Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 129: Start of the Gathering

Danzo Shimura was beyond furious. Yet again one of his plans was foiled before it could even get started properly and, yet again, Yuna Uzumaki was involved in crushing his plans.

He had no idea why he fainted after Yuna slashed down her sword, but what he knew, was that he woke up around 20 hours later with a massive headache. Even now, when he tried to remember what exactly happened, his head started to hurt.

If that was all there was to it, then Danzo wouldn ’t be bothered too much about it. The real problem was that due to him losing his consciousness, he couldn ’t give his Root agents the orders to start the operations he wanted to get done during the invasion.

While Konoha ’s shinobi were occupied with fighting the invaders, Danzo planned to collect a few more talented children for his organization. He didn ’t lack agents, but what he was lacking was people with useful unique jutsus. The invasion had been the perfect chance to collect a few people like that, but that plan was foiled before it could even start.

His next plan, was for Hiruzen to die fighting against Orochimaru, which would be followed up by him repelling Orochimaru and becoming the village ’s hero. This should give him enough prestige to become the next Hokage. That plan was, yet again, destroyed by Yuna.

Although Danzo certainly didn ’t expect Orochimaru to summon the first and second Hokage if that led to the successes of his plan, Danzo wouldn ’t really mind that much. Yuna, however, had different plans. She easily opened up a hole into the barrier that should have isolated Hiruzen from the rest of Konoha and allowed reinforcement to reach him.

Despite Hiruzen losing an arm in that battle, his position as the current Hokage was barely shaken. If he were to recommend a successor, only very few people would be willing to speak against his opinion.

The next problem was that a lot of people changed their opinion about Yuna and her little group. While previously they were scorned or at least ignored, now a lot of people have a very good opinion of them. It certainly didn ’t help that Hiruzen publicly admitted that he would have died without Yuna ’s interference.

All of these things were certainly problematic for Danzo, but his greatest annoyance was without a doubt the reestablishment of the Uzumaki clan. He had no idea how all of these people could have been gathered under his nose without him noticing anything. The only possible way for that to happen was if the ANBU were the ones responsible for collecting the Uzumaki clan members, but why would they do that? And even more importantly, how did they manage to find this many people?

Right now, the only clan with more members than the Uzumaki clan inside Konoha was the Hyuga clan. Danzo could only sigh in relief that the Uzumaki clan currently had no jonin-level shinobi in their midst. Most of them were only around low-genin in strength.

Yet again Danzo ’s anger bubbled up, after all, there WERE jonin-level shinobi in the Uzumaki clan. Danzo gritted his teeth so hard that they almost shattered when he thought about how Yuna, Naruto, and Hinata were hiding their strength for such a long time and pretty much fooled everyone in Konoha with it.

Danzo took a deep breath and relaxed a little. He leaned back on his chair as a minuscule smirk appeared on his face.

”It doesn ’t matter that they have been hiding their strength, I have finally seen all of it. I heard that Yuna reached her limit after her fight and even fainted from chakra exhaustion. I can finally plan her death properly. It will take a while to set everything up, but she will die very soon. One, maybe two months is all the lifespan she has left. ”

Another matter that truly enraged him was that the Uzumaki clan, despite just reemerging a few days ago, was well-liked by almost everyone inside Konoha. They have been hiding their identity for quite some time and even people they have grown really close to while staying inside Konoha didn ’t know that they were actually from the Uzumaki clan.

Danzo expected that Konoha ’s citizens would harbor a lot of negative emotions when the person they have become friends with suddenly turned out to be someone else, but that wasn ’t the case at all. As soon as the invasion ended, pretty much every single member of the Uzumaki clan searched the people they hid their identity from and sincerely apologized to them for hiding their identity while explaining why they did so.

Instead of being surprised by it, most people answered with something along the lines of: ”Yeah, no shit. ”, ”You suck at acting. ” or ”Your real personality showed multiple times every day. ”. In conclusion, the members of the Uzumaki clan, who had rather rampant and outgoing personalities were well-liked within Konoha.

A few moments after Danzo finished his internal rant about the Uzumaki clan, a man with a featureless mask entered the room and kneeled in front of Danzo.

”Danzo-sama, I have a report about the Uzumaki clan. ”

”Oh? Let ’s hear it, what happened? ”

”They want to hold a grand gathering of all the clan members, to celebrate the opening of their new clan compound. ”

Danzo frowned a little when he heard that, after all, he didn ’t hear anything about an Uzumaki clan compound being built.

”Where is that new compound supposed to be? I didn ’t hear anything about one being built. Considering how dense the buildings in Konoha are, I can only imagine that they bought some land on the outskirts of Konoha. ”

”That is not the case, Danzo-sama. The Uzumaki clan is using the abandoned Senju clan compound as their own. ”

Danzo ’s eyes widened in surprise when he heard that.

”Are they insane? What makes them think they can just take over the Senju compound like that? Although Tsunade is the last remaining member of the clan, she still holds all the deeds for the land. Has Tsunade sold any of them? ”

”I apologize, Danzo-sama. We haven ’t received a report from the Root agent that is following her around for quite a while. ”

Danzo frowned when he heard that. He likes to keep watch on all of Konoha ’s important people, and no longer having someone that observed Tsunade didn ’t sit well with him.

”When did we receive the last message from that agent? ”

”We received it about three years ago. ”

”… ”

”… ”

”Did you just say three years ago? ”

”Yes, Danzo-sama. ”

”Why, did no one report that we haven ’t gotten any reports about Tsunade for such a long time? ”

The Root agent was looking at Danzo with his lifeless eyes and answered Danzo ’s question.

”Because Danzo-sama didn ’t order us to report how frequently we get reports from other agents. ”

Danzo groaned when he heard that and could only shake his head. That was one of the disadvantages when using emotionless puppets. They could barely think for themselves.

”Whatever, send three people out to look for Tsunade ’s whereabouts. Additionally, spread rumors inside Konoha that the Uzumaki clan has illegally settled down inside the Senju compound. ”

”Yes, Danzo-sama. ”

The Root agent bowed to Danzo and left the room to accomplish his orders.

Danzo, meanwhile, was sinking in deep contemplations.

’A gathering of the Uzumaki clan, huh? I should be able to use that. There is no way I will allow that girl to happily settle down her clan inside Konoha. I should probably spread some rumors inside the Uzumaki clan as well. Konoha did abandon them in the last war, after all. It should be pretty easy to sow some discontent amongst them. As long as the people of Konoha think that the Uzumaki clan is willing to rebel against Konoha, getting rid of them shouldn ’t be much of a problem.

Well, I doubt it will be that easy, but it should at least throw a wrench in whatever Yuna is planning to do with the Uzumaki clan. So far, I have only suffered setbacks when going against Yuna, let ’s see how she likes to taste defeat for once.

Now that I think about it, she has been living rather carefreely for a whiler now, let ’s see how she likes it when a bunch of her clansmen pass away in front of her eyes.

It is finally time to get some payback for everything she has put me through. ’

A weird sound escaped Danzo ’s mouth that some people might identify as laughter when he thought about Yuna looking devastated after seeing members of her clan dying in front of her.

”Hehe. Very soon, I will get rid of this menace. ”

*Author Note*

Sorry, I am feeling like shit today, so there will be only one chapter today.

*End of Author Note*

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