Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 118: A Fight Between Angel and Devil

ed devil landed on his other shoulder.

”Isn ’t it fine? Orochimaru has done a lot of evil things. There should be no problem killing him. You really want that book, don ’t you? Wouldn ’t it look absolutely amazing to have both books enshrined next to each other with matching signatures? ”

Hiruzen nodded his head and glanced at the devil. He noticed that it looked very similar to Yuna which somehow didn ’t surprise him.

’That is true. He has done all kinds of inhuman experiments. I should just kill him. ’

Just when he was about to accept the deal, the angel started speaking again.

”Is that really fine? Although he might have done a lot of evil, is killing your student for a book really o… ”

Before the angel could finish speaking, the devil interrupted him.

”Then let ’s just kill him for the sake of Konoha. ”

Both the angel and Hiruzen looked at the devil in surprise. A wide smile appeared on its face that sent shivers through Hiruzen ’s spine.

”Hehe, we kill him for the sake of Konoha. We will get the book, yes. But that wouldn ’t have been the reason we killed him. It is just a little bonus. Isn ’t it fine for a shinobi to accept some bonus for a job well done? ”

Hiruzen and the angel were enlightened by that and quickly nodded in agreement.

” ”Let ’s do it! It ’s for Konoha ’s sake, after all. ” ”

”Hehe, that ’s right. ”

Orochimaru and Anko, meanwhile, gave Hiruzen a weirded-out look. Hiruzen ’s expression was constantly changing while his eyes were wandering from left to right and back again. Orochimaru was truly curious about what kind of deal Anko offered him. She, unfortunately, said it in a way that he couldn ’t understand the real meaning behind it.

’It must be something incredibly important for sensei to fall this deep in thought about it. She said ”the second one in the same condition ”, is it about a weapon? Something like a pair of swords that get stronger when used together. Now that I think about it, it seems like the Uzumaki clan has been stealthily gathered inside Konoha. Considering they accepted Yuna as a princess, this might involve some powerful seal the Uzumaki clan possesses. Unfortunately for Anko, sensei is way too soft to kill his student for a powerful weapon or seal. ’

To Orochimaru ’s surprise, however, when Hiruzen finished his inner debate and looked at him, there was steel-like determination inside them. Simultaneously, Hiruzen ’s killing intent flared out and crashed into Orochimaru, who couldn ’t help but be shocked.

”I am sorry, Orochimaru. You have done so many bad things, I have no other choice but to kill you for the sake of the village. You are simply too dangerous to be left alive. ”

Orochimaru looked at his sensei completely dumbfounded. Although his words sounded righteous, Orochimaru was very skilled at reading people and could immediately tell that there was quite a bit of greed in Hiruzen ’s eyes.

’What in the world did Anko offer him? ’

Anko, meanwhile, couldn ’t help but chuckle a little when she saw Orochimaru ’s bewildered expression. She knew exactly what kinds of thoughts he was currently having and, truth be told, she really wanted to see what his face would look like when she told him what kind of thing, she had offered Hiruzen.

’It would probably be hilarious to straight-up tell him. Won ’t he die of anger if he finds out that the old man is willing to kill him for a… love story? Well, I won ’t tell him though. I feel like that might overstep the old man ’s bottom line. ’

Although it took Orochimaru a while to regain his bearing, when he did, he couldn ’t help but chuckle.

”Kukuku, good. Very good. Seems like even you can become heartless if it is about acquiring a powerful weapon, sensei. Fine, it doesn ’t matter. I came here to kill you today and that is exactly what I will do. ”

Orochimaru opened his mouth wide and pulled out a double-edged sword, the Sword of Kusanagi, out of it.

Hiruzen had no idea what weapon Orochimaru was talking about, but he went through the hand seals of the summoning jutsu to summon the Monkey King Enma, anyway. Only his Adamantine Staff Transformation could deal with the Sword of Kusanagi.

Anko, meanwhile, felt a little left out. She wasn ’t sure why, but she felt that she shouldn ’t interfere in this fight. At first, she wasn ’t sure what to do, but moments later, two ANBU sailed past her and crashed into the ground, which somewhat answered that question.

’Guess I will go play with the second Hokage instead. Oh well, that ’s fine as well. ’

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