God's Eyes

Chapter 15 - Intimidation

Walking around the enclosures and breeding stations with eggs inside, the old man provided mountains of information mainly focused on the characteristics of beast potentials and how to determine their strengths and weaknesses.

Normally a beast-selection was different without information provided but the old man was generous because he liked the kids.

One had to know that soulbond beasts would not only provide physical enhancements and access to affinity but also their wild instincts such as bloodlust and more.

The characteristics of the physical enhancement depend on the soulbonds strength and also the soul ’s type including the shared distribution.

If one formed a soulbond with a bull one would get more strength while forming a bond with an agile beast would more likely enhance one′s tendons, flexibility, and other speed-related bodyparts before the focus would be on the rest.

There were only a few beasts on the first floor of the breeding grounds which inhabited wild beasts, awakened, evolved beats, and a few unblemished beats.

Magical-ranked beasts were in the lower basement and probably extremely few in C-grade cities.

Most awakened, evolved, and unblemished ranked cubs weren ’t much stronger than wild beasts at the beginning but their growth was faster and it would be much harder to control them without a huge amount of soul energy which was required for higher-ranked beasts, otherwise, the soulbond could backfire and the beast would be able to either control the contractor, destroy one ’s soul partly, or in the worst-case scenario even completely.

Greg who didn ’t have such problems could easily control a late evolved ranked beast as such he listened extremely carefully.

One ’s soul energy would grow with his first soulbond until it matured, evolved, or when a new soulbond contract was formed with another beast.

It was unknown how large the shared amount was but roughly 3% to 10% of a beast ’s growth were given to the masters which depended fully on one soul.

While most souls only distributed 3% to 5%, some fortunate ones would get a share of 10% from one′s soulbond as their soul was generous.

To put it simply, Greg ’s soul energy was between 400-500, and forming a soulbound with a fully grown late evolved ranked beast would use up around 450.

But an evolved ranked cub used up less than 450 soul energy at the beginning and only at the end it would need the previously mentioned 450 soul energy to get subdued.

This growth would cause Greg ’s soul energy to grow and mature in size while the cub matures equally.

With a distribution of 10%, Greg would receive around 45 soul energy once his first soulbond matured under the requirement that the soul energy it needed were 450 units once its matured.

That was another reason why one would form a soul bond with cubs or eggs in the beginning.

It′s almost one of the most important reasons!

Forming a deep connection with cubs is easier than trying to tame wild beasts who lived in freedom.

When a beast mutated or evolved into a stronger existence many things can happen.

Either the beast affects the master because the soul energy needed is too high causing the human to suffer unbearable permanent pain or the evolved beast shares more of its strength to the human forcing the sole power to increase which would also hurt but only temporarily.

This happens rarely and it ’s still unknown how this can be.

To conclude, having a beast that can evolve is a double-edged sword in most cases.

And here comes the previously mentioned connection back to the main topic.

If one raised up a beast with a high possibility to evolve, a deep connection Is important and also much easier to form.

Even if a soulbonds soul energy is larger than the master′s as long as it doesn′t want to break out of the soulbond contract with force, everything is fine.

Once a beast with higher soul energy than the contractor revolts, the whole situation takes a dangerous turn.

That′s why soul energy is so essential.

Even if Jason formed a contract with a one-star wild beast with potential, it was unsure if this beast would stay with him or if it would break the contract and flee.

Once his soul was damaged, it would take some time to regenerate the certain spot the previous soulbond occupied, while the innate soul energy remained.

But this isn ’t the only way to increase one ’s soul energy.

Rather than using magical treasures or relying on one ’s soulbond one can train the soul energy with certain training methods.

These were rather painful but many desperate people use them because their soul energy is weak.

For them, an increase of one point in their soul energy would mean that they can bind a slightly stronger beast which might have a stronger potential.

But most zero, one star, and even some two-star soul-awakening rankings would give up their wish to get stronger and achieve something because obstructions were programmed.

Training with these methods increases the soul energy only slightly except if the innate soul energy is high.

In this case, the soul energy increases faster cause the increasing rate is based on percentage.

Jason meanwhile had at most one point in soul energy, more likely even less which means he would suffer pain even if he formed a contract with a matured one-star wild beast so he had to start training with the special method soon to prevent permanent injuries.

He already knew it but he still couldn ’t believe his bad luck.

After looking around for a few hours it was already late at night but Greg was still pondering which beast to pick as his first soulbond.

Three evolved ranked cubs were among them and all of them had roughly the same dark-green radiating color while one looked marginal denser for Jason.

These beasts were a wind attributed condor, a thunder attributed wolf, and a newborn lesser Orc.

Jason didn ’t mind which one he should pick out of them because they were roughly the same until he saw a non-elemental bull calf with a feeble but dense green color enveloping it.

After looking at these thousand types of beasts Jason formed the theory that the colors he could see were the beast ’s potential.

A list had already formed in his mind over the last few hours beginning with color black, light-grey, dark-green, and finally green.

There was only a single green radiating color from a beast but the radiated color was incomparable to dark green.

The beasts Greg was pondered to choose had all the potential color dark green which was comparable to an unblemished beast

While Black was comparable to awakened beasts, light-grey seemed to be the potential of evolved beasts.

The green color Jason saw right now was different from the green he had seen on the other beast as it seemed to be weaker but when Jason saw it, it was quite marvelous to see as the radiating color moved around the bull calf vigorously.

This green color seemed to be weak and feeble but at the same time it seemed strong and Jason wondered why this was the case.

It looked almost excited and Jason was tempted to pull down his bandage but he behaved himself.

He had still his blooded bandage on but the outlines of this calf were detailed as if he saw it with his normal eyes.

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