”Are you insane?! You almost killed Shizune! ”

Yuna couldn ’t help but chuckle a little at the enraged Tsunade who was pointing her finger at her while making accusations.

”Well, yes, I am and no, I was not about to kill her. ”

”You were about to pierce a sword through her heart! ”

Yuna rolled her eyes and moments later, a small dagger appeared in her hand. Without a moment of hesitation, she stabbed in straight towards her heart, causing Tsunade and Jiraiya to exclaim in surprise.

Even though the dagger was stabbed up to the handle inside Yuna ’s chest, there was no blood visible and when she pulled the handle away from her, the blade part of the dagger had disappeared.

”As long as something is made of ice, I can easily control it. You really should pay more attention. You didn ’t even notice that you weren ’t cut at all despite pushing my sword away with your bare hands. ”

Tsunade started pondering and when she thought back to how she pushed Yuna ’s blade away, she realized that she should have been cut without a doubt. Tsunade ’s eyes widened, before inspecting her hands, and after finding no wounds at all, she couldn ’t help but blush a little in shame for not noticing something so obvious. Then, however, she realized something else.

”You tricked me! ”

”Yup, played you like a fiddle. And for your information, it was easier than taking candy from a baby, HAHAHA! ”

Tsunade blushed a little harder, but simultaneously gathered chakra in her fist to attack Yuna, but before she could do so, Jiraiya stepped between Yuna and Tsunade.

”Now, now, calm down Tsunade. Because Yuna did what she did, you managed to heal Shizune, so isn ’t it fine? ”

Although Jiraiya flinched a little when Tsunade gave him a death glare, he sighed in relief when Tsunade stopped gathering chakra.

”Fine, I will drop the matter. ”

Jiraiya eagerly nodded his head and focused his eyes on Yuna to ask her a question as well.

”I couldn ’t hear the whole conversation, but why did you allow Orochimaru to get away? ”

Yet again, Yuna rolled her eyes.

”Didn ’t you also let him get away? I don ’t believe for even a second that you couldn ’t have stopped him from sinking into the earth. ”

An awkward look appeared on Jiraiya ’s face, while he looked away and pretended that he didn ’t ask that question.

”*Cough*… By the way, how did you manage to defeat Orochimaru so fast? ”

Although Yuna noticed that Jiraiya was blatantly changing the topic to divert her attention, she didn ’t mind.

”I managed to defeat him so fast because his overinflated ego caused him to make the worst decisions while heavily underestimating me. He thought the poison on his sword would affect me, which it didn ’t, because I simply froze it the moment it tried to enter my body, rendering it useless. This made it possible for me to trap his first arm, without him even noticing it, since he was absolutely certain that I could no longer use the hand that caught his sword.

Next, he actually tried to use seals on me, which is the height of stupidity. He might have managed to frankenstein a few powerful seals together, but he clearly did so by throwing shit at a wall to see what sticks and what doesn ’t. The moment his seal activated he thought he had won and in that very moment, when he let his guard down, I counterattacked him mercilessly. ”

Jiraiya couldn ’t help but be slightly dumbfounded by that explanation, after all, most battle reports about Yuna explain in great detail that she goes into a complete frenzy when fighting strong people. Now that he thought about it some more, however, he realized that her first encounter with Orochimaru was rather similar to this one. Swift, calculated, and merciless.

’I see! Now that I think about it again, the first time she acted like this was against Orochimaru, who, very likely, was the first enemy she deemed dangerous for her, while her other fights were always against people who were much weaker than her, which caused her to only played around with her opponents or against people who could actually challenge her but were allies or even her own family.

There is, however, an exception. I heard that she let loose in the fight against the First as well. Maybe…due to the Kyuubi? Although sensei was busy with Orochimaru, he still witnessed the Kyuubi actually speaking through Yuna. Does Minato ’s seal even allow for stuff like that to happen? I just read over what happened and didn ’t put too much thought into it, but didn ’t the Kyuubi call Yuna by her first name as well? There is definitely something going on. Now that I think about it properly, her and Naruto being able to use three tails worth of chakra is also pretty weird. Did Minato ’s seal really allow this much of Kyuubi ’s chakra to leak out at such a young age? Maybe…she loosened the seal herself? I need to question her about this as soon as I find a good moment. ’

Just when Jiraiya was about to open his mouth, a loud smack echoed over the clearing, and moments later, a person with grey hair crash-landed face first a few meters away from him. Naruto appeared next to the downed person with his hands casually held behind his head and a pout on his face.

”Nee-san, you said I could play with him, but you damaged him with your chains. ”

Yuna only shrugged her shoulder.

”Well, Naruto, you didn ’t control him properly and he tried to attack me, so that isn ’t really my fault. You should pay more attention to your toys. ”


Kabuto wanted to scream out his grievances, but the moment he did so, Naruto kicked him against the head, knocking him out instantly. Jiraiya and Tsunade couldn ’t help but be a little surprised by Naruto ’s ruthlessness. After all, he appears to be incredibly innocent and always radiated happiness. They didn ’t think he would be capable of knocking someone out like that without a moment of hesitation.

”Fine, nee-san, but you have to give me an additional ramenday as compensation. ”

One of Yuna ’s eyebrows rose while looking at Naruto who was still smiling innocently at her.

’He was actually aiming for that, huh? I don ’t think a lot of people would even notice the scheme, especially when they are being looked at by Naruto ’s innocent-looking eyes. Hehe, too bad for him that I can easily notice that he is getting more and more nervous while being stared down by me. ’

”Okay, wish granted. ”

”YES!!! ”

[Didn ’t you say that you saw through it? What happened to that?]

’*Sigh* what can I say, Kurama. The mind is willing, but the body is weak. Weak to Naruto ’s cuteness, that is. ’

[Damn doting grandma.]

Orochimaru, meanwhile, managed to reach one of his bases, while he was cursing Yuna again and again. He had never felt this humiliated in his whole life.

’I will kill her! No matter what I have to do, I will kill her for this humiliation! ’

Orochimaru looked at his two stumps that used to be his arms and a disdainful sneer appeared on his face.

’For other shinobi, this might be a life-long handicap, but for me, it is not even a slight inconvenience. ’

Orochimaru ’s mouth opened far wider than what should be possible, and moments later a perfect copy of himself emerged out of it. Unlike his current form, however, this copy looked like the original Orochimaru and had both of his arms fully attached to him.

A light chuckle escaped his lips when he thought about Yuna ’s face when she realized that his arms grew back within moments, but the chuckle got stuck in his throat when he realized something else.

’I can ’t move my arms!? WHY!? ’

Orochimaru looked at his arms in disbelief and when he started to analyze the condition of his arms properly, his eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets.


Orochimaru pushed chakra into his arms. Although he noticed that he was pushing back the ice, it was very slow and would take him quite a bit of time to completely remove the ice. His anger exploded and his chakra and killing intent flooded the whole base. Moments later, a hatred-filled roar echoed through the whole base.


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