God's Eyes

Chapter 20 - Hatching!

It was 8 am when Jason woke up by a small movement in his hand.

The hand holding his beast-egg shook slightly and Jason ’s facial expression changed drastically.

He was instantly fully awake and frowned deeply.

”Buddy, can you wait please a day. You ’ll have some problems when you hatch now. Please… okay? ”

Jason said and thought of it at the same time as sincerely as possible.

Due to the connection between their souls the egg somehow understood what Jason said and stopped its movement.

Jason felt the small owl ’s impatience and desire to break out of its prison but it waited because it knew that once it hatched without getting help beforehand, many problems could occur.

Snowflake owls were in fact not smart but the mutation Jason ’s snowflake owl underwent was apparent everywhere.

This was something Jason knew and he hoped that his soulbond would listen to him which it luckily did.

Sighing in relief Jason looked on his bracelet if his parcel arrived.

Seeing a notification saying that the parcel was ready to be delivered, Jason immediately requested it.

Only a few minutes later Jason received another notification telling him that his parcel arrived.

Opening the apartment door Jason saw a drone with a small package bound on it.

The drone scanned Jason ’s ID, loosened the package and flew away.

There was not much time left for his soulbond to hatch and Jason opened the parcel without any delay before noticing the huge amount of mana inside the package.

Jason was previously too focused on his beast but now by looking more concentrated, he saw a huge amount of mana inside the mana stones.

Compared to the natural mana around the city, these three small mana stones were like a huge ocean concentrated in a small area.

It was said that the mana inside cities was extremely thin and weak, whereby the wild zones were categorized by two factors.

One factor was the amount and density of natural mana around the wild zone and another factor was the rank of the majority from the beasts inside the wild zone.

The amount of mana Jason felt from the small three mana stones was roughly as much as the radiating mana from certain materials the Beast Pagoda used, astonishing him.

Picking up the three mana stones Jason immediately felt a tickling sensation.

He was tempted to absorb the Mana to strengthen himself but he resisted the urge, because there was someone who needed it more desperately.

Jason laid the small egg down on a pillow and formed a triangle with the small mana stones around it.

Each mana stone was in touch with the eggshell and Jason saw through his mana eyes that small threads of mana flowed into the egg.

The whole egg was mantled with mana and it flowed inside the egg from all sites, absorbing it slowly.

Considering the slow mana flow and the upcoming hatching, Jason calculated that three mana stones were enough for the time being.

The egg stopped moving and Jason had now some time left to search for more information about snowflake owls and other things he didn′t know.

He was unsure if his soulbonds mutation would change its eating habits or something like that, so he had to prepare all different kinds of food.

Purchasing some vegetables, meat, and milk with different kinds of cub formulas Jason felt prepared.

After he finished his purchase, Jason decided to look up some other information while laying on his bed.

His knowledge was vast compared to his peers, but considering the fact that he couldn ’t see previously, Jason lacked many things.

He knew many beasts by their names, characteristics, and habits but he couldn ’t classify them if he only saw a picture.

Furthermore, his combat prowess was awful as he remembered the Azure feisty Ape martial art but only a single sequence at that.

It was like Jason opened the book of a single page which he repeated one after another.

The page ’s content would provide him any information which he could apply straightforwardly.

However, the issue would be, not understanding what the content means would be like studying without being able to apply the learned formula with marginal changes.

Jason understood the Azure feisty Apes first sequence including the Mana flow inside his body but he had never fought with anyone before.

His body was also on the weaker side as he was still malnourished and only a 2nd Novice rank.

There were many things to overcome for Jason but he had to take one step at a time and the first thing he did was opening the holographic screen of his quantum watch to continue reading the beastarium.

Rather than randomly looking at beasts and their characteristics, Jason chose the section about a one-star wild zone next to the Artes city.

Wild zones range from one star to four stars while each rank represented one beast rank.

One-star wild zones are mostly infested by wild-ranked beasts and two-star wild zones have mostly awakened beats.

Above the wild zones were magic beast zones which don ’t really matter to Jason right now as it was far away from him.

One-star wild zones are also called training zones for most highschoolers as almost no human would be endangered while fighting against wild beasts.

The youths of Jason ’s age had on average the strength to defeat one-star awakened beasts because their rank was around the 8th Novice with a one-star awakened beast cub as soulbond on average which gave them some nice strength, increasing their combat prowess.

With a slightly decent comprehension ability and decently learned combat techniques through good instructions, wild beasts would be an easy pie for them.

But to learn about the characteristics of beasts and their bloodlust combined with their instincts one had to face their fear of dying.

Killing a living organism was completely different than ordering meat or something comparable and fighting a life and death battle couldn ’t be handled by every youth.

Some people had no problem killing wild beasts while others fainted or peed their pants even if they had a big advantage in combat prowess.

Jason however had a huge disadvantage against most wild beasts like his low rank, the non-existing amplification of his soulbond at the moment, and his lacking combat abilities.

He wasn ’t sure how high his amplification he would get from his soulbond in the future but even if his beautiful soul had an extraordinary high amplification it wouldn ’t be useful as the snowflake owl was a one-star wild beast.

Thinking about his shortcomings Jason frowned while he continued reading the beastarium.

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