hair and glowing blue eyes appeared in one of the cities, and with a single wave of his hand, a light obliterated more than one hundred of the beasts in front of him. He wore gold and silver medieval plate armor covering his entire body from his neck down and a long, bright crimson red cape.

The bloodthirsty beasts charged at him from all directions. Each step he took unleashed a powerful burst, sending shockwaves, knocking them away as he flicked his wrists, disintegrating anything hit by the bursts of energy flung from his hands.

Lucky survivors watched in awe, cowering behind the rubble of destroyed buildings as their mysterious savior singlehandedly pushed back the monsters.

Similar events were happening across Terra as more men who looked identical to him were accomplishing identical victories and killing every beast that spilled out continuously. All twenty-one young men began climbing the steps to the towers and vanished into them, sealing shut behind them.

Saviors who rescued everyone without so much as uttering a single word. These men vanished as quickly as they appeared. The remnants of humanity grew bold once the monsters disappeared and approached the towers cautiously.

Civilization was crippled and brought to its knees within mere hours by the emergence of the towers. People from the countryside began to flee the devastation brought by the planet to the cities and slowly began to rebuild.

Lawlessness and anarchy replaced the peaceful lives everyone once knew as gangs emerged and began to extort, kidnap, and murder anyone they pleased. The law of the jungle became the only law that mattered.

Survival of the Fittest! For two decades, humanity grew archaic, forgetting the advancements and technology through brutality and malnourishment. The strong eat the weak, and the weak can do anything about it, yet everything changed when the doors opened again. The only difference was the stairs were glowing blue and not red any longer.

Civilization had settled next to the towers, and panic had ensued as everyone immediately rushed away, far, hiding amongst the moss-covered rubble of buildings long destroyed. The humans cautiously waited for days before finally approaching the towers.

Upon reaching the top of the staircase, from within the pitch blackness of the towers opening, a swirling purple portal formed with white streaks circulating within the purple mass.

Prisoners of war were the first to be forced through the portals by the warlords who ruled the destroyed cities. They had sent slave after slave through the doorway, and none ever returned.

After a week of losing dozens of slaves, the warlords snapped and sent one of their own men through the portal. Once again, none ever returned. They quickly dismissed the outlets and ignored the towers again until a miracle happened…

The portal changed to a bright blue, and one of the slaves stepped through wearing leather armor. One after another, more stepped out wearing various clothing and armor, each wielding odd weapons.

Standing atop the peak of the stairs, one person stepped forward and recited a well-rehearsed speech, ”Surrender peacefully and release any person enslaved immediately or face the consequences! ”

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