Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 135: Gathering Information...Maybe?

Sasuke Uchiha was currently laying on a bed inside Konoha ’s hospital and wasn ’t in a good mood at all. In his head, he had already cursed Yuna over a hundred times and it was only a matter of time before that counter reached the fourth digit.

He made that bet with Yuna rather casually and wasn ’t thinking too much about the consequences, but now he truly regretted it. The seal she used on him somehow forced him to stay henged into a woman. He has been transformed for almost a week without anyone being capable of figuring out how to remove the seal. He even looked at it with his Sharingan which only earned him a headache.

The only remaining hope he has is that the seal will somehow stop working after the month is over. That was, after all, part of the bet. If that failed as well, his only option was to force Yuna to remove it.

When he thought about that, Sasuke couldn ’t help himself but get even angrier. There was no way for him to force Yuna to do anything after all. Remembering how easily she defeated him, he could only curse his own weakness. He knew that Yuna was strong, but he didn ’t expect it to be to such a ridiculous degree. Although being defeated that easily already gave his pride quite the big hit, when he heard what happened after he lost consciousness, Sasuke ’s pride was pretty much shattered into dust.

When he first woke up after his fight against Yuna the first thing he did was ask about the outcome of the tournament and after the nurse, he asked to tell the story, finished the whole thing, Sasuke was absolutely certain that she was lying to him.

Yuna had an ice-style Kekkei Genkai that could freeze the whole arena. Yuna, Naruto, and Hinata had a two-on-one battle that looked like three high-level jonin were clashing against each other. Hinata, someone with a rather similar background to himself, could actually participate in a battle where Yuna and Naruto were using the Kyuubi ’s chakra. Yuna and Naruto were children of the fourth Hokage and members of the royal Uzumaki bloodline. The Uzumaki clan will be reestablished inside Konoha. Yuna had another Kekkei Genkai in the form of chains. Naruto summoned a gigantic toad and clashed head-on against the Ichibi and finally, Yuna fought and defeated the first Hokage and consequently saved the Third.

What was Sasuke even supposed to think about that? Each new part of the story was more ridiculous than the previous one. Following that, Yuna even became a jonin, which almost beat Itachi ’s time in becoming one. Sasuke, meanwhile, was still a mere genin and was lying on a hospital bed while being transformed into a woman.

’This isn ’t right. Weren ’t the Uchiha supposed to be the strongest? Let ’s not talk about Yuna, I am even weaker than Hinata, who, unlike Yuna and Naruto, doesn ’t have an endless supply of chakra sealed inside her. How is this possible? There must be something wrong! There is something I don ’t understand! What is it that I am missing!? ’

While Sasuke was sinking deeper and deeper into his contemplations, he heard a loud voice echoing through the hospital.


Following that, was some murmuring that Sasuke couldn ’t understand before the previous voice yet again echoed through the hospital.


Sasuke ’s eyes widened when he heard that.

’Kakashi-sensei is wounded? I need to see what is going on. ’

A few moments later, Sasuke entered a hospital room that had quite a few jonin inside it who all looked like they just went through a fight.

”I heard Kakashi-sensei is wounded, what happened? ”

Everyone looked at Sasuke in surprise and moments later every single one of them glared at the owner of the loud voice, Might Guy, who could only muster an awkward chuckle. Before Sasuke could ask any question, Kakashi started speaking.

”Well, don ’t worry about that Sasuke, I had to fight someone rather powerful during a mission and had to overuse my Sharingan. It ’s just the usual chakra exhaustion. No need to wor… ”

Before Kakashi could finish speaking, the door burst open and another shinobi walked inside.

”Is the story that Itachi has appeared in Konoha really true? Is he really chasing Yuna and Naruto?! ”

This time, the newly arrived shinobi received glares from everyone including Guy. Although the shinobi didn ’t understand the situation at first, when he noticed Sasuke, his face paled. He wanted to explain himself, but it was already too late and Sasuke was already out of the door with hatred oozing out of his eyes.

’Itachi is here! I can finally kill him! I lived all my life hating him, and now I can finally use all that hatred to kill him! ’

Yuna, Naruto, and Jiraiya, meanwhile were traveling rather leisurely. Although Hiruzen wanted Tsunade to become the next Hokage, there really was no need to hurry, so the trio walking normally while chatting with each other. While chatting about random nonsense, Jiraiya remembered that he wanted to ask Naruto about something that happened during the chunin exam.

”Naruto, although I didn ’t see it myself, I heard that you used something in the fight against Yuna, that looked a lot like a technique your father invented, the Rasengan. ”

Naruto nodded his head when he heard that. He lifted up his right hand and moments later a Rasengan appeared above Naruto ’s hand.

