God's Eyes

Chapter 24 - First Blood

Jason accepted the call almost immediately as Greg ’s face suddenly appearing within the holographic-screen.

”Hey Jason, how are you doing? ” Greg looked happy and Jason wondered what the cause was.

”Hi Greg, I ’m still practicing the Azure feisty Ape technique with the dagger modification. Why are you so happy? ”

Jason was curious so he asked straightforwardly.

”Hehe, I have some news for you. Which one do you want to hear first? The good one or the super-duper extreme nice one? ”

It was weird to see Greg so happy as he seemed to have a rather cold personality previously. `Maybe this is his real character` Jason thought.

”Well, maybe the good one first? ”

”Ohh boring… Well ok, then we go in this order.

The good news is that I was able to receive the permission for your Heaven ’s Hell technique.

THE super-duper extreme nice news involves your bad grades… Hehehe. As you might know I ’m going to move to Cyro-city and you might know that I don ’t have many friends..

Furthermore, I know that you would love to go to high-school in order to learn more about martial arts, beasts, wild zones, and many more things.

Also, the resources provided by high-school are much better which is probably also a reason for your wish to attend high-school, am I right?

Throughout the last few days, I nagged my parents and told them that they owe you a favor because of their prejudice against you and my first soulbond with it′s lesser minotaur bloodline, so they gave me the permission to use our newly obtained nobility rights if you fulfill certain requirements. Isn ’t that nice? Hahaha ”

Jason wasn ’t sure what to think about Greg ’s revelation.

Receiving the Heaven ’s Hell technique was something good, but what Greg wanted to tell him about the nobility rights was unknown.

He wasn′t even sure what these rights were.. and since when was Greg a noble?!?

Jason was way too confused and said dazedly

”Hugh? What about your nobility right? I don ’t know anything about the right of the nobles.. and what requirements? Explain please?! ”

Greg smiled proudly.

”We know that you′re way too weak right now but the reason I want to use my nobility rights is pretty simple. You′ll get to attend the affiliated school of the Vanguard school I′ll attend.

Isn ’t that nice?

I ’m not a Nobel from birth but we have more assets and credits than most small nobles on Astrix and recently my mother was assigned as a minor noble because of her contributions to mankind which makes me a noble of the second generation.

Through this, our family is able to allow someone, in this case, you, as a student for the affiliated school with my mother ’s connections. You ’ll be able to enter the school with that. Unfortunately, that wouldn ’t save you from the rules of the Vanguard School which is the main school I′ll attend.

While I′ll enter the main school, you will enter one of the affiliated schools of it.

Now to the small issue.

Many rich merchants already tried to pay nobles, so that these nobles would use their nobility ’s right to take their children with them to the prestigious A-grade schools.

The Vanguard school knows that and accepts them into the affiliated school during the first year.

After a year without reaching the required strength, merit points, and other requirements, one will get thrown out immediately without caring about anyone′s nobility right and whatsoever.

Furthermore, I had to promise my parents a few things so that they accepted you but that can′t be considered a problem.

The main problem is that you have to pass their `small` test.

If you pass their test you can go to Cyro-city with us and attend the Vanguard affiliated school, one of the most prestigious schools in Astrix, even with your bad practical exam results.

Ahhhh, wait… as for your exam results. You have to let your blindness remark get removed. Otherwise even the nobility right can ’t help you apply for the school.

My mother assumed that you have special trait eyes and if you get a special certification about that, you might get some extra credentials for your application. ”

”Back to my parent ’s test.

Because they know your mana core ’s rank and your former blindness, they were benevolent in my opinion and you only have to defeat either one awakened beast or five five-star wild beasts in 3 weeks, without using mana pistols, rifles, and so on.

Isn ’t that nice? ”

Jason was still confused about what was going on, but getting to know that he might be able to attend a prestigious school in an A-grade city heightened his mood.

Even if he was at the bottom of the chain in this school, Jason would have better chances to soar into the sky. rather than staying within the C-grade city, without knowing for sure that he could attend a decent high school there.

And his strength would be at the lowest chain everywhere so he didn′t really mind that at the moment.

But to attend this school or even go to an A-grade city Jason had to rely on Greg′s family which wasn′t really what Jason wanted.

Nevertheless, it was a great opportunity that would not come around every day and Jason thought of a saying.

`Sometimes one had to take a step back before making a big jump.`

Listening to the stated requirements Jason thought for a moment before he cursed Greg′s parents in his mind. He was pitifully weak, had almost zero combat prowess and his mana core rank was low to say it nicely.

`Nice my foot!!!`

If he put in enormous effort to defeat five-star wild beasts he should be able somehow to do it, but it would be extremely dangerous.

`Probably?` At least, that was, what Jason hoped for.

Right now Jason felt confident to fight some weaker wild beasts as his understanding of the dagger-modified Azure feisty ape technique deepened.

In 3 weeks Jason was confident to reach the 4th Novice stage and with some tricks, he might be able to fight against five-star wild beasts, which any sane youth would only dare to do at the 8th or 9th Novice stage with some company and good equipment.

But fighting head-on with such a beast would be suicidal for Jason right now.

Unfortunaltely his chances would only increase slightly through the next few weeks and he had to think of a plan to survive an attack against five-star wild beasts.

Jason and Greg chatted for an hour as both were in a good mood while Jason was deep in thought.

After the call ended, Jason continued to practice his martial art technique.

Watching some other videos about the Azure feisty ape technique, Jason found out that the mastery of martial art technique was divided into different parts which also applies to weapon and elemental masteries.

These dividers were called basic mastery, familiar mastery, experienced mastery, profound mastery, and perfect mastery.

After the perfect mastery would be the combination of different techniques but not many did this as it would waste too much time.

Following the description of the videos, Jason saw, he figured out that he had entered the basic mastery of the Azure feisty Ape technique.

Nevertheless, Jason wasn ’t sure how good this was as he had nobody to compare with.

The only thing he knew was that the Azure feisty Ape was one of the weakest martial arts techniques of the federation, which was also the reason it was free for everyone.

He understood that the next three weeks were extremely important for him in order to increase his combat prowess and experience by huntin weaker wild beasts before he dared to fight against five-star wild beasts.

Jason had to face real beasts in order to get used to them.

This was why Jason decided to head into the one-star wild zone next to the city, soon

It was a plain, infested by many kinds of wild beasts and it was mainly used for Novice ranks to train there.

These trainees were the most dangerous threat to them, as awakened beasts would be killed as soon as they were found inside the borders of a one-star wild zone to keep the new generation safe.

Jason ’s physique reached a normal degree and there were no signs of malnutrition seen, as muscles began to slowly covered his small body.

He grew a few centimeters and was now 1.63 meters tall which was the common height for a 13 almost 14-year-old youth.

Except for receiving the files about the Heaven ’s Hell soul technique, nothing special happened and Jason finished his practice, went for a long jog in the park.

Eating something he washed up and went into the bed with a satisfied smile on his face.

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