God's Eyes

Chapter 1 - World Bridge

Human cultivation ranks











0-Wild – (1 to 5 stars)





5- Guardian

6- ?

7- ?


Overall strength determined through:


1. Soul energy

2. Soul size

3. Soul affinity/type


Humans can form soulbonds with beasts, forming a connection and sharing their strength.

This causes the beasts′ intelligence and other aspects to increase while humans receive a share of the beast ’s strength while the percentage share is determined by the soul once awakened.

Furthermore, the chances to get an elemental affinity from their soulbond(if it has a certain degree of control over the element) is certain

–[[(Small spoiler)

To prevent misunderstandings for the future→ It is healthier for the body and one ’s mind to form a soulbond with a beast cub instead of a matured beast because one can slowly adjust to the increase in one ’s strength while the beast cub grows concurrently with the master. Adding to the fact that it ’s logically easier to tame an innocent and untained beast than a bloodthirsty beast and also the shared emotions, the psychical effect could be devastating.

→ You may think of it like this =While sparring with a friend you get injured. Because your soulbond feels the pain it went berserk, because it thinks it ’s a life and death battle or simply because of its wild instincts. These instincts can′t be buried completely but still slightly lessened if you form a bond with a cub and teach it properly.]]–

–>Mana Core

Mana is a mysterious energy that resides in every living being and the human body can increase its limits with it reinforcing the life force.

The higher the amount of mana and its purity in the mana core the longer one can live and the stronger one would be.


Strengthened through constant mana tempering(mana core rank), special traits, or soulbond

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