirits ”, using olive oil, which is a natural element that will connect: ”our nets ” with that of the Creator by faith, and will produce the change towards the expected truth.

-Said, this: proceeded, Bierny: to anoint the foreheads and hands and feet of those present and the shoulders (it can be placed on the eyes and on the lips and even on the ears if necessary)

And after anointing, he began to sing from the heart, in such a spiritual tone, that suddenly the place was filled with a fresh wind. And the anointing was poured over those present and tongues of fire were produced from the man present there.

The intercessory prayer was repeated, laying hands on him and asking: his spiritual senses be opened, that ”spiritual ” eye drops be put on his eyes: so that he can see and embers of fire on his lips: to the point that he speaks in ”biblical languages ” to the truth of the matter.

And on a third occasion: he asked the man to dance ra and enjoy ”physically ” in the presence of the Spirit of his Creator.

At the end of the session. That man: he confessed that he had not felt this sublime presence since his childhood. And that being an old man. He never considered the use of a Creator-given oil for such purposes.

To that same man and to the other 3 to 4 present, he asked them: ”to apply that from his interior rivers of living water will flow ”; so you had to leave your comfort zone and look for someone to share the rediscovery of the gift; thus also other gifts will be manifested. As happened below:

Reinforcing: The entourage had gathered about 2,500 meters above sea level, in a place in the Piuran mountains. In that place the houses were built on the slopes of the hills, in areas ditched like this to make a road towards a tunnel, which would serve as an aqueduct to pass water from a mountainous region such as: Olmos in the Lambayeque Region to another Region such as It was Piura. From there, channels are established to redistribute water and allow cultivation in mostly desert areas or to compensate for periods of prolonged drought. Even to double the harvests in a year. Without going into further explanation. We conclude the topic:

A few kilometers from a carriageway, that is, an open space on the hill to accommodate the passage of heavy trucks and other material transport and for earthworks. There was a hut, where a woman congregating with the group lived at the foot of the road.

This woman had suffered from gastritis for more than fifteen years, to the point that she had stooped and lost all hope of life and spent more than her daily time prostrate waiting for a sad ending that would end her unhappy life.

The anointing, once invoked, follows you, said the prophet: if your presence does not go with us, do not take us out of here. The time that it lasts will be the time of communion that we offer. Why? Lets see:

We can enter your house – Asked Bierny.

She said: No! And by insisting two or three times: she changed her attitude and said: Come in. Getting ahead. Having opened the door of her hut. Bierny entered raising his hand and invoking: ”power in the Creator. ”

At the time the man, recently regenerated; who since he was a child, had ”the presence of the spirit of his Creator ” ” and that since he was young he contained it and lost it. And that, only a gift superior to his evils can liberate it and reclaim it and repossess it for him.

Who using: denser water or olive oil. He laid his hands on her again and spoke: ”the spirit of the Prophecy. ”

Love you! (Referring to Bierny) And because I love you, I don let you die at your will. Tell that woman: that she is like this, because she herself through her own mouth: I want to die. Let her renounce her word and I will work in her body for life and not for death.

-And she stressed to Bierny-: What do you expect that you do not rebuke: with olive oil, she is laying your hands on her belly: that spirit of sickness unto death! (in other words she uses the gift of healing for a true spiritual miracle)

Both ”spiritual ” sessions, the ”regeneration and healing ” sessions lasted no more than 15 minutes. And the Creator worked.

The faces of those present and of all the parishioners of those places lit up in renewed faith by the Word of Prophecy and praised the Creator: By his blessed water, whether oil or petroleum… (Emphasis added)

The next day we had to run away from the place because of the entities of revenge that are looking for you to kill. For another chapter of X-Monk it will be!

I better keep coming home and drop these off in their renovated homes! – Bierny ended by saying, and who, heading on foot, descended the hill to retrace his steps to the home.

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