In a certain village, in a certain house, a woman with tomato red long hair and violet eyes was sitting on a chair, happily stroking her slightly bulging stomach. She was however completely unaware, that the soul of an ancient female cultivator is currently in the process of integrating into one of her children. A child that fate never had preordained to be born.

’Uhrg… where am I? I feel so…mortal? How many millennia ago was it since I felt this weak?

For now, I should try to assess my current situation. Let ’s sort through my mind and see what I can find. What is the last thing I can remember? ’

As someone who has reached the highest level of cultivation our heroine naturally has an absurdly powerful mind, however…

’SLOW! Why are my thoughts so slow? I can ’t even get a second thought process running smoothly. First my strength and now even my thoughts. This sucks. ’

’Well, whatever. I at least managed to remember my last memory before I came wherever the f* I am right now. I burnt my last few days of lifespan together with my soul to get rid of that annoying demon ancestor, who wanted to harvest my soul after my death. Fufu serves that brat right. That happens, when you disrespect your elders. Anyway, in conclusion, I ’m 100% dead. So why don ’t I feel dead? ’

For strong cultivators it isn ’t completely impossible to survive burning ones remaining lifespan, however burning the soul usually is a 100% death sentence.

’Well first of all let ’s try [Divine Sense]… great that one seems to be gone as well. ’

Divine Sense is unlocked when someone ascends from being a Demigod to being a full-fledged God.

’Alright let ’s take a step back then [Heavenly Sense]….. yep

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