Hashirama was currently having a rather bad time. He ducked down, avoiding another powerful punch. He counterattacked with a punch on his own, but his fist was blocked by an ice-coated chain while another one smacked him in the face sending him flying.

[Hahaha, what the hell is this!? I thought hitting you would become boring after a while, but no matter how often I do it, it ’s always fun. No, I feel like it gets even more fun after every hit.]

”Hahaha, as expected, fighting the first Hokage sure is fun! COME ON, MORE!!! YOU STILL HAVE MORE CARDS IN YOUR SLEEVE, DON ’T YOU!? ”

Truth be told, Hashirama never put much time into his close combat capability. There was simply no need for it, after all. His body was incredibly strong from birth and he could easily overpower his opponents with his wood style. He never required hand-to-hand combat during his fights. Additionally, he couldn ’t help but feel unnerved by Yuna, who was constantly switching between personalities. What weirded him out the most, however, was that the Kyuubi seemed to be the more rational personality.

”[Wood Style: Deep Forest Bloom] ”

Yet again, massive trees started to emerge from the ground, but this time massive flowers started appearing as well and began spreading invisible pollen over the battlefield.


Yuna ’s three tails started to rampage around, tearing everything around them apart. Usually, a Biju ’s chakra would be easily suppressed by the wood style, but due to Yuna coating the tail in her ice, there was no such problem. Moments later, Yuna could feel some kind of poison enter her mouth, but she simply gathered it with her chakra, froze it, and then spat out a small ball of ice that contained the poison.

”Hehe, even poison, huh!? Wood-style sure can do a lot! ”

[Yeah, yeah, whatever. We haven ’t punched him for a while now. Get going already.]

Hashirama could only lament his fate when he saw Yuna charging at him again. He might have infinite chakra due to being reanimated, but it still took some time to gather the necessary amount to use strong jutsu. Weaker ones wouldn ’t even faze Yuna, so his only choice was using large-scale ones, which took a long time to prepare.

Two hands and three tails descended onto Hashirama, and he already knew he couldn ’t do much about it. Yuna was clearly more skilled in taijutsu than him and it certainly didn ’t help that she had 3 extra ”hands ”, either. Yet again, he was sent flying, which was followed by the happy laughter of two different voices.

Hashirama stood up and could only smile wryly at the happily laughing Yuna.

”You do realize that I am currently immortal and that the damage your attacks are dealing to me is regenerated instantly, right? ”

Yuna ’s laughter stopped and she shrugged her shoulder.

”Of course I know about that, but the Kyuubi is enjoying punching you so much that I thought I should at least give him his money ’s worth…err… chakra ’s worth. ”

[That ’s right. Be obedient and let me punch you some more. That ’s the best way for me to relax after Yuna put me through all those ridiculous situations.]

Hashirama could feel his eyebrow twitch a little. He wasn ’t sure why, but for some reason, he felt like the Kyuubi was a little pitiful. He quickly shoved that thought away and labeled it as nonsense. There is no way that is true after all.

”I am not sure how I am supposed to answer that but aren ’t you worried about the other fights? Even if Tobirama ’s strength is restricted due to being reanimated, I don ’t think those two ANBU can defeat him. ”

Yuna only shrugged when she heard that.

”That is correct. Or to be more precise, those two already got defeated a while ago. ”

Hashirama ’s eyes widened when he heard that.

”Then why are you still playing around? If you have a method to seal me then do so quickly. ”

Yuna, however, only shrugged her shoulders again and chuckled a little.

”Hehe, no need for that. Anko is currently taking him on. She should be fine. ”

”Should be fine? That doesn ’t sound very convincing. Wait! How do you even know that? What kind of insane sensor are you? ”

”Hehe, who kno…Oh? Tobirama just got sealed away. As expected, Anko managed to do it. ”

”Oh? That woman managed to seal him? Seems like Tobirama has been slacking, HAHAHA! ”

Seeing Hashirama suddenly laugh out loud, Yuna was a little surprised.

’What the hell, he suddenly started laughing. Is his head alright? ’

[You are really not someone that should comment too much about whether someone is alright in the head or not. As for your question, I don ’t know too much about him, considering I was sealed most of the time, but as far as I know, that guy was always a weirdo.]

’Oh? He is always depicted as stoic and stern. Guess they changed his personality to make him look more imposing and awe-inspiring. Guess I shouldn ’t be surprised about that. However, he is somewhat right. I should finish this. I am pretty close to running out of steam. ’

[Yeah, I noticed. Too bad, I would have liked to get a few more punches in.]

”Well, we had a lot of fun, but I decided to end this. ”

As soon as Hashirama heard that, his body automatically became battle-ready.

”Oh? It is good that you changed your…jutsu incoming. ”

Hashirma clapped his hands together and started gathering chakra…

[Wood Style:…]

…however, Yuna snapped her finger and the whole area lit up in seals. Every single one of them was hidden and protected under a thin layer of ice.

Hashirama ’s eyes widened when he saw the seals that were placed all around the battlefield and was even more surprised when his body completely froze up after they activated. Rather than paralyzing his body, however, it felt like when his body was controlled with the [Edo Tensei], but instead of fighting automatically, it told him not to move his body.

”You…took control of the [Edo Tensei]? ”

”[Edo Tensei]? Is that what this reanimation stuff is called? As for your question, not really. All I did is stop you from moving. Instead of your body fighting on its own, it is now given the order to ”stand still without moving ”. Took me a while to figure it out, but here we go, hehe. ”

Hashirama nodded in acknowledgment.

”Although I have no idea how you did it, it is still very impressive. Well done. ”

”Haha, of course. Now it is time to properly seal you away. ”

After saying that, Yuna started to rummage through her pockets and pulled out a scroll.

”Indeed, you should hurry up. Even if Tobirama got defe…Why did you take out a cake? ”

Yuna looked at the cake she just unsealed out of the scroll and then looked at Hashirama with innocent eyes.

”Because I want to smack it into your face. ”

”… ”

”… ”

”Why? ”

Yuna pondered for a moment and then nodded her head.

”It is somewhat of a tradition. ”

”What kind of trad… ”


”… ”


Hashirama was just about to scold Yuna for not taking the situation seriously when the remaining cake in his face started shining and seals started to crawl out of it and cover his whole body.

”What the fu… ”

That was all he could say before all that remained of him was a small token that had ”Seal ID001 ” written on it.

”[Supreme Pranking Style Ultimate Sealing Technique: One Cake To Seal Them All] ”

Yuna nodded in approval at the name she just came up with. She could hear Kurama groan in her head, but wasn ’t sure what the problem was. She just shrugged her shoulder and assumed it was because he lost his punching bag.

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