Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 138: Inside the Tsukuyomi

Yuna wasn ’t happy with the current situation. Although she didn ’t mind fighting Itachi and Kisame in general, the problem was that they were currently in the middle of a village. She wouldn ’t lose any sleep over the death of civilians if the other option was her own death, but the current situation is slightly different.

’The first problem is, that Naruto is here and that he certainly won ’t be happy if innocent people get involved. Itachi also seemed to be rather reluctant to continue this fight, so the only problem is Kisame.

Itachi is rather insistent on playing the bad guy, so I guess he can ’t just leave without a reason. Considering he and Kisame are wearing the same cloak, he probably joined some kind of organization since I saw him the last time. Guess I need to ask Jiraiya what this is all about when he appears. ’

”Hehe, let ’s get this started then Itachi. Naruto, you can play with the fish guy. Be careful, his sword probably has some gimmicks built into it. ”

”Haha, of course, Nee-san. I already noticed that something was weird about it. ”

Kisame, however, snorted in disdain.

”Aren ’t you overestimating yourself? It won ’t take me even a minute to shred you to bits. ”

Although Naruto raised his eyebrow a little when he heard that Kisame said ”shred ” instead of ”cut ”, he could only assume that it had something to do with his sword. Despite that, a smirk appeared on Naruto ’s face.

”Big words for someone who would have already been knocked out if his babysitter wasn ’t here to help him. ”

Anger was clearly visible on Kisame ’s face, but this time he managed to contain it and not charge ahead, which caused Naruto to click his tongue in annoyance.

”Well, that didn ’t work. Guess I have to fight properly then. ”

”[Wind Style: Raging Wind Armor] ”

Just like during the chunin exam, Naruto surrounded himself with an armor of wind and got into his usual foxlike attack stance, while Kisame only lazily lifted his sword and pointed it at Naruto.

Itachi, who seemed to be ready to confront Yuna glanced at Naruto and couldn ’t help but be surprised by what he saw.

’That is quite the powerful technique. He must have incredible chakra control to use something like that during real combat and not hurt himself while doing so. From what I heard, everyone in Yuna ’s little group is like that. How curious. ’

”Hehe, are you marveling at my little brother ’s technique? Pretty good, right? He came up with that himself. ”

Itachi, however, only refocused his gaze on Yuna without saying anything.

”Not much of a talker, huh? Oh well, let ’s have a good old-fashioned conversation involving our fists, feet, and a few sharp and pointy things as well. ”

”No…*cough*…Itachi is my prey! Only I am…*cough*…allowed to fight him! ”

Yuna turned around and saw Sasuke mustering some strength to stand up. Although his chakra was still in decent shape, his emotions were going completely haywire and he had trouble breathing due to Itachi grabbing his neck a short while ago.

Yuna rolled her eyes when she saw that Sasuke still wanted to fight Itachi even though he could barely stand.

”Seriously Sasuke. It is time to wake up. While you were in the academy, people treated you like you were something special, but that time is over. You have entered the real world now and it is time to accept that the current you is nothing special in the grand scheme of things. ”

Sasuke was almost shooting fire out of his eyes while he was glaring at Yuna, but she was totally indifferent to it.

”And you are saying that you are something special!? ”

Yuna chuckled when she heard that and shook her head.

”If the rabbit hole is as deep as I think it is, then I am currently nothing special either, but considering what is sealed inside me, I should at least appear on the game board. ”

This statement genuinely shocked Sasuke. After all, Yuna would occasionally act incredibly overbearing, while grandly announcing her ridiculous ambitions. The fact that she, despite that and the strength she has shown, didn ’t consider herself special truly shocked Sasuke.

Itachi, meanwhile, was simply listening to the conversation. He was in no hurry after all and felt like this might actually help Sasuke become stronger in the future. He would, occasionally, glance at the fight between Naruto and Kisame and couldn ’t help but be impressed. Naruto was certainly not winning, since he was constantly being pushed back, but he was at least not going to lose any time soon. The three-tail chakra mode that was combined with wind chakra made Naruto incredibly quick, so instead of blocking Kisame ’s attacks, which would cause a lot of Naruto ’s chakra to be drained by Kisame ’s sword, he simply dodged everything that was thrown at him while occasionally sneaking in an attack to keep Kisame on his toes.


