move the seal from every single branch member, but I don ’t think that would be enough to cause a rebellion. Considering that all of them got brainwashed to some degree, I am pretty sure that most of them would obediently go to the main family and request that they get the seal reapplied to them. ’

[Seriously? Isn ’t that beyond retarded?]

’Well, it is, but that is just how this works. Pretty much from birth, the members of the branch family have been told that they have to sacrifice their life for the main family. That kind of indoctrination is not something easily overcome. Even if you were to remove their shackles, they will continue doing what they have learned since they were young children. In this kind of situation, it is important to think about why people are doing something. Are the members of the branch family protecting the main family, because they are forced to do so due to the slave seal? No! They do it, because they were taught to do it. That is why just removing the seal won ’t do much. Rather than being shackled by the seal, they have reached a point where they are shackled by their own minds. Guess I will ignore them for now. Considering that Hinata doesn ’t care about them anymore, there is no reason for me to give a damn about them either. As long as they don ’t do anything regrettable, I will permit them to live. ’

[How magnanimous of you, ohh great Yuna-sama!]

’Haha, damn straight! ’

[…I really wonder why I am still praising you sarcastically when it will be interpreted as genuine praise anyway.]

’Wait! That was sarcasm?! ’


While Yuna was bantering with Kurama, Sasuke, who was back to his male form, was brooding harder than ever. He was currently sitting inside the empty Uchiha compound and was glaring at nothing. He has spent a lot of time thinking about what Yuna told him after he encountered Itachi and he finally came to a conclusion.

’Yuna was right. During my days in the academy, I was indeed treated like I was special, but that is no longer the case. Like every genin, I was assigned a three-man team under a jonin and like every genin, I have to do all these useless D-rank missions. How is that acceptable? I am the only person left in Konoha that has the Sharingan, so why would they treat me like every other genin? Are the people of Konoha trying to hold me back? Why would they do that? ’

The more Sasuke thought about it, the deeper his frown became and the more certain he was that someone was trying to suppress him.

’Naruto became significantly more powerful after leaving the academy and even Sakura improved quite a bit, while I feel that I barely improved at all. I did awaken my Sharingan, but that didn ’t have anything to do with Konoha. No matter how I look at it, I am being held back by Konoha. Should I really leave? ’

Sasuke gritted his teeth and covered the seal on his shoulder with his hand. Moments later, he stood up and walked towards his room to collect his belongings.

’I am leaving Konoha to look for Orochimaru. I can still remember the rush of power I got while using his seal. That is exactly what I need to kill Itachi. Even if I have to make a pact with the devil to get my revenge on Itachi, I am willing to do it. ’

A few minutes later, Sasuke Uchiha left the Uchiha compound with determination in his steps as he walked towards the direction of the Land of Sound.

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