God's Eyes

Chapter 1 - World Bridge

rce spread around it while it′s size decreased over time.

Distancing themselves from the suction force that seemed to get stronger over time, mankind could only look high into the sky.

The amount of compressed energy inside this tennis ball-sized blue shining ball was huge enough to devastate at least half of the continent if not the whole planet.

Time passed and the scientists suddenly noticed a surprising change within the blue shining ball, causing them to get even more nervous.

Luckily the energy was floating tranquil and stable until it reached the size of a ping pong ball.

The compressed energy was getting more and more unstable after reaching a certain threshold and it trembled violently, terrifying the surrounding humans.

At this moment even the humans on the other side of Argos noticed that something was wrong and the whole livelihood of the planet tensed up, not being able to move freely.

It was as if the planet itself was under a threat by the single little energy ball as nature was as quiet as never before in its history of billions of years.

Space seemed to twist suddenly and blood-red cobweb-like cracks formed below the energy ball leading the energy ball to a more stable constitution.

The more cracks appeared the less violently was the energy ball seemingly getting more stabler and some humans sighed in relief

Not only did these cracks appear close to the blue shining ball, rather these cracks appeared all around Argos, in the ocean, inside the jungle, underground, even high in the sky, almost everywhere one could think of.

Nobody knew exactly what to think about the sudden cracks they could see in the sky, but from the looks of it, there was no way it could have been something good.

On one side they felt relieved that the blue shining energy ball didn ’t explode while on the other side the red cracks didn ’t seem to be something one wanted to have on one ’s planet either.

The cracks all over the planet grew in size until they reached a certain magnitude. Some were bigger while others were small in size but all of them had one particular fact in common.

While its frame was blood-red space inside was pitch-black, without letting a single sunray lightening up the interior.

It looked like the way to the abyss and it frightened the living beings around the cracks.

Right at this moment one of the worst scenarios the scientists feared happened in front of them.

The seemingly stable energy continued to compress itself causing it to implode. Devastating amounts of mysterious energy were released causing the blood-red cracks to shake violently, twisting the space around additionally.

Surprisingly the enormous amount of energy didn′t devastate the landscape, rather than that it enveloped the whole planet with its blue shining color before invading every living being and the planet itself until it reached the core.

Not a single cell was spared and the whole planet jolted, creating earthquakes and tsunamis, volcano outbreaks, as it was invaded by the unknown energy.

Unknowingly to humanity, Argos′ shackles from billions of years ago were released and its core was resurrected.

The former pitch-black abyss like the inside of the blood-red cracks changed into hundreds of different colorful landscapes.

While many of these landscapes looked beautiful with majestic mountains, lively forest, and clean oceans, the sight of other cracks wasn ’t as joyful and beautiful as mankind thought a moment before.

Hideous-looking creatures with razor-sharp teeth, thick scales, massive tails, and bloodthirst in their eyes stepped through a certain crack while various other dreadful beings entered Argos through the various cracks

Bridges between different worlds appeared and Argos entered a new dark age of devastation and death.

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