God's Eyes

Chapter 12 - Devastating Soul Awakening!

An old and haggard voice resounded ”The next one can go inside. ”

Jason didn ’t even sense any mana radiating from the presumed old man, only a slight amount of mana could be detected by him.

There was an eerie feeling and it was like a dragon was suppressed inside and his face paled slightly.

A single thought appeared in his mind

’Wolf in sheep ’s skin ’

Greg entered the room behind the door first followed by his parents and his presumed sister.

Jason was the last one to enter the room which ’s mana density was incredible.

Not only that was incredible, rather the size of the room couldn ’t be described as huge because that would be too much of an underestimation.

Jason couldn′t see anything through the bandage, except the radiating mana from the materials but even then he was unable to figure out the size.

Estimating the height to be more than 30 meters Jason felt uncomfortable and tiny.

A high-graded mana gathering formation was inscribed inside the room and Jason detected ten orbs on top of altars fitting in one ’s hand attracting mana greedily.

The presumed old man led Greg to one of the altars in the middle.

His family and Jason stayed at the bottom of the altar while Greg was told to cut his hand slightly.

Afterward, he placed the injured hand on top of the orb to activate the soul awakening.

The moment Greg ’s blood dripped on the orb Jason felt like he was on ecstasy as huge streams of multicolored mana gathered inside the orb.

It didn ’t stop as the mana continued to steam into the orb for a few minutes until the orb was filled to a certain degree.

Thereafter the orb began to shine red in color and it projected a small white world with a size of 10 meters in diameter.

Next to the white world another world suddenly appeared and this soul world looked completely different.

While the white world had two huge mana streams in two different colors floating around, the other projected world was slightly bigger, had a thick red hue around it without any colorful mana streams floating within.

Jason could feel these two worlds and he instantly understood that this was a double awakening.

Two souls inside a single individual was a rare occurrence and even if the 10 diameters indicated that only a smaller number of soulbond contracts were possible, it was still above average.

Next to Jason stood Greg ’s parents while father mumbled

”Hahaha my son as expected ”

His mother was teary. ”Our family has good children ”

She began to cry and Jason thought it was a bit too much as he heard a sobbing next to him.

The girl sobbed ”Good job brother, you did it.. ”

Jason was way too astonished to understand the situation and he took out a handkerchief he purchased previously as he went closer to the girl.

She looked up to see the youth with bandaged eyes handing her a handkerchief.

Accepting the handkerchief she wondered who this youth was as he had bandaged eyes while walking freely without his cane.

She stopped sobbing and dried her wet cheeks.

Jason turned back to the altar where Greg was still standing.

He knew roughly how the ranking would look like for Greg′s case.

The ranking was divided into zero to five stars while zero stars was the worst and five stars the best.

Having zero stars means one is worse than the common folk and probably only able to form a single soulbond contract with a wild beast or maybe with some luck an awakened beast.

While wild beasts are comparable to ancient animals and only slightly stronger, awakened beasts have the possibility to possess an ability like elemental affinities or body traits.

Getting a one-star result in one ’s soul-awakening means one is almost worthless to high-schools and one is only able to form a contract with probably one beast while this beast can′t be really strong.

Two stars mean one is around the average and on average able to form a contract with at least two beasts more likely three beasts and a low- awakened beast as the first soulbond.

Three stars were already a rare occurrences among soul awakening, while three and a half stars are called extraordinary.

Most three stars are able to form at least 4 soulbonds, maybe even 5 while they′re more likely to form a late-awakened beast cub as the first soulbond.

Four and five-star rankings are even rarer while four stars are called Heaven′s will and five stars are called God ’s Child.

Both of these soul rankings are exceptional and very few are able to awaken such souls because everything about them has to be exceptional including soul size, soul energy, and the type of soul.

The old man lost focus for a quarter second before gathering his thoughts.

He announced.

”Greg Fler 14 years old 2nd Adept rank has successfully awoken a double soul.

One soul has a diameter of 10 meters while the other one is 12 meters in diameter.

Both souls can form three soul bounds while the physical soul might even be able to form a contract with a fourth weak beast.

Adding both numbers together Greg is able to form a contract with 6 to 7 beasts.

While the elements wind and thunder are drawn to one soul world the other soul world is a physical one that allows non-elemental monsters with strength, speed, tenacity, and so on as their forte to form a contract with Greg.

This physical soul world would increase the shared amount from the soulbond to the master with the larger part focusing on the physique.

Being able to form a contract with 6 to 7 beats is more than extraordinary while a double awakening is also rarely seen.

But the most important factor is that your soul energy has already reached the red color, close to the light red color which means you can form a soulbond with a late evolved ranked beast.

Adding every aspect together your potential are four stars which is also called Heaven ’s will ”

The elder stated relatively calm. Among the few hundred thousand kids he had accompanied during his long life Greg could be placed among the top 1%.

More than satisfied with his result Greg went down to his family which greeted him cheerfully.

Everyone was relieved that Greg got a very good soul awakening and after getting a hug from his family Greg turned to Jason who gave him a thumbs up.

Jason thought that it was the right thing to do and it made him more comfortable

Greg suddenly asked ”Jason, when is your soul awakening? Can I also watch it? ”

One ’s soul was normally kept as a secret as it was one of the most important information about one.

Greg would have four stars as his exam remark for his soul-awakening, nothing more or less but even that was already seen as a breach of privacy by most people.

Jason thought for a second before replying while smiling lightly.

”My soul awakening is on the 2. August at 10:25 am, you ’re free to come.

You also trusted me with that so it ’s only fair. ”

The old man who previously didn ’t care about the examinee ’s company saw Jason as he looked down from the altar and the man ’s eyes widened in astonishment because he could see something through the bandages.

Coming back to his senses he said out loud.

”Brat if you want to have your soul awakening right now, you can come up. ”

”Can I really? ” Jason said impatiently while Greg smiled.

However, Greg ’s parents and his sister felt slightly confused as they knew how extremely difficult it was for them to have the old man supervising a soul awakening.

It was only because Greg was among the best of the best with his exam results and a few months of persuasion until the old man gave in.

Now this greedy and stubborn man let an unknown youth perform his soul awakening in front of him nonchalantly which was weird in their opinion.

”Of course that ’s okay. Come up! ”

After the old man said that Jason stepped up the stairs quickly to the others ’ surprise.

A blindfolded youth rushed up the stairs without tripping or even faltering straightforward with fast steps.

Arriving before the cleaned orb the old man handed Jason a small knife which he would have to use to cut his hand slightly.

But before Jason could cut himself the old man stopped him with his hands.

He whispered in a quiet voice only both of them could understand

”Brat, why are you hiding your eyes? ”

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