God's Eyes

Chapter 17 - No Time!

Listening to Jason, the old man nodded after a moment before he said

”Well, it ’s okay. It doesn ’t really matter to me if his soulbond is really stronger than the other cubs.

But if it ’s true, that your eyes are special, I think it might be better to keep it a secret, that you ’feel ’ which beast has a stronger potential or ’feels ’ stronger.

Don ’t tell the other youth anything except your trust in him is exceptionally high, because they don ’t know that your eyes are special to such a degree.

The only thing they know right now is that your eyes are golden.

They don′t know anything about the degree of your special trait, which might be better! ”

Jason noticed the last sentence and got curious about the traits.

”What is a trait? My late mother also told me something about traits but I forgot it. ”

”Some humans are born with special traits.

These traits are divided into physical traits, elemental traits, blessings, and so on… Traits are sometimes called mutations and they enhance certain body parts or even provide the chance to use elements abilities without having a suitable soulbond.

Your eyes are considered a rare physical trait but I have never seen such intimidating golden eyes so I don ’t know what trait it is but probably something comparable to [Mana eyes] ”

Jason listened to the old man carefully and he began to partially understand his mother ’s reasoning.

Previously his mother had only told him that regaining his eyesight would only take a few years because that was probably what she had to do due to her own special trait.

This means his mother also possessed a special trait for her eyes, which made Jason curious.

But Jason took almost ten years to regain his eyesight while his mother was getting more and more frustrated when he was younger.

Before she died, his mother cried often, because of Jason ’s inability to see.

She got more and more desperate as he was her treasure, everything she had left.

Thinking about his mother made Jason sad once again, but he was almost immediately distracted by the old man

”Let ’s go take a look after the one-star wild beast′s cub or egg. It ’s already late and we don ’t have many types of one-star wild beasts, to begin with. ”

The old man turned in a certain direction and went off followed by Jason.

After walking for 15 minutes they arrived at a small section with small canine and feline cubs and thousands of eggs.

”Most one-star wild beasts are only contracted for their look, while some one-star wild beasts are trained to run errands.

The most popular beasts are similar to ancient dogs, cats, eagles, and so on.

You can take a look. In this generation, we don ’t have any beasts with a superior bloodline or favorable mutations… I ’m sorry.

If you want to wait for a few months then there might be something new but getting a better bloodline or favorable mutations depends on luck. ”

Jason tried to listen to the old man while looking with his eyes ’ ability after the beast cubs and egg but there wasn ’t even a color radiating from more than 99% of these beasts.

But some beasts had a weak black color which meant they had the chance to evolve into an awakened beast.

Due to his unique soul, Jason could form a contract with every kind of beast and there weren ’t any requirements he had to fulfill which was his only advantage as the number of beasts he could form a contract with was also high but not measurable.

Jason was tempted to pick one of these black color radiating beasts solely to increase his soul energy, but he had to remain calm and think carefully about his decision.

Was it useful to form a contract with hundreds of beasts only to increase his soul energy slightly, wouldn′t it be a waste of his Mana eyes ability??`

In addition to that, the costs to feed the beasts would also be astronomical…

Jason looked at every beast cub and egg carefully with his eyes ’ ability and more than 20 minutes passed, before he was almost done with his inspection.

Suddenly, he saw a weak but heavy and mighty, yet unfamiliar color beneath some larger eggs.

Looking at the unfamiliar color caused his eyes to ache as his eyes felt as if they were stabbed by

burning needles.

Carefully moving the eggs on top away, he saw an egg that was at most half the size compared to the others on top of it.

He was confused seeing this color and his perplexed expression attracted the old man ’s attention, as Jason asked

”What ’s wrong with this small egg? Was it placed in the wrong breeding station or is this really the same species? ”

Looking at the egg, the old man typed something on his bracelet, before a holographic screen appeared in front of him.

After reading it through for a few seconds he said

”This egg is the same species as the others inside this breeding station but it underwent an adverse mutation that caused its size to shrink.

Furthermore, the scan that was done said that its strength will be worse than a normal one-star wild beast because of and high possibility of the beast getting blindness and other illnesses once it hatches.

Jason however smiled like he had found a peak graded magical treasure.

The radiating color was weak but extremely heavy and dense and it was as if the beast inside the egg wanted to life against all odds.

Looking at the old man with his bright golden eyes Jason said with confidence

”I want this Snowflake Owl as my soulbond, please!! ”

Slightly surprised about Jason ’s confidence he looked at the provided information again.

With a slight frown, he asked ”Are you sure?? You know that once your soulbond contract is done it ’s over, right?

If this adverse mutated snowflake Owl doesn ’t evolve you won ’t be able to pick another soulbond for a long time until you increased your soul energy. And there is also an extremely high chance that it will get blindness and other diseases once it hatches.

You have to decide now otherwise I will register your soulbond to be this beast egg. ”

The old man tried to help Jason out but somehow he felt that his desire to get the snowflake owl increased.

Jason stared at the old man and nodded his head while holding the small egg carefully

”Yes please give me this snowflake owl! ”

Sighing the old man said

”Ok…but you don ’t have to pay the fee for this egg as it has an adverse mutation and nobody would want it either. ”

It was already past 10 pm and the lights lightened up the room when Jason and the old man were standing at a table with the small beast egg placed on a cushion.

Jason had a small knife in his hand and he had to cut his hand again to form a soulbond contract again.

Entering the world inside his mind as the old man explained to him, Jason loosened a thread out of the soul-world leading it slowly and carefully to his left hand.

After the soul thread entered his hand Jason cut the exact position with the knife and thick blood dropped down.

But different than normal blood Jason noticed that the color of his blood was not only red but it had also the golden hue which his soul had.

Dripping on the egg the blood began to boil and evaporate causing the snowflake owl egg to shine with weak white light.

Jason felt a connection building up between him and the beast inside the egg which slowly intensifies.

The whole process of a soulbond contract was relatively boring to look at but Jason was exhausted as it was difficult to loosen a thread out of one ’s soul.

Jason′s legs almost gave in but he had to remain standing.

Looking at Jason, the old man was still unsure what to think about this boy.

His eyes were a special trait and he had a very unique soul even if his soul energy was extremely weak.

If his soul energy was only slightly better, every high-school would offer him a scholarship without thinking about his grades…

Even Five-star Institutes from S-Grade Cities on Canir wouldn ’t wait to offer him many benefits.

Unfortunately, his soul energy is just too bad.

He wanted to finish everything up and said impatiently.

”You have my contacts, right? If something goes wrong just call me. Maybe I can help you.

Just take the egg with you and keep it close to you. It will hatch in the next few days.

As for the possible disease it can get… you should consult a professional about ways to prevent that…we didn′t bother to do something like that…I have to go now, there are other things I have to do and you two have taken up too much time…Let ’s go out. ”

Walking out with the egg in his hands Jason smiled gently at it, not minding the old man.

Jason ordered a shuttle and said politely goodbye to the old man.

Going to the Beast Pagoda changed Jason′s life completely and there were many obstacles he had to overcome.

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