Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 158: The New Hokage and the Council

A few days have passed since Yuna decided to free the two previous Hokage from her seal. In those few days, she had compiled a short list of evolved Sharingan abilities she and Kurama knew about and gave it to Masato Uzumaki, the Uzumaki clan ’s guard captain. Additionally, she had started the evaluation of Karin ’s strength and has created a training program for her. Despite being an Uzumaki and thus having a lot of chakra, Karin actually had pretty good chakra control, so Yuna decided to test her affinity for medical ninjutsu first and so far, she seemed to be rather talented in it. A few days were, obviously, not enough to properly find out whether she really was talented in it, but so far that seemed to be the case. Karin seemed to be interested in learning medical ninjutsu as well, which was a huge bonus.

Yuna was currently on her way to talk with Tsunade. Yuna expected that Tsunade would kick her door open the moment she saw the remodeled Senju compound but to her surprise that didn ’t happen. Tsunade hasn ’t left the Uzumaki compound even once since she entered it the first time and Hiruzen has already sent people over to inquire when Tsunade would take over the position of Hokage, so Yuna decided to take a look at what was going on.

A few minutes later, Yuna reached one of the few buildings that still belonged to Tsunade and entered it. The moment Yuna opened the door to the living room, she felt her eyebrow twitch a little. The whole room reeked of alcohol and empty bottles were spread all over the floor. In the middle of the room stood a huge massage chair, one of the three Yuna created by using a complex arrangement of seals, and on that chair sat Tsunade, who was asleep and snoring, while still holding a half-full bottle in her hand.

’Why in the world did no one report that she had taken away one of the massage chairs for herself? They were supposed to be accessible for every member of the Uzumaki clan and were certainly not made to become someone ’s private property. And what happened to Shizune, isn ’t she supposed to make sure Tsunade doesn ’t go overboard? ’

As if she had heard Yuna ’s thoughts, one of the bottle piles started moving, and moments later, Shizune emerged out of it with a loud groan, while holding her head in pain.

”Urgh…that was definitely too much. Isn ’t the Uzumaki clan ’s alcohol a little too dange…? ”

Shizune, however, froze up mid-speech when she noticed that someone else was in the room, who was looking at her with some amusement. When Shizune was about to call the Uzumaki clan ’s alcohol ”dangerous ”, Yuna pretty much understood what was going on. There was a small group of Uzumaki that shifted their passion from ramen to alcohol, so Yuna taught them a few different methods to create alcohol from her previous life that were, as far as she could tell, not invented yet.

’I guess she misjudged how strong the drinks were, resulting in the current situation. Now that I take a closer look at the bottles on the ground, most of the stuff is rather sweet, which makes it much harder to judge the alcohol content. ’

”Hehe, seems like you two had fun. ”

Shizune couldn ’t help but blush when she saw Yuna smirking at her. She let her eyes wander through the room, and when she saw the empty bottles all over the floor and the chair Tsunade was sitting on, she started blushing even harder.

”*Cough* W-we might have overdone it yesterday. Err… About that chair, we will naturally return it, haha. ”

”It seems like you are misunderstanding something Shizune. You haven ’t overdone it just ”yesterday ”. You two have entered the compound three days ago. ”

Shizune ’s eyes widened when she heard that while staring at Yuna in disbelief.

”T-three d-days!? ”

”Yup~ Hiruzen has even sent over one of his ANBU to ask what happened to Tsunade and when she will be ready to take over the Hokage position. ”

”WHAT! ”

After Shizune ’s loud exclamation, a groan could be heard from Tsunade as she slowly started to wake up.

”Urgh…Shizune, stop yelling so early in the morning. ”

Before Shizune could say anything, Yuna started speaking.

”It ’s 2 in the afternoon. ”

”Minor details. ”

Tsunade lightly shook her head, causing her to groan in pain, and moments later, Tsunade ’s right hand lit up with green chakra as she started massaging her temples.

”Isn ’t it dangerous to use medical jutsu on your head while you are still under the influence of alcohol you drank yesterday? ”

”I ’m used to it. By the way, why are you here, Yuna? ”

”Well, you spent the last three days holed up inside here while getting drunk, so I decided to take a look and see if you are still alive. ”

Tsunade paused her massage for a moment when Yuna said that three days had passed, but moments later she simply shrugged that information off and continued massaging.

”Well, I am. You can leave now. ”

”An ANBU came over and asked when you are going to take over the Hokage seat. ”

Another groan escaped Tsunade when she was reminded of that.

”Tell him I will be ready very soon. Just a few more…months. ”

”I will spread photos of you sleeping in a pile of alcohol bottles throughout Konoha. ”

”You are bluffing. ”

”If you think I am someone who is unwilling to blackmail someone else to get what I want, then you really should ask Hiruzen for more information about me. ”

Yuna and Tsunade maintained eye contact for a while, but after a few seconds, Tsunade clicked her tongue in annoyance.

”Fine! Just give me a few more weeks and I should be ready to go. ”

”I will forbid the Uzumaki clan members from selling you alcohol. ”

”You can ’t do that! ”

”I am the Uzumaki clan ’s matriarch, I can do whatever I want. ”

Yet again, Tsunade and Yuna glared at each other before an annoyed pout appeared on Tsunade ’s face.

”Alright, just give me a few more days, and I will be good to go. ”

”I will gift you that massage chair. ”

”… ”

”… ”

”SHIT! Whatever! Shizune, get ready, we are leaving in an hour! ”

”Yes, Tsunade-sama! ”

Tsunade stood up, annoyance clearly visible on her face, and made a path through the empty bottles towards the bathroom to take a shower and at least get rid of the alcohol smell. Yuna, meanwhile, nodded her head in satisfaction.

’Is there a better way to welcome the new Hokage than with a healthy dose of blackmail and bribery? ’

[How weird, I think this is the first time I feel pity for a human.]

’You are welcome. I am always happy to help someone expand their emotional range. ’


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