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Ino Yamanaka could only smile wryly at the battle unfolding in front of her. She was certain that Yuna, Naruto, and Hinata were strong. Well, she had already seen what Yuna could do after the second exam and had at least seen how physically strong Naruto was when he knocked out Chouji instantly.

Yuna and Naruto being extremely powerful is something she could easily explain to herself. After all, both of them have part of the Kyuubi inside of them. Hinata, however, was a completely different matter. She had the Byakugan, yes, but Neji already gave a rather detailed example of why that wasn ’t worth that much.

Now, that seemingly normal girl was expertly weaving through a battlefield that was pelted with ungodly amounts of deadly jutsu. Considering the power and area of effect of the jutsu used, every single one of them probably cost more chakra than Ino had in total. Hinata, however, wasn ’t simply dodging attacks. She was constantly attacking Yuna, while occasionally even helping Naruto defend against an especially powerful ice jutsu.

Seeing Naruto and Hinata fighting side-by-side like that, Ino could only clench her fists. She wanted to be there, as well. She wanted to stand next to Naruto and help him fight, but she knew that would be impossible right now. Instead of helping him, she would just be a burden he had to babysit and protect the whole fight. Ino knew that she couldn ’t survive that battlefield filled with ice, wind, and water jutsu for even a minute.

’Stronger! I need to get much stronger! No matter what it takes, I won ’t be left behind! ’

After a while, the fight was finished and Yuna picked up Hinata and gave her a deep kiss in front of pretty much the whole village and quite a few outsiders as well.

’…Okay, I will do whatever it takes as long as Yuna isn ’t too deeply involved in it. ’

Haku, meanwhile, had rather similar thoughts in regards to the fight but put most of her focus on Yuna instead. Or to be more precise, Yuna ’s ice. It felt completely different from everything she has ever felt. Rather than a jutsu, it felt much more natural, like the ice was just part of nature itself instead of a jutsu created to attack someone.

’I feel like I can get stronger by learning how Yuna ’s ice is different from mine. ’

Danzo sat in one of the private cabins inside the arena that had privacy seals on it. No one, not even a Hyuga, could look into it. That was also the reason why Danzo dared to unseal the Sharingan he had in his right eye. He was actually in a pretty good mood, and he might have actually smiled if he hadn ’t forgotten how to do so.

’I can finally get some proper intel on this damn girl. I have read through every single one of her mission reports and every single one of them is worthless. Why does Hiruzen allow her to hand in something like that? Every single one of them has her using different weapons, and not just different types of swords or something like that. No, there is even one report lying around that claims she was using a freaking sledgehammer in combat.

That damn Hiruzen sure hid that girl ’s ability well, but now she has finally revealed herself. I really wonder why she can use ice style, but that is of no importance for now. I will pick up every single morsel of information I can get out of this and devise a counter-strategy. She needs to die. There is no other way. I absolutely need to get rid of her. ’

Unfortunately for Danzo, he was paying significantly more attention to Yuna than Kakashi did. After all, Kakashi was paying attention to the whole fight, while Danzo was only looking at Yuna. This, combined with the fact that Kakashi had significantly more experience in using the Sharingan than Danzo led to a rather unfortunate accident. The moment Yuna used her last sword strike, blood started flowing not only out of Danzo ’s eye but even out of his nose, causing him to faint not even a second later.

Considering that Danzo ordered his puppets to not interrupt him, he would be out for quite a while. This also means that he couldn ’t order his puppets to start the little side missions he planned to happen during the invasion. As for his puppets making decisions on their own? That might be possible when they are on a mission, after all, they have been trained to act independently at those times, but now, that the mission hasn ’t started yet, they would simply wait for Danzo ’s order. If no order came, they would simply wait longer.

The civilians watching the fight, meanwhile, had the time of their lives. They had not the slightest clue what was going on inside the arena but still cheered in excitement the whole time. They watched incredibly powerful jutsu crash into each other, watched giant walls of ice be torn to shred by water and wind, and watched gigantic ice bullets fly everywhere and burrow themselves into the ground and walls.

Considering one of the people responsible for the spectacle in front of them is someone a lot of them have been insulting for quite a while, they probably shouldn ’t be that excited about it, but most people were simply enjoying themselves too much to notice that. Additionally, they could at least understand that Hinata wanted Yuna dead. Most of them probably thought that Yuna won ’t survive the fight, or will at least be heavily wounded during it.

That made the shock for them only bigger when Yuna picked up Hinata and gave her a deep kiss. At first, they thought that Yuna was simply forcing herself on Hinata and were about to go on a rampage. To the surprise of the spectators, however, Hinata happily reciprocated the kiss and even hugged Yuna back. Although a few people had to chuckle a little when Hinata fainted after realizing where she was, they still had no idea how they were supposed to interpret the situation.

The members of the soon to be reformed Uzumaki clan got a rather similar impression from the fight. They were in awe at the power and skill displayed. Most of them were already secretly informed that Yuna and Naruto were actually part of the royal Uzumaki clan. Although at first, most of them had some doubt about that, after hearing that Yuna could use the Uzumaki clan ’s Adamantine Chains and seeing the strength of the twins, most of their doubts had vanished. Although these two factors were actually not enough proof to confirm it, it was certainly a good start. Both of them being able to use the Kyuubi ’s chakra rather easily was also a rather good indicator that they were indeed from the royal family.

At first, most of them found it rather weird that Hinata was wearing the Uzumaki symbol on her back, but was attacking Yuna this ferociously. After seeing the two kiss each other, however, they ”understood ” the situation. Women of the Uzumaki clan are usually very temperamental, so despite not having any Uzumaki blood in her, they thought that Hinata had a similar temperament and was attacking Yuna because she angered Hinata, somehow. In other words, they thought that Yuna and Hinata had a lover ’s quarrel.

Meanwhile, the lone girl left behind by the Hyuga clan was barely paying any attention to the fight and was instead looking at Yuna with excitement in her eyes.

’She can remove the seal; I need to meet her. ’

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