”Welcome, to the reestablishment celebration of the Uzumaki clan. I don ’t want to bore you with a long speech so I will make it short. From today on, my Uzumaki clan will become part of Konoha and we are, naturally, happy to become part of the strongest hidden village and will contribute to Konoha as best as we can to strengthen it even further. ”

[Oi, aren ’t you laying it on a little too thick?]

’Considering these retards thought that Naruto and I are your reincarnations because they heard a rumor about it, I don ’t think so. Look at how smug most of them look, right now. Even some of the spectators that had a lot of animosity towards me have changed their opinion. ’

”I am truly happy that my clan became part of Konoha, and hope… ”

”Happy!? Aren ’t you the one that has always insulted us!? ”

This caused a small uproar in the crowd as many people remembered how Yuna usually acted in front of them. Yuna could only shake her head when she saw how easily these people switched their opinions.

’Weak and fickle minds. The longer this farce goes, the more of my time I waste with these imbeciles. Danzo should have just skipped the nonsense with his dogs that only know how to bark and directly start with the suicide bombers. ’

Despite cursing the people in front of her in her mind, Yuna still had a patient smile on her face as she answered the question.

”Aren ’t you twisting around cause and effect a little? Someone spread some nonsensical rumors that Naruto and I are the Kyuubi somehow and from then on a lot of people started insulting us. You don ’t expect me to treat people that are constantly insulting me with courtesy, right? ”

As soon as Yuna finished that sentence, another person started speaking.

”Aren ’t the rumors true!? I saw you during the chunin exam and I might not be a shinobi, but even I could see that malicious-looking red chakra! ”

Yuna almost started cursing when she heard what the next person said.

’What is wrong with these people? Do they only have their brain to increase the mass of their head and give stronger headbutts? ’

”Naruto and I are not the reincarnations of the Kyuubi, we simply have it sealed inside us. It is called being a Jinchuuriki and every major village has at least one of those. In case you are claiming that I am lying, the person responsible for creating the first Jinchuuriki was Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage. ”

This silenced the crowd. Hashirama Senju was, after all, a legendary hero for the people of Konoha. They didn ’t believe that someone would dare to lie about him, so they believed Yuna. Very, very, few would actually research if what Yuna said was actually true, but that was more than enough to start spreading the truth.

Seeing the crowd being silent, Yuna expected the suicide bombers to make their move which Yuna found a little disappointing. There was still a little more information she wanted to spread by countering arguments. Simply revealing the information would have a much smaller impact after all. Luckily for her, someone actually managed to see the hole in Yuna ’s previous answer and attacked it.

”Even if First Hokage-sama was the one who created something like you, that doesn ’t mean you are not a monster! ”

’Haha, that sucker actually walked right into it, huh? Oh well, may he rest in peace. ’

An astonished look appeared on Yuna ’s face, which caused the person who said that argument to give her a smug look. Yuna ’s next sentence, however, made that smug look disappear rather quickly.

”To think a citizen of Konoha would dare to insult not only the First but even the Third and Fourth Hokage like that, I am shocked.

The First Hokage sealed the Kyuubi inside his wife, Mito Senju, who was known as Mito Uzumaki before her marriage and, by the way, is something like my grand aunt. Are you actually claiming that the First Hokage turned his wife into a monster? ”

The moment Yuna finished that sentence a LOT of people started to glare at the person who was previously speaking. The more people were glaring at him, the smaller he seemed to become, but unfortunately for him, Yuna wasn ’t done yet.

”Not only that, the Third Hokage sealed the Kyuubi inside Kushina Uzumaki, my mother, who was the wife of his grand disciple. Wouldn ’t turning the wife of his beloved grand disciple into a monster be something incredibly cruel? Would our beloved Hokage really do something like that? ”

The glares intensified even further when people heard that, after all, Hashirama might be a legendary person, but no one in the current crowd knew much about him. Hiruzen, however, was a completely different case. Konoha ’s citizens loved him. Yuna, meanwhile, continued her ruthless assassination of random goon #736.

”Although all of these things sound pretty horrible, the person who ended up doing the worst crimes, if Jinchuuriki were really monsters, would be, without a doubt, Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, and my father. He, after all, sealed the Kyuubi directly into his two children. If having a Bijuu sealed inside you was such a bad thing, wouldn ’t that make our beloved Fourth Hokage a huge pile of trash? ”

[That was disgusting. How can you spout all that nonsense without even twitching?]

