”Fifty million dollars? ” Atlas subconsciously repeated Thomas words with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

Theres five of us. Split equally its ten million. Enough for me and mom to live comfortably for the next few years. In the next instant, he responded without hesitation.

”Whats the plan? ”

This caused Thomas to laugh boisterously, his guns shifting around his clothes. Headshot was the first to respond to the outrageous claim.

”Fifty million? Theres no one who can afford that much around here! ”

Headshot was indignant, stamping his feet on the ground in pure denial. However, Thomas simply said a name. This name caused Atlas to freeze.

”Zeus, ”

The entire room turned silent in an instant, and no one bothered doubting anything he said again. Zeus was a businessman that appeared in their small town; Oakcliff, a few years back. He acquired basically every single enterprise and developed the small town into a leading city in the world.

Coincidentally, Atlas happened to know the man on a personal basis.

Tinys dad. What a coincidence.

Atlas could only hope that their robbery wouldn affect anything in the future.

”So. Lets go over the plan, ”

Thomas explained everything, and it seemed like as long as they all did their parts everything would go well. However, Atlas knew that it wasn very likely.

”Alright, are we ready to go? ”

The others looked unsure as they nodded, feeling like they were walking right into a death trap. But it didn matter, anyway.

”You should see the new ride, Titan, its amazing! ” Thomas gave a wheezing laugh as he passed the key to Atlas.

I wonder what kind of car it is?

Atlas wondered as they headed out to the back of the building to find the car. It was rather strange to call it a car though. Not only strange, but it was also an exaggeration to call the large armoured van a car.

Atlas shook his head, realizing it was just Thomas sick sense of humour.

They all got in the car which was fitted with all sorts of reconnaissance gear, and Atlas drove them to the first drop-off. Headshot was the first to get down.

”Keep your communicator on at all times, ” Thomas instructed simply and drove.

Atlas had dropped Headshot at the back of a tall building. It was safer and they couldn drop him in the front since Headshot didn like to hide his rifle. Something about it being ”Shameful ”.

Silence thundered in the large bulletproof van. Everyone was still trying to get over the name Zeus before the mission started.

The purple-haired woman spoke first. She had mentioned her name earlier, but Atlas wasn listening when she did so and didn want to ask her for it again.

”I heard Zeus employs the help of supernatural forces, ”

It was also then that Atlas heard the slight southern accent in her voice. Thomas vehemently shook his head at her statement, though.

”No, sir. Don be believing that bullshit. I used to work as a mercenary for Zeus, he has no supernatural forces helping him. The only things we need to be worried about are guns. Large guns. ”

His statement caused the others to look curiously. Even Atlas, who was trying his best to focus on driving had to look at Thomas.

”You worked for Zeus? ” he asked, keeping his eyes on the road.

”Yes, ”

”Then why are you after his money now? ”

Thomas was silent for a while after that but gave his answer after some deliberation.

”He owes me money. And besides, Im a mercenary, not some bodyguard. ”

It was clear that he didn want to talk about it, prompting the others to shut up immediately.

Atlas pulled into a dark alleyway a few seconds later and Thomas, Rin; the other boy, and the purple-haired woman got out.

”Don leave, Titan. We
e going to make this heist quick, ”

Atlas nodded and watched as they left the van.

”Ten million, ” he fantasized thinking about what that money could do for him and his mom.

A house, a new car and new opportunities,

Unknowingly, minutes had passed in his daydream. Explosions rang out, waking him up just when it mattered.

”Oh, shit! ”

Atlas immediately ditched the car and went out onto the street. There were flames and gunfire everywhere.

He navigated through the rubble and maybe even some dead bodies and finally found just who he was looking for. There he was, threatening to reap the lives of those that helped him.

Thomas stood there with one hand clutched around Rins neck and the other on his gun that was pointing at the purple-haired womans dead body.

Rin clawed at Thomas but to no avail.

”Im sorry, Titan. This money is too important to be shared with the likes of you, ”

And as he said this, he gave the last squeeze on Rins neck and threw the other boy aside.

Atlas subconsciously stepped back.

”Hey, don go. Lets end this quickly. I promise you, a bullet. A single bullet, ”

Thomas sounded like a completely looney person. Atlas cursed himself for believing the giants promises of riches and gold at the top of the figurative castle.

It was my fault from the very beginning. I shouldn have trusted this crazy fellow!

Seeing his life was going to be on the line, Atlas let out a mocking grin and charged forward.

”Like my dad used to say; If you
e leaving, then leave with a bang! ”

He launched a flurry of kicks at the giant of a human, but none of them seemed to do any damage! The giant actually grabbed hold of Atlas leg and held him in the sky as if by magic.


Knowing what was coming next, Atlas quickly put both arms at the back of his head. The impact from hitting the floor was incredible. If it were a person with a normal physique, then it would have outright killed him, but Atlas was incredibly lucky.

”Why not just die, Titan? ”

Thomas pleaded as he moved the strap of his large machine gun to the front.

”Im doing this for your own good! ” Thomas the Giant stood over the innocent teenager as he said this and released the entire magazine of bullets!


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