Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 101: Meeting Inos Parents

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In case you didn ’t notice, I added a chapter 0000 with a drawing of Yuna in it.

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A bit of sunshine entered a dark room and caused the owner of said room to stir and slowly wake up.

’Urgh, damn. What happened yesterday? My head hurts. ’

[Hehe, a headache isn ’t your only problem.]

’What do you mean, Kurama? Mhh? Is there someone next to me? ’

Naruto had a weird expression on his face as he slowly looked to his right. As soon as he did, his face turned crimson red.

’I-I-I is that Ino-chan?! ’

[Sure is~ But aren ’t you missing something?]

Naruto, naturally, knew what Kurama meant, after all, he could feel a person on his left side as well. Naruto slowly turned his head and saw Haku lying on his left side while hugging his left arm. He blushed even harder and came closer and closer to fainting.

’K-Kurama, what happened last night? ’

[I wonder~ It was pretty wild, you know~]

’This is no time for jokes! ’

[Bwahaha, fine, fine. Nothing happened. You were sitting on a couch in the living room while hugging those two and then just stood up and said you would go to sleep while still holding them. Quite domineering of you to carry both of them into your room like that…PFHAHAHA!!!]

Although Naruto was still blushing hard after hearing that, he couldn ’t help but sigh in relief.

’Okay, could be worse I guess. ’

[Hehe, it is worse…]

At first, Naruto wasn ’t sure what Kurama meant, but after a moment of thinking, his face turned pale white.

’*Gulp* W-W-Was nee-san there as well? ’


’How much happened because of her? ’

[Mhh not that much. Although she was egging you on, you weren ’t exactly shy while approaching these two either.]

’…Ok… Time to become a missing-nin, I guess. Nothing I can do about that. Becoming a missing-nin is still better than the teasing I will have to endure from now on. ’


’Shut up, damned fox! ’

[Bwahaha…phew…okay…haha. I am fine now. Pffhaha *cough*…]

’… ’

While Naruto was arguing with Kurama, Ino woke up. She looked around the room in confusion, but when she saw Naruto lying next to her, a crimson blush appeared on her face.

’N-No way! We actually slept in the same bed! We haven ’t even kissed yet, but we already spent a night together in the same bed! ’

Ino slightly moved so she could look over Naruto and saw Haku sleeping on Naruto ’s left side.

’Damnit, Haku is here as well! If it was just me, I wouldn ’t mind that much, but why does there have to be another woman as well? Is it Yuna ’s influence? Did Naruto see how his sister was having two women by her side and wanted to experience the same? Now that I think about it, wasn ’t Yuna half responsible for this anyway? ’

Naruto noticed that someone was moving and looked at Ino. As soon as he met eyes with Ino, he chuckled a little, which earned him a swift punch to the stomach.

”Idiot… ”

”Haha, guess I deserve that punch. ”

”Did you mean it? ”

Seeing Ino ’s serious look, Naruto ’s face also became serious.

”What do you mean? ”

”Yesterday you said you liked me, did you really mean that? ”

Although Naruto ’s eyes widened for a moment and a blush appeared on his face he nodded his head.

”I do like you. I like how energetic you are and how you are fun to be around. And I think you are c-c-cute as well. ”

Ino blushed, but still hugged Naruto with a happy smile. Naruto was just about to hug Ino back when a third voice echoed through the room.

”What about me? ”

Naruto stiffened when he heard Haku ’s voice. He would be lying if he said that he didn ’t like Haku, but he thought it would be a bit too much to do so straight after he said the same to Ino. Well, it was not like he could do anything about that now.

”I-I like you as well, Haku-chan. I like how you are always calm and collected and think that you are really b-beautiful as well. ”

Haku gave Naruto a happy smile and also hugged him. Naruto, however, knew that the situation was far from over. Ino and Haku were currently glaring at each other and Naruto could almost feel where their gaze met in midair.

’Whatever, I ’ll resolve this in one go. All in! ’

[Bwahaha, go for it! Go out in a last blaze of glory!]

Naruto ignored Kurama ’s roaring laughter and channeled his inner Yuna.

His hands slipped around Ino ’s and Haku ’s waists and hugged both of them.

”You two like me as well, right? How about you both become my girlfriends then? I swear I will protect you and make you happy. ”

[You crazy f*er, you actually did it.]

After a short while of oppressive silence, that felt like hours to Naruto, Haku was the first to say something.

”I accept. ”

'[Huh?] ’

”You are very strong, Naruto, and you will become even stronger in the future. It is only natural for strong people to have more than one partner. As long as it is Ino, I don ’t mind sharing. Besides, you are too kind to ever hurt us and would never treat us with indifference. ”

Before Naruto could get over his surprise, Ino started to speak.

”I also accept. ”

'[HAA!?] ’

”Although I would prefer to have you for myself, I know that it is unrealistic. ”

'[It is!?] ’

”But you ’d better not believe I will allow more than us two. I won ’t accept any additional people! ”

’What just happened, Kurama? ’

[You are asking me, but who am I supposed to ask?]

’As expected, nee-san ’s methods always work! ’

”I agree with Ino. I won ’t hand over my spot as number one either. ”

”Number one?! Who did you say is number one?! ”

’Damn, they are fighting again. What would nee-san do? ’

[Probably something outrageous?]

Naruto felt enlightened when he heard that.

’That ’s right! It is obvious what I have to do. ’

[It is?]

Naruto boldly pulled Ino and Haku towards him and then gave both of them a light kiss on the lips. As soon as he finished, he completely froze up and his head turned crimson red.

’What the hell did I just do? ’

[As expected, Yuna ’s existence has finally corrupted you completely.]

To Naruto ’s surprise, Ino and Haku were both shyly looking down after Naruto kissed them. Although Ino was hitting his stomach, she barely put any strength into it.

”Stupid, idiot… Don ’t just kiss me like that. ”

”Haha, isn ’t it fine? After all, we are family from now on. ”

’What is going on? I can ’t stop! My body is moving on its own. ’

Ino stopped hitting Naruto and became content with simply hugging him, while Haku did the same. Naruto used the moment of silence, to get himself under control.

’What the hell!? ’

[Well, Yuna said that you should trust your instincts during a fight. Guess your instincts are even useful for seducing women.]

’Is that even possible? ’

[Of course not. Are you retarded?]

’… ’

The trio spent a bit more time simply hugging each other before they got out of bed. As soon as they entered the living room on the ground floor, Naruto and Ino froze up.

On one side of a table sat Yuna who had Anko and Hinata beside her, which wasn ’t an unusual picture. On the opposite side, however, sat Ino ’s parents.

Mika Yamanaka, Ino ’s mother, was currently drinking some tea, while leisurely chatting with Yuna. Inoichi Yamanaka, Ino ’s father, however, was bound with a rope, gagged, and had a chakra suppressing seal put on him. His eyes were bloodshot, and he seems to be ready to go on a rampage at any moment.

The moment he saw Naruto holding hands with Ino, however, things got even worse. His eyes turned as red as if he had just activated a Sharingan and he was looking at Naruto as if he was his mortal enemy.

Seeing the spectacle in front of him, Naruto had only one question.

”What happened here? ”

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