God's Eyes

Chapter 15 - Intimidation

r decision to do what you think is right and don ’t let anyone hinder you. ”

Greg′s family only saw Jason taking off his bandage, Greg ’s astonishment, and his loud voice.

They didn ’t know what was going on but they weren ’t fond of this situation as they understood that Jason wanted Greg to pick the bull calf, which the old man said was weaker than the other three beast cubs.

Greg smiled at Jason who returned the smile and confidently said out loud.

”I want the reinforced horned bull calf as my soulbond! ”

Hearing this Greg ’s parents were dumbfounded while his sister shouted with anger

”Brother, don ’t be stupid… what knowledge has this blind boy without any background we don ’t have? Don ’t be naive!! ”

She went closer to the two youths that still looked at each other, while Jason ’s back was only five meters apart from her.

Somehow she wanted to hit Jason really hard in his face as she grabbed his shoulder, pulling him back.

This caused Jason to stumble backward, while he was forced to turn around

Jason was completely attacked off guard, still looking towards Greg, as his shoulder was unexpectedly pulled back.

The face of a gorgeous teenage girl with beautiful facial features, fair skin, big brown eyes, and long eyelashes entered his view, distracting him slightly.

Meanwhile, the girl ’s face changed completely from anger to astonishment before it changed to shock as she looked into the youth ’s golden eyes with surprise shining within them.

The golden eyes felt as if they were as deep as the abyss but full of vigor.

Jason was a little bit angered as he didn′t like to get thrown around or touched by strangers.

Staring into Jason′s eyes, the girl felt uncomfortable because it was as if she couldn′t hide anything from him.

Looking into these eyes only a moment longer would be fatal and she would probably expose every secret she had without any hesitation and she backed off and loosened her grip, almost tripping.

Greg who held Jason was a little bit confused.

He understood his sister ’s rage slightly, however, he had never seen her backing off from clashes.

But right now looking into Jason ’s eyes caused her to back off which was interesting.

The old man was annoyed by Greg ’s sister ’s behavior and said

”If you finished choosing your soulbond you can leave while I will help out Jason choosing his bond.

Your parents can help you with the last steps as they aren ’t difficult. ”

Greg was disappointed that he wasn ’t allowed to look for Jason ’s soulbond but he had to accept the old man ’s order.

While Greg said goodbye to Jason, his sister looked suspiciously at him and Greg ’s father looked somehow angry at Jason.

The reinforced horned bull calf was brought to a different room by an attendant and Greg followed the staff with his family.

Now, Jason and the old man were alone while the old man looked at Jason curious, Jason was slightly apprehensive.

”Why are you so sure that the reinforced horned bull is better than the other cubs we have looked after? Is it really because of your eyes? ”

The old man was suspicious about him and also curious, while Jason got slightly nervous.

If he really told him the theory about his eyes seeing the potential of beasts, Jason wasn ’t sure what would happen so he made up a story.

”I ’m not sure what ’s so special about my eyes but after seeing the bull calf I got the feeling that it is stronger than the other beasts Greg wanted to choose from.

But to be honest, I could also be wrong and I told Greg that it ’s his decision which beast to pick but I hope I ’m not wrong. ”

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