’Haha, I was the Goddess of Shamelessness, as such, this is an easy feat for me! ’

[I don ’t even know whether that is the truth or if you are joking, anymore.]


Just when the crowd was about to tear the man who kept the argument going into shreds, Danzo ’s suicide bombers finally started to make their move. The ten people simultaneously tore away their overcoats and revealed that there were explosive tags plastered all over their bodies.

”The Uzumaki Clan will take revenge for Konoha ’s betrayal. ” x10

Yuna could feel her face twitch a little when she saw those ten puppets trying to pretend to have any passion for what they were doing. Although the words alone sounded very passionate, considering there were no emotions behind them and the words weren ’t even spoken especially loud, the whole act looked a little pathetic.

Despite that, when people saw the massive number of explosive seals, they screamed in terror and started to run around like headless chickens. Considering almost everyone present was a civilian, Yuna wasn ’t too surprised that a panic broke out instantly when something unexpected happened.

Before anyone could get trampled to death, Yuna ’s presence increased and put quite a bit of pressure on the people present.

”Do Not Panic! ”

Although those three words were spoken rather casually, the crowd calmed down instantly. Although the people in the crowd didn ’t understand why Yuna ’s words calmed them down instantly.

After everyone calmed down, they looked around and noticed that the ten people who had explosive tags plastered all over their bodies were now laying on the ground unconsciously while a clone of Yuna stood next to every single one of them with an indifferent expression on their faces.

The Yuna that wasn ’t standing next to one of the unconscious people chuckled a little. Although the chuckling appeared to be very silent, the whole crowd could hear it and it sent shivers through their spines.

”Hehe, look what we have here. I hope you people still remember how I said that SOMEONE was spreading weird rumors about Naruto and me inside Konoha. Isn ’t it interesting? I claim that someone was acting against us which, let ’s be honest here, could as well be the annoyed rambling of a child and not even ten minutes later, a bunch of people appeared that have a lot of resemblance to the people of my Uzumaki clan and try to randomly kill people at this gathering. Hehe, it is almost like someone wants my Uzumaki clan to be seen as Konoha ’s enemy. ”

A lot of people ”realized ” what was going on when Yuna said that. There has always been a lot of rumors spreading around the twins in Konoha. Rumors of how violent they were and how they could go on a rampage at any time, but despite hearing a lot of those rumors, no one had actually seen something like this happen. Before the audience could come up with any ”wrong ” conclusions, Yuna decided to intervene.

”I will be honest with you people… ”

[No you won ’t.]

”…I don ’t know who is targeting me, my little brother, and my Uzumaki clan like this… ”

[Yes, you do.]

”…but I think that person is obviously an enemy of Konoha… ”

[Well, ”that person, ” thinks he isn ’t.]

”…don ’t get tricked by lies… ”

[Unless they are said by you.]

”…think properly about the so-called rumors you hear about my Uzumaki clan and don ’t believe them blindly. ”

[Unless you are the one to spread them.]

Moments later, one of the ANBU guards appeared next to Yuna and bowed to her.

”Yuna Uzumaki-sama, we watched what has happened and would like to escort these ten people, who clearly wanted to harm the citizens of Konoha, into Konoha ’s T&I department to find out their motives. ”

Yuna nodded in approval of the ANBU ’s timing. If he didn ’t appear right now, some people might dismiss the incident as a farce to make the Uzumaki clan look better, but now that Konoha ’s ANBU are involved that is no longer possible.

”Haha, of course. The Uzumaki clan will, naturally, cooperate with your investigations, but I do hope that we could hear about the results of the interrogation. After all, my clan was the target of this incident. ”

The ANBU agent only nodded his head and then disappeared with the ten bombers in tow. Yuna scanned the crowd and couldn ’t help but chuckle when she noticed that a lot of people now held a positive opinion of her, simply because she agreed to have Konoha ’s ANBU investigate the case.

’Weak and fickle minds, just like I previously said. Show them something positive and they are instantly on your side. Although it was slightly amusing to trick them, it was a little too easy for my taste. ’

[Yuna Uzumaki, Goddess of Trickery.]

’Nah, that was actually someone else. ’

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