God's Eyes

Chapter 21 - Practicing Martial Arts

Jason tried to distract himself while reading some news about Astrix island as he wanted to research if he had a chance to enter a high-school with his score.

Thinking about his non-existent combat experience or knowledge, he opened the federation network.

Jason searched for martial arts instructors and their prices only to find out that it was extremely expensive.

Entering a high school would be cheaper than having a few lessons by these instructors but Jason ’s final exam wasn ’t good enough to enter a decent one.

He could apply for his blindness remark to get removed but that wouldn ’t solve his problem.

Looking at his exam results at his profile Jason was slightly embarrassed

’Theoretical Exam 100/100 Points

Practical Exam 34/100 Points

Blood test: Passed, Remark: Blind

Mana Core rank: 2nd Novice -40/100

Soul awakening: ★★ /★★★★★ ’

His soul-awakening rating was also a bad joke.

The old man was probably generous because nobody with his soul energy would get two stars as a rating.

Or maybe the old man was too astonished about his soul world which blurred his mind.

He had around 130.000 Credits left and he had to survive with this money for a certain amount of time until he could earn money himself.

Hunters are well paid and even hunting wild beasts gave some credits as they infested the areas around cities and endangered them even with their low rank.

Their population was way too large which is also the reason why one-star wild zones are used for middle-schools to train their students.

The only good thing about these beasts was that their hide, tendons, claws, meat, and so on could be used by poor people.

Average households would never buy clothes made out of wild-ranked beasts as the beast hide wasn ’t comfortable to wera and didn ’t look good enough, to begin with.

There were only a few rare beasts with comfortable fur, wealthier households would purchase, which would in return increase the price for such beasts.

Protection garments out of wild-ranked beasts were also useless as normal grade-1 weapons could slash through them like butter.

Nevertheless, a wild beast carcass could get up to 25 Credits if one was extremely lucky, which was already a decent bounty for such weak beasts if one assumes that normal workers earned 1500 Credits per month on average, considering that they didn′t do anything special.

Through Jason′s mind rattled many thoughts, while he researched Martial arts instructors.

In the end, he found an interesting website with many martial arts video clips online from Martial Heaven.

Martial Heaven is an online platform that was even approved by the federation.

The Website provided online instructions about all kinds of martial art techniques including martial arts about every kind of element.

After registering an account with his ID and inputting his rank and other information, a selection window popped up, where Jason could select the weapon he wanted to use.

If he wanted to, Jason could even include what type of elemental affinity the martial techniques should focus on.

Furthermore, Jason could also select his requirements and much more information.

Registering at Martial Heaven cost 100 Credits a month which was a fair price because Jason saw a few hundred free Videos included in his membership.

Looking through the Videos Jason found out that most of them were like tutorials leading to a playlist of pay to watch Videos.

After that, Jason wanted to throw a fit but he was reminded again that most martial arts were uploaded by normal common people trying to make some pocket money while sharing their tips and tricks.

Searching through some free videos Jason found a whole free playlist about a technique provided by the federation he was already familiar with.

[Azure feisty Ape]. Looking at the first sequence Jason found out that he had remembered everything correctly but there was a small problem.

Jason couldn′t clearly see the mana flow through the holographic screen.

It felt somewhat blurred and focusing his eyes on the mana flow, his eyes began to hurt slightly.

There wasn′t anything he could do about it so he just binge-watched the videos one after another without focusing his gaze at the mana flow.

Even then Jason made huge progress by only seeing the instructions made by the middle-aged Instructor in front of the camera.

`Seeing that is definitely better than solely surveying the mana flow ” Jason thought and many hours passed unknown to him.

He was still lying on his bed re-rewatching the Instructions about the Azure feisty ape technique when he heard a cracking next to him.

The Mana stones that were previously thick dark blue color turned into brighter blue and looking at the amount of mana stored inside them Jason was astonished.

More than half of the stored mama was used up and the egg began to shake violently, while small cracks started to appear on the shell.

Jason′s mood heightened immediately, as the atmosphere turned delightful when the cracks deepened.

The shell burst open, only to reveal a small puffed up owl chick with small tipsy eyes, looking at Jason with its black button-like eyes.

After shacking of the remaining eggshells it looked at the mana stones before it toddled towards Jason as fast as it could, throwing itself into his embrace.

Jason felt the owl chick′s happiness inside himself as they shared each other ’s emotions, turning himself even more happy as he already was.

Holding the fist-sized chick, Jason remembered that he had to give it a name.

’Is it a boy or a girl?? ’ Jason wasn ’t sure which gender the owl cub belonged to as an thought was transmitted into his mind, telling him that the owl chick was a female.

Thinking about a few female names, he told the little owl chick some of them, but Jason felt that she would reject each of them.

If he had to be honest, his naming sense was horrible, probably even worse than the worst name generator humanity had.

After a long time, Jason ’s head began to hurt slightly and he subconsciously entered the soul world inside his mind.

He saw a small feeble string struggling to stay strong between the snowflake owl ’s soul print as Jason saw an illusionary forest, moon, and a cloaked archer hunting something.

Connecting all together a single word appeared in his mind ’Artemis ’.

Without knowing what ’s going on in his small soul world or how he could think of such a name the small owl chick chirped delighted and Jason felt that she liked this name.

”So it ’s Artemis. ” Jason thought smiling lovingly at his soulbond.

The color she radiated was not as feeble as before and much stronger which made Jason even happier but he was still unable to decipher the color somehow.

It felt as if each color was inside it but also somehow not.

Luckily Jason found out about the mana deficit and Professor Gray ’s theory was also valid so Jason had no reason to be sad.

It was only afternoon, but Jason felt extremely exhausted while his whole body ached when he fell asleep while holding Artemis in his hand.

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