Itachi returned his attention to Yuna ’s and Sasuke ’s conversation and wasn ’t sure what to say about what he just heard. Truth be told, Itachi was partially responsible for Sasuke having that kind of mindset. He wanted Sasuke to be fixated on him so he would do everything he could to kill him and train as hard as he possibly could. That is why he told him that the Sharingan can only be beaten by the Sharingan. He wanted Sasuke to think that he was the only one that could kill him, but that seemed to have backfired splendidly. Sasuke was indeed fixated on killing Itachi, but instead of improving his strength, he seemed to have spent most of his time simply hating Itachi, while thinking that his Sharingan will do the rest of the work.

Itachi was a very experienced shinobi, so he could easily tell that Sasuke ’s body was very far away from its optimal condition. Although Itachi wasn ’t sure what kind of training Sasuke did, he was sure that very little of that actually involved physical exercise, which was a massive weak point. Itachi really wanted to say a few words about that, but he certainly wasn ’t in a position to do so.

Yuna, meanwhile, had a sneer of disdain on her face as she looked at Sasuke.

”Special because you have the Sharingan? Special because you are an Uchiha? Special because of your bloodline? Pathetic! If the only thing that is making you special is that two of your ancestors f*ed and a special mutation came out of it then you are truly laughable. Just take a look at Rock Lee. He has nothing. No bloodline. No special power. He can ’t even use ninjutsu and yet, he could tear you to shreds within seconds. ”

Sasuke was taken aback by what Yuna said but quickly came up with a counter-argument on his own.

”That is because… ”

”He puts more effort into getting stronger than you. That is all there is to it. I know what kind of arguments you would like to make. ”He is older than me! ” Can you defeat him in one year, then? ”He learned a special technique! ” And you didn ’t? Nonsense! All of it! Stop acting like a child and put some proper effort into it. ”

Sasuke couldn ’t help but be slightly dazed by Yuna ’s scolding. She said a lot of things and it would take him a while to properly digest everything. Despite that, he wasn ’t happy about losing the argument like this, so he was just about to retort when Yuna grabbed his arm with a smile that sent shivers through his spine.

”By the way, I would like to fight Itachi in peace without a deadweight by my side, so have a good flight and a safe landing. ”

”What do… KYAAAaaaa~… ”

Without another word, Yuna pulled on Sasuke ’s arm and moments later a seal appeared on him that would drastically reduce the gravity around him. Then, she tossed him out of one of the windows with quite a bit of strength and sent him flying away into the distance. Although Yuna wasn ’t totally sure, if her memories served her right, that should have been roughly the direction of where Konoha was.

Yuna was rather surprised by the female-sounding scream but decided not to pay it too much attention. She could have sworn that Itachi gave her a thumbs up, but decided that that was just her mind playing a trick on her.

”Well, Itachi, now that Sasuke is out of the way, let ’s have some fun…*Or I guess not* ”

Itachi was slightly surprised when he noticed that Yuna ’s face suddenly switched to an annoyed scowl, but a few seconds later he understood the situation. Jiraiya has appeared and was currently pressuring Kisame with Naruto ’s support.

”Hehe, seems like the jig is up, Itachi. How about you flee on your own so we can have Kisame? ”

”I fear that ’s impossible, so how about you just let us retreat unhindered. ”

”Nope~ It ’s not that easy. ”

Itachi and Yuna stared at each other for a few seconds, before a sigh escaped Itachi ’s lips.

”In that case, you leave me no choice. ”

Itachi closed his left eye, and Yuna could feel massive amounts of chakra gathering in it.

’Oh? I wonder what is going to happen. Any idea, Kurama? ’

[Not really. I know that the Sharingan can unlock additional abilities, but they can differ quite a bit, so I have no clue what this guy ’s got.]

’Too bad. Oh well, it seems like he wanted to use it on Sasuke, previously, so let ’s see what he can do. ’

Moments later, Itachi reopened his eye and met Yuna ’s eyes in the process.

”[Mangekyo Sharingan: Tsukuyomi] ”

*Author note*

Yeah, sorry about the steep cliff and the clickbait title. I couldn ’t control myself

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