Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 116: Start of the Invasion

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Even more fanart, this time by EMIYA and hikari_izuki. You can find it in chapter 0000

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After the fight was over, medic-nin started to approach the trio, but Yuna waved them away yet again.

”Would be nice if one of you could heal the few scratches Hinata received during the fight, the others should go and take a look at the proctor. He was having a rather bad time during our battle. ”

Although they were giving Yuna weird looks, they could clearly see that Yuna and Naruto were pretty much fine and had no injuries, while Hinata clearly had only a few scratches.

One of the female medic-nin walked towards Hinata and started to treat the few cuts she received, while the rest of them approached Genma. As soon as they reached him, their eyes widened in surprise and they started to move with more haste.

”His temperature is too low; we need to get him out of the arena as fast as possible! ”

”His chakra is pretty much depleted; he needs as much rest as possible! ”

”There are small wounds all over his body, we need to start treatment right now before he loses too much blood! ”

While medic-nin were fussing over Genma the one that was healing Hinata was done as well and approached Genma for additional support as well.

Yuna, who was still carrying Hinata, and Naruto made their way back to their designated waiting place to await the start of the next match. Truth be told, Yuna didn ’t think that Temari would actually fight Gaara, but a few minutes of rest would do wonders, especially for Naruto. Hinata on the other hand had her chakra reserves filled up to a decent degree by Yuna while she was being kissed. If someone were to ask Yuna, she would boldly claim that mouth to mouth is the best method to share Kurama ’s chakra with someone. What she wouldn ’t tell anyone was, that ”best ” in this case meant that it was the method Yuna enjoyed the most.

A few moments later, a new proctor was chosen. He goes by the name of Namiashi Raido and immediately announced the next match. Temari, however, did exactly what Yuna expected her to do and immediately forfeited the match against Gaara.

”Since Temari forfeited the match, Gaara of the Desert won by default and it is now time for the last round to begin. The contestants are Gaara of the Desert against Yuna Uzumaki Nami… ”

Before he could finish his announcement, he choked on the name he was about to read and looked at Hiruzen in disbelief. Yuna, meanwhile, had a smirk on her face.

”Hehe, it ’s finally time Naruto. Stay vigilant. ”

”Hehe, of course, nee-san. ”

The smirk on Naruto ’s face mimicked Yuna ’s and grew even wider.

”And have fun. ”

Yuna took out a pure white kunai that had an extra 4 spiky protrusions at the transition from handle to blade, causing it to look like a snowflake.

”I will. ”

After she said that, she tossed the kunai into the middle of the arena, resulting in a *thud* that sounded much louder than it should have been from such a small weapon impacting the ground. A lot of Konoha ’s shinobi found that scene incredibly familiar, especially the current proctor, Namiashi Raido, who was one of the fourth Hokage ’s personal guards.

Although he gave the kunai that landed close to him a glance, his eyes were still on Hiruzen. Hiruzen, meanwhile, could feel the typical ”Yuna headache ” kick in again.

’This damn girl really is relentless. Can ’t she, just once, do something the normal way? I allowed her to reveal who her parents were in case she reached the finale, but where in the world did she get the [Flying Thunder God Technique]…WAIT A MOMENT!!! IS THAT WHAT I GAVE HER FOR THE BOOK!!!?… Whatever, if someone asks, I will pretend like I knew what I was doing. ’

Hiruzen gave a nod of acknowledgment to Namiashi, causing him to avert his eyes from Hiruzen and look at the kunai with a smirk on his face. As the personal guard of the fourth Hokage, he, naturally, knew Yuna ’s real identity and he couldn ’t help himself but be happy about Yuna actually knowing this jutsu as well, so he quickly resumed his announcement.

”… vs Yuna Uzumaki Namikaze, eldest daughter of the deceased fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze… ”

Yuna appeared inside the arena in a red and blue flash with the snowflake-shaped kunai in her hand.

”…and Crown Princess of the newly reestablished Uzumaki Clan! ”

Four ice-blue chains burst out of Yuna ’s back, revealing themselves to the world. Additionally, most of the arena was still frozen, while Yuna was still wearing her ice diadem. This, combined with the golden Uzumaki symbol on her back and her aloof expression caused her to project a regal demeanor that put pressure on the crowd.

A while later, the crowd woke up from their stupor and it immediately became loud inside the stadium.

”No way, that demon is the daughter of Fourth-sama!? ”

”There is no way that is true!? ”

”That demon is royalty!? ”

”Haha, it ’s the princess, you know! ”

”She even has the chains, you know! ”

”Our Uzumaki clan will rise again, you know! ”

”We can finally stop hiding, you know! ”

Yuna could feel her eyebrow twitch a little after hearing that word tick over and over, but there really wasn ’t anything she could do about that, except for keeping up the dignified act.

Gaara on the other hand had finally reached his melting point. So far, every time he got the chance to finally kill someone, that opponent gave up instantly. Now, however, he finally has the chance to kill someone. He has waited long enough. Without a single word, his sand turned into shuriken and flew at Yuna.

Yuna, naturally, noticed Gaara ’s mental state and was ready for the attack. Without moving a finger, one of her chains shot forwards and knocked the sand shuriken out of the air while simultaneously turning them into ice blocks.

”Haha, have you finally snapped? Fine, come! ”

”You are strong, killing you will prove my existence! ”

”Yes, yes, of course. ”

This time, instead of creating a few sand shuriken, Gaara gathered a massive amount of sand and sent it crashing towards Yuna. Yuna ’s chains started moving yet again. This time they drew a massive seal in midair and as soon as the sand wave collided with that seal, it slumped harmlessly to the ground.

”Hehe, this seal negates the momentum of an object. Good stuff, right? ”

Yuna could feel that the ground she was standing on was slowly turning into sand, so one of her chains pierced into it, freezing it solid.

”Oh my, that is quite the dangerous sneak attack. Oh well, won ’t work against me. ”

”Mother wants to drink your blood. ”

”Seems like your mother is quite thirsty. ”

[GODDAMNIT!!! Was that necessary? That picture will stay in my mind forever.]

’Haha, sorry, sorry, that just slipped out by accident. ’

Another wave of sand approached Yuna, this time, instead of using a seal, two of her chains slashed downwards, tearing a deep-frozen gash in the wave, causing it to harmlessly pass by Yuna. Simultaneously, the remaining two chains pierced towards Gaara. Just when the first one was about to hit him, a shield of sand rose and blocked it, however, this also caused the part of the shield that was hit to turn into an ice block, making it much easier for the second chain to slip through the defense and it Gaara squarely in the stomach, sending him flying into a wall.

”Haha, if your mother wants to drink my juices, she needs to work harder than that. ”

[Could you stop it?]

Gaara walked out of the hole he just produced with an insane smile on his face, his grin was almost splitting his face in half. The place where Yuna ’s chain hit him was frozen, but moments later it easily flaked off, revealing that Gaara was completely covered in protective sand armor.

”*whistle ” Full body condom, huh. How responsible. ”

[Seriously, could you stop it!?]

’Haha, okay, okay, I will stop now. ’

One of Gaara ’s hands, meanwhile, had turned into a huge monster claw made out of sand that had dark blue markings all over it. This time, instead of using sand, Gaara actually charged at Yuna with his monster hand while cackling with madness. Two of Yuna ’s chains caught the hand, while the other two smashed into Gaara ’s stomach, sending him flying again.

”What are you even doing? You clearly have no experience in close combat. You think just having more physical strength is enough? ”

”Hehehe, I will kill. I will enjoy killing you! DIE!!! ”

Gaara ’s other hand turned into a monster hand as well, and he catapulted himself at Yuna. Mid-flight, he also grew a tail entirely made of sand. Two of Yuna ’s chains entangled one arm each, while she simply dodged the swipe of Gaara ’s sand tail and smashed her knee into his stomach, sending Gaara tumbling backward.

Just when Yuna was about to provoke Gaara some more, feathers started to fall from the sky and she could feel a genjutsu trying to make her sleep. She canceled the influence the genjutsu had on her instantly and noticed that Gaara has enclosed himself into a cocoon of sand.

”Seems like the fun is about to begin, and it is on a much bigger scale than I expected it to be. ”

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