While Tsunade was busy hunting down Jiraiya, Yuna and Naruto were leisurely walking towards the Uzumaki compound. They had already handed over their prisoners to Konoha ’s T&I department, and Yuna had told them about the deal she had made with Tayuya, as well. Although Yuna doesn ’t have any sway over the T&I department, she made a few off-handed remarks, that the price of containment seals might or might not increase in the future, so she didn ’t think they would go back on their word.

While walking through the busy streets of Konoha, Yuna could only shake her head at how shameless some people could be. Two months ago, people would constantly glare at her and whisper all kinds of insults behind her back, but now everyone was all smiles, while a few people even had the nerve to greet her with reverential ”Greetings, Yuna-sama! ”. Well, Naruto seemed to enjoy how everyone was happy to see them, so she wouldn ’t say anything about it.

A short while later, they arrived at the entrance of the Uzumaki compound and Yuna couldn ’t help but nod in satisfaction when she saw it. The original Senju compound looked rather unappealing in her opinion. Mixes of browns and blacks no matter where you would look. The only thing Yuna found likable about the original Senju compound were the massive trees that grew in different locations inside the compound. Although they were artificially grown by Hashirama Senju, she didn ’t mind at all.

Now, however, the whole thing became much more colorful. A lot of red and yellow and occasionally even some blue, that, Yuna was pretty sure, had something to do with her own hair color. The only things that still retained their old appearance from the original Senju compound were the massive trees and the Senju clan symbols that were carved in quite a few walls. The Uzumaki clan and the Senju clan could be considered as something like relatives, so to honor them, the Senju clan carvings haven ’t been removed, but plenty of Uzumaki clan symbols have been added all over the place, as well.

Next, Yuna ’s eyes landed on the barrier surrounding the whole compound and nodded in approval yet again. The whole thing was actually designed by Naruto. The easier parts were done by Uzumaki clan members, while Yuna and Naruto created the more complex ones. It had a total of five layers, with the first one only being used for detection while almost impossible to detect and the second one being used as a dummy to test the intruders ’ strength and intentions. Layers 3 to 5 were the ones that were used to repel invaders and were quite the hard nut to crack if you didn ’t know what you were doing. Chakra drain, physical attacks without chakra, pure chakra attacks, traps, integrated seals, and even a space lock. Kurama had told Yuna that the person who attacked her parents could freely teleport around, so she, naturally, wouldn ’t neglect something like that and reminded Naruto of it while he was designing the barrier.

As soon as Yuna and Naruto approached the entrance of the compound, a happy smile appeared on the faces of the two people standing guard.

” ”Welcome back, Yuna-sama, Naruto-sama. ” ”

”Haha, we are back, Kei, Amaya. ”

While Yuna only greeted the two with a nod of her head, Naruto seemed to actually know both of them by name and even seemed to be friends with them.

’There is no way Naruto coincidently befriended just the two people who are standing guard today. I wonder how many Uzumakis he has befriended by now. Considering he knew the first two we met out of over 100, it should be quite a lot. Oh well, if that is what he wants to do, I won ’t stop him. ’

”Did anything interesting happen while the two of us weren ’t in Konoha? ”

One of the guards immediately nodded when he heard Yuna ’s question.

”Yes, Yuna-sama. Although I don ’t know all the details, there were a total of 4 attempted break-ins while you weren ’t here. ”

”Ohh? That ’s quite a lot. I assume no one got past the barrier? ”

Both guards stood a little straighter when they heard Yuna question, while their chest swelled in pride.

” ”Of course not, Yuna-sama! ” ”

”That ’s good. Continue your good work. ”

” ”Yes, Yuna-sama! ” ”

Yuna nodded her head in satisfaction and walked past the duo closely followed by Naruto who gave the duo a bright smile while passing through the gate. After a few steps, however, Yuna stopped in her tracks and remembered something else. She turned towards the guards and started speaking again.

”Oh, before I forget about it: Tsunade Senju will probably be here soon. Allow her to enter freely. Small parts of the compound still belong to her, after all. ”

The eyes of the two guards widened when they heard that one of the Sannin is going to come to the compound soon. They couldn ’t help but get a little excited about the prospect of meeting one of them. They gave Yuna another salute before they returned to their guard duties.

”I guess I should speak to Masato and Zabuza to ask them if there were any problems with the barrier during the attacks. What do you want to do, Naruto? ”

”I want to greet a few people I have befriended after we moved in, a few weeks ago. ”

Yuna nodded her head and shooed Naruto away, while she walked towards the biggest building in the compound. The top floor of that building was actually her own living space, which she shared with Hinata and Anko. Hinata and Anko both got accepted by the Uzumaki clan people rather easily, with not a single member having even the slightest bit of doubt regarding them. Anko was especially well-liked since her rampant personality is pretty similar to how the Uzumaki clan people usually act.

Yet again, Yuna was greeted by two guards who had happy smiles on their faces.

” ”Welcome back, Yuna-sama! ” ”

Yuna nodded her head and started speaking to the two guards.

”I am looking for Masato and Zabuza. Are they inside? ”

”Masato-sama should be inside the command center. I haven ’t seen Zabuza-sama today, but around this time, he is usually in our biggest training ground training our clan members. ”

”Mhh, alright. What about Hinata and Anko? Are they home? ”

Yuna could see both of them smirk for a split second, but decided not to say anything about that. Gossiping about your boss with your coworkers is part of almost every job, after all.

”Both of them had a mission together and returned just a few hours ago. Both of them are upstairs. ”

”Good, in case they come down and ask for me, tell them I will just have a little chat with Masato and then join them upstairs. ”

After Yuna said that, she smiled while seductively licking her lips, sending shivers through the spines of the two guards.

’Hehe, if they will gossip anyway, what else can I do but fan the flames even further. ’

[I don ’t know, maybe…Not make it worse by fanning the flames!?]

’Now, that ’s just silly, Kurama. ’

[Yes, yes, I know. Me and my silly ideas that follow logic and common sense.]

Yuna chuckled a little when she heard Kurama ’s grumbling and walked past the two guards with a small smirk on her face, which unnerved the duo a little.

The command center was actually three floors underground and was the best-protected place inside the Uzumaki compound. It was surrounded by an additional barrier that Yuna personally designed. Although she had no idea what kind of weird jutsu existed in this world, she was rather confident that nothing could force its way into this barrier, unless it had overwhelming power and simply destroyed the barrier, which isn ’t easy either.

The barrier has only a single entrance and instead of using something unreliable like blood or chakra to identify a person, Yuna managed to incorporate Kurama ’s ability to sense someone ’s intentions into it. No one with bad intentions could pass through this barrier. Additionally, she created a little dummy blood test in front of it to confuse potential intruders. Yuna was literally the only person who knew that the blood test was fake.

She dropped a single drop of her blood onto the dummy blood test, and moments later, a green light lit up. She went through the barrier and could feel a minuscule mote of chakra, that even Yuna had trouble detecting, brushing against her for a split second. This was the real test to pass the barrier. That little mote of chakra was actually Kurama ’s chakra that was a little modified by Yuna ’s own chakra and intent. If someone didn ’t have bad intentions then it would simply brush past a person and then return to the barrier, but if someone had bad intentions…well… things would get nasty.

Yuna entered the command center at a leisurely pace and immediately spotted Masato Uzumaki looking as stern as ever.

’Well then, let ’s see who tried to break in here while I wasn ’t here. I don ’t believe for even a second that it was only four attempts, but it is not like a normal guard would know about the actual number of attacks. ’

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