Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 117: Yunas Message for Hashirama

yful laughter escaped Yuna ’s mouth that was much deeper than her usual voice.


Then, she switched back to her normal voice.


Three chains burst out of Yuna ’s back and combined themselves with one tail each, causing her tails to be layered in a thin layer of ice. Without another word, Yuna shot toward Hashirama, her three tails swishing around menacingly, while her laughter would occasionally switch its pitch from male-sounding to female-sounding.

Seeing Yuna happily rampaging around, Anko couldn ’t help but chuckle a little, which caused Hiruzen to glare at her.

”You knew about her strength, didn ’t you? ”

”Haha, of course not. ”

After hearing Anko ’s obvious lie, Hiruzen ’s glare intensified even further, but he decided not to say anything about that for now. Anko, meanwhile, was smirking at Orochimaru.

”Hehe, you might not know this, but I am the one that cut off your head when we fought inside the Forest of Death and I can ’t wait to do it again. ”

After she said that, the skin around her eyes started to change color the same way Hinata ’s did, but instead of blue, it turned red.

”Hehe, let ’s see how close this can bring me to your level. ”

Orochimaru ’s eyes widened when he saw the small change Anko went through.

’Why can she do that as well? I thought that the Hyuga girl had some kind of mutation, but that doesn ’t seem to be the case. It must be some kind of technique or jutsu then. I want it. I absolutely want to have it. ’

Seeing the greed in Orochimaru ’s eyes, Anko chuckled again.

’I don ’t know exactly how outrageous this cultivation technique Yuna gave me is, but considering Orochimaru is almost drooling, it should be really good stuff. Not too surprising, I guess. Considering it ’s Yuna, it would be more surprising if It wasn ’t something outrageous. ’

While Anko was preparing for her second fight against Orochimaru, Hinata assembled a small shinobi squad consisting of her and 3 three Uzumaki clan members. All three of them called her Hinata-sama which would take a while to get used to for Hinata, but there was nothing she could do about that right now.

She had just exited the arena with her little squad when she saw the lone Hyuga girl that was left behind to spectate the matches, fighting against an Oto shinobi. Hinata ’s first instinct was to simply ignore her, but that felt wrong to her.

As soon as Hinata started to pay more attention to her, however, Hinata noticed something rather curious.

’She is using the gentle fist, but she has clearly learned a different combat style as well and probably doesn ’t want to show it in public. I have spent quite a while studying the gentle style to make it easier to bully…*cough* defeat Neji, so I can see the small differences in style rather easily. Additionally, she is quite strong as well. She probably could match Neji in strength… Oh well, not my problem. ’

A small bubble of water gathered on the tip of Hinata ’s finger and shot towards the Oto shinobi, piercing through his chest and into his heart, dealing a lethal blow.

The Hyuga girl was surprised when something suddenly pierced through her opponent ’s chest but after searching around with her Byakugan for a short moment, she noticed Hinata. Hinata half expected the girl to glare at her, after all, Hinata had piled quite a bit of shame onto the Hyuga clan today. To her surprise, however, the girl gave her a thankful bow, which Hinata answered with a nod of her head.

’How curious. She seems to be a little different from the usual Hyuga. Well, I don ’t really have time to play around. ’

”Let ’s keep going, I found a group of Suna shinobi. ”

” ” ”Yes, Hinata-sama! ” ” ”

’Urgh, this will take some time to get used to. ’

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