Jiraiya could only nod in approval when he saw how easily Naruto created it. Considering that the Rasengan is considered as the pinnacle of shape transformation, it was incredibly impressive that Naruto could use it at such a young age. Jiraiya couldn ’t help but glance at Yuna, who only shrugged her shoulders and created her own Rasengan.

”Nee-san and I managed to get our hands on quite a few of father ’s notes. That is where we found information about the Rasengan and how he planned to evolve the jutsu. ”

Jiraiya was surprised that the twins managed to find something like that.

’The only place where stuff like that might be found is Minato ’s old house, but there are quite a few security seals… They probably sneaked in, huh? Oh well, it should be theirs anyway, so it is fine. ’

”Could you tell me how exactly the newly developed Rasengan works? If you want to keep it a secret it is, naturally, fine as well. I ’m just a little curious if you managed to inject elemental chakra into it like Minato planned to or if you took another path. Considering the whole thing exploded into deadly torrents of water, I assume you managed to do it somehow? ”

”I don ’t mind telling you, it is, after all, not easily copied. The first version of the elemental infused Rasengan became somewhat of a failure. Although it was indeed very powerful, it was actually too powerful. When smashing it into an enemy, it would not only hurt my enemy but myself as well. I concluded that I had to either reduce the strength, which I was not willing to do or actually turn it into a projectile. A normal Rasengan is weak enough for me to throw it without it breaking instantly, but the moment I infuse it with my wind chakra, that becomes pretty much impos… ”

”WAIT! You can throw a normal Rasengan?! ”

Naruto looked at him weirdly and nodded his head. A Rasengan formed in his hands and then he threw it like a baseball, causing it to smash into a tree, making the tree collapse. While Jiraiya ’s jaw almost hit the ground, Naruto casually proceeded with his explanation.

”Anyway, my chakra control is simply not good enough to throw the real deal. Considering one of the chakra exercises nee-san taught me is rather similar to throwing a normal Rasengan, that still works out fine, but everything that has more power in it is impossible to be thrown for now. Thus, Hinata and I came up with a combination that works. I provide the chakra, while she provides the elemental transformation and even adds in her nature energy to stabilize it even further. Like that, we created something that could be used in combat without any major drawbacks. We call it: Water Style: Torrential Rasengan. ”

Jiraiya couldn ’t help but be amazed by that. Luckily, Hiruzen had already told him that Hinata and Anko could, for some unknown reason, use natural energy or he might have been shocked to death by the whole explanation.

”Truly fascinating. To think that natural energy was the answer that Minato was looking for while developing his jutsu. I am looking forward to all the jutsu you will create in the future. ”

This caused a sly smile to appear on Naruto ’s face as he looked at Jiraiya with mischief in his eyes.

”Hehe, there is actually another jutsu I developed. Are you interested in seeing it? ”

Although Jiraiya felt like this was a trap, he couldn ’t help but be curious anyway. Even Yuna couldn ’t help but be slightly curious. She had, after all, heard nothing about this new jutsu Naruto developed. Considering how Naruto was currently smiling, she was pretty sure it was a prank jutsu, but she didn ’t mind at all.

”Hehe, then you better prepare yourselves. Here comes my super-secret jutsu! ”

”[Ultimate Harem Sexy Jutsu] ”

The whole group was surrounded by smoke, and as soon as the smoke was lifted, naked busty women were surrounding Yuna and Jiraiya. Blood immediately started to flow out of Jiraiya ’s nose like a river and he gave Naruto a thumbs up.

”Hehe, not bad at all. What a powerful jutsu. ”

Yuna, however, didn ’t react at all. She simply stood still, while clenching and unclenching her fist, while her chakra slowly started to ooze out of her.

The transformed Narutos took a step back on instinct.

’No way! Nee-san is a pervert, right? So, this should work on her. ’

Moments later, Yuna ’s chakra exploded out as she pointed her finger at one of the Narutos.


Yuna disappeared, and moments later, she slapped the butt of the transformed Naruto she was pointing at, causing that Naruto clone to dispel.


She disappeared again and pinched a transformed Naruto in the waist.


She disappeared again.


A few moments later, an exhausted Naruto was sprawled on the ground, while Yuna stood above him with her hands crossed in front of her body.

”You better put more effort into that if you want my approval. ”

”Yes, nee-san. ”

A sly smile appeared on Yuna ’s face.

”How about you ask Ino and Haku for help, they should be more than willing. ”

”Yes, ne… ”

Naruto ’s face blushed crimson red, but instead of answering, he simply closed his eyes and didn ’t say anything.

”Haha, that was a fun little event, how about we restart our journey? ”

Yuna glanced at Jiraiya and noticed that he had actually fainted while massive amounts of blood were flooding out of his nose.

”What the hell is his problem? ”

[Really? The Goddess of Perversion as well? Just how many titles did you hold?]

’Hahaha, although I have no idea what you are talking about, praise me more! ’


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