Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 169: The True Power of the Kyuubi

A pout appeared on Yuna ’s face when she heard Hagoromo ’s question.

”Please listen properly, Hagoromo-kun. I already answered that question. ”

”K-Kun? And why are you speaking like you are talking to a child? ”

A peal of light laughter escaped Yuna before she simply ignored Hagoromo ’s question and continued talking.

”Anyway, how about we have a little family reunion first? ”

This question caused Hagoromo to look at Yuna weirdly. Although he knew that Kurama was sealed inside of her, it was not like he could actually see into Yuna ’s mindscape, nor could he observe the seal from where he normally resides, so he actually didn ’t know that Kurama ’s seal has already been removed a long time ago.

Moments later, his Rinnegan scanned over Yuna. Hagoromo ’s eyes widened in surprise when he saw that Kurama was no longer sealed away and that, despite being capable of leaving, he didn ’t do so.

Before Hagoromo could say anything, an ice clone appeared next to Yuna, and moments later, the clone used the henge to transform into a car-sized, nine-tailed fox. The fox seemed to have some kind of internal struggle, but moments later…

[What the hell, Yuna, don ’t just try force the control of a body onto me without saying a word! I am not ready to meet my father…yet.]

If Kurama could blush, he would do so right now, since he didn ’t want to say those words out loud! He felt like Yuna was going to force control onto him so he resisted her attempts. When Yuna finally stopped pushing, he thought that she had given up, but she somehow managed to sneakily hand over control to Kurama without him even noticing. And she even did it at the perfect moment and made him say those words out loud.

[*Cough* H-Hello, father. It has been a long time.]

A happy smile appeared on Hagoromo ’s face as he immediately walked towards Kurama and started petting his head.

”Kurama, it is good to see you again. I hope you have been well. ”

Kurama closed his eyes when Hagoromo started petting his head, due to the happy feeling it gave him, but a short moment later, his body froze up. He opened one of his eyes and glanced at Yuna who was standing rather close and when Kurama saw the teasing smirk on her face, he felt like he was just plunged into the abyss.

’I am done for! She will tease me with this for a long time. I have control over this body right now, should I run away? Running away from Yuna inside a snowstorm sounds like an amazing idea…NOT!!! Damnit, there is nothing I can do but endure the teasing. ’

”Well, Kurama, why don ’t you tell me a bit about Yuna. I am sure you have heard what we were talking about previously and how I am concerned about her presence in this world. What do you think about her? ”

A glint went through Kurama ’s eyes when he heard Hagoromo ’s question and moments later, he started a merciless rant about Yuna.

[She is a complete degenerate! She is uncontested when it comes to how perverted a human could possibly be. Her favorite jokes are sexual innuendos. She is a complete degenerate! Every time she fights someone strong, she goes on a rampage despite being able to win much more easily if she just fought normally. She is a complete degenerate! She freely switches through different personalities and moods just to trick as many people as possible. When she wants something from someone, her first thoughts always involve bribery or blackmail. SHE IS A COMPLETE DEGENERATE!!!]

Kurama took a deep breath of air after finishing his rant. He wasn ’t sure why, but he felt significantly lighter now. It felt like a burden was removed from him after he finished complaining about Yuna.

Hagoromo, meanwhile, was completely dumbfounded by Kurama ’s outburst. He wanted to know whether Yuna could be a danger to this world, but that somehow turned into a rant from Kurama where he was pointing out all of Yuna ’s negative traits.

Yuna, meanwhile, pondered about what Kurama just said and moments later nodded in acknowledgment.

”Well, in my defense…uhhh…mhh…blackmail usually makes the negotiations easier. ”


”… ”

Kurama and Hagoromo both looked at Yuna in total silence and a short while later, Kurama gave Hagoromo the ”See, I told you so ” look, which caused Hagoromo to chuckle a little.

”Anyway, Kurama. Although all that information was rather…intriguing, I still would like to know whether you think Yuna is a threat to this world. ”

Kurama gave an awkward cough when he realized that he had just started ranting without really thinking about what to say.

[There is no need to worry about Yuna. If she starts having dangerous thoughts, then her little brother just has to give her the puppy eyes and everything will turn out fine.]

”What the hell, Kurama! Don ’t just reveal my secrets like that! ”

[I have piled up so many curses on you just now, but you only complain about this?!]

”Well, the other stuff was the truth, so I really don ’t have much room for complaints there, but what you just said could destroy my image of the coolheaded older sister. ”

[Are you having a stroke? That image was destroyed years ago. No! It wasn ’t just destroyed, it was annihilated!]

”Nonsense! No matter how you look at it, Naruto still sees me as his coolheaded older sister! ”

While Yuna and Kurama were bickering with each other, a happy smile appeared on Hagoromo ’s face. Although the duo ’s relationship was rather weird, he was nonetheless happy that Kurama made a real friend he could talk to.

”It seems like you two are good friends, Kurama. ”

Kurama snorted when he heard that.

[Yeah, I have been friends with her for quite a while now and have been regretting it every day since then.]

Yuna and Hagoromo both chuckle when they heard how Kurama answered that question, which caused Kurama to snort in annoyance and look away.

”Haha, well Hagoromo, I guess it is time to end this meeting. I still have to get rid of this snowstorm and I bet the people waiting outside are already getting worried. I will transport this somewhere else, so if you want, you could manifest yourself again and play with Kurama, hahaha! ”

While Kurama was grumbling something, Hagoromo nodded in acknowledgment. He still wasn ’t sure what he was supposed to think about Yuna, but since she was able to become Kurama ’s friend, quite a lot of his worries disappeared. He was just about to disappear when Yuna stopped him.

”Wait, there is still something that we need to do before ending this meeting. ”

While Hagoromo looked at her in confusion, Kurama squinted at her and moments later opened his eyes in shock.

’She wouldn ’t!… Shit! She absolutely would! ’

Without a moment of hesitation, Kurama tried to tackle Yuna down, but it was already too late and a cake appeared directly in front of Hagoromo ’s face.

However, before it could hit him, it stopped in midair, and moments later it was pushed away from Hagoromo.

Yuna ’s eyes shone when she saw that and her mind instantly started analyzing the information she just acquired.

’That was gravity manipulation, but the source was actually his eyes! I see so one of the Rinnegan ’s abilities involves gravity manipulation. Well, that doesn ’t matter for now. ’

Yuna ’s eyes scanned her surroundings and everywhere she looked barely visible seals out of ice formed at mind-bending speed, and not even a second later, another cake appeared in front of Hagoromo. This kind of sealing speed is normally impossible for Yuna, but within this snowstorm, there were a lot of things she could do.

Just like Yuna expected, the cake was stopped yet again, while Hagoromo started disappearing with a smirk on his face. Although he wasn ’t watching every moment of Yuna ’s and Naruto ’s life, he has seen their tendency of throwing cake at the faces of people.

Unfortunately for him, just when he was about to disappear completely, the almost invisible seals in the surrounding lit up, causing the direction of his gravity push to be reversed.


In the end, the cake hit his face, and half a second