God's Eyes

Chapter 11 - Heaven´s Will Soul Awakening

After changing the data from his phone to the quantum bracelet, Jason put it on.

It looked quite good and Jason scanned it with his eyes for a moment as it was really beautiful.

Setting off to buy clothes and other necessities 2 hours passed and the sunset indicated the nightfall.

Jason was at a hairdresser and he had already changed into some new clothes so he looked completely different from before.

If someone from his former class walked past him, they wouldn ’t be able to recognize Jason even if they looked at him throughout.

Suddenly a voice call was transmitted to his quantum bracelet and Jason saw an unknown number.

Slightly curious he accepted the call with a ”Hello? Who is this? ”

A familiar voice answered him.

”Hey here is Greg. I ’m having my soul awakening in half an hour and I wanted to ask you if you want to spectate it.

It might be weird to ask you this but I thought it might be helpful for you to sense how a soul-awakening works so you understand what you have to do when it ’s your turn. ”

Jason was astonished as he was never been called before and thinking that Greg wanted to help him was also slightly difficult for him to comprehend.

But thinking about Greg, Jason noticed that Greg never treated him badly and he himself was also very curious how a soul awakening takes place so he accepted his invitation.

”That would be great. I can be at the Beast Pagoda in less than 30 minutes. Please wait for me. ”

Jason ended the call and ordered a shuttle which arrived a few minutes later.

Entering the word ’Beast Pagoda ’ an address appeared and the shuttle went off.

Fifteen minutes later the shuttle arrived in front of the gigantic five-tiered pagoda which looked ancient.

He had never seen a pagoda and didn ’t know if this size was normal but it looked very expensive as he saw the mana flow radiating from the building materials.

Thinking about the pagoda′s ancient appearance a sudden thought appeared in his mind and he searched through his storage space.

Luckily he found a bandage which he put on before leaving the shuttle.

Jason has almost made a huge mistake but luckily he thought about his eyes which he couldn ’t reveal at the moment.

He had to wait at least for a week or probably a little bit longer until his soul-awakening was before he could reveal his cured eyes so his theoretical exam would remain valid.

Jason called Greg because he didn′t know where to go and less than two minutes later someone with a strong presence came outside.

” Excuse me are you Mr. Stella? Master Greg is waiting for you ” an old voice asked and Jason concluded that it was the butler from Greg

It was quite weird to get called Mr.Stella by someone as he has never been called by his family name.

Following behind the old man he was astonished about the butler ’s strength.

Comparing the butler ’s strength to the parents he saw yesterday he concluded that the butler wasn ’t normal either.

He was questioning himself how rich and powerful Greg ’s family business was, if their butler had already this kind of strength.

Jason had an easy time following the butler as even stairs weren ’t a problem because the materials inside this Pagoda radiated a certain amount of mana outlining it.

After walking for a few minutes the butler stopped in front of a door with dense mana radiating out of it.

In front of the door stood a few people and Jason detected Greg ’s mana signature among them and a few stronger mana sources.

Especially the two mana signatures next to Greg were special.

He had never seen such a huge amount of mana anywhere and he opened his mouth slightly in shock.

Seeing Jason with an open jaw in his direction Greg ’s theory about Jason ’s sensitivity for mana was answered.

While stepping forward he greeted Jason who came closer.

”Jason you ’re here. How are you?….since when do you have new clothes and a new haircut? ”

Greg was a little bit astonished about Jason ’s handsome look as he had never expected that a good-looking boy was behind such trashy clothes.

He would never say this out loud but he looked after Jason many times in the past because he found Jason was nice and didn ’t care about other people ’s background.

What Jason had long since forgotten was that he had helped Greg sometimes out with some remarks on how to learn certain things better.

Greg wasn ’t sociable and quite naive but he was sure Jason was a good guy which was also the reason he wanted to help him slightly with his soul awakening.

Jason greeted Greg back and turned his head slightly in the direction of his presumed parents.

”Hello, my name is Jason Stella.

Am I right with my presumption that you are Mr. and Mrs. Fle? ” Jason bowed lightly.

Even before the mana outbreak, respectful greetings and manners were only important in some regions of Argos but they got more and more essential after the mana outbreak occurred with the coming rules of the jungle.

Strong people could almost kill whoever they wanted outside the cities while the government protected the weak with their best efforts, even murder and rape happened inside the cities once in a while.

Sometimes big families took care of the matter like it was the case with Jason′s mother and most weak people tended to be as respectful as possible and avoided the strong.

As long as the government was weaker than these big families and clans, they had to partly rely on them to protect the majority against the wildlife and intelligent invading races.

Fortunately, not many big families were of evil from their core and only a few members in some families were driven by their desire and bloodlust.

It wasn′t that difficult to keep them under their control normally but once they fight against their control, some uncontrollable things are bound to happen.

Greg however was slightly stunned

”How do you know where my parents stand?! ”

Greg ’s parents were curious about the boy in front of them.

They saw a blind boy but they felt something strange about the area around his eyes.

Nevertheless what surprised them the most was that Greg brought a friend over to his soul awakening.

Greg was more of a troublemaker since elementary school than someone who made friends, so they have never seen one of his friends.

Being curious, the 30 years old looking woman with a small build and silky brown hair stepped forward.

”Hello Jason, my name is Gabriella Fler and I ’m indeed Greg ’s mother.

I have never seen one of Greg ’s friends so It ’s nice to meet you. ”

She said before chuckling.

Jason found himself in a weird situation

`Is Greg my friend?`

But there was no time to think about that

Greg ’s father was apparently embarrassed and he pulled his wife back before introducing himself shortly.

”Hello, my name is Mark Fler, Greg ’s Father. Nice to meet you. ”

His father ’s introduction was slightly cold. Maybe he thought Jason wanted to befriend his son because of their money or Jason ’s blindness could be the reason but he didn′t mind it.

Jason felt a threatening stare and noticed that it was the outlines of an almost mature girl standing close to Greg but sensing her mana core he was slightly shocked.

Remembering the mana core rank from the adults in front of the school grounds a day before, he noticed that this girl′s strength was one of the best.

’Greg has a sister? Or is that his girlfriend? Nevermind that, but why is she glaring at me like that?? ’

Before the conversation went further, the door with dense mana enveloping it opened slowly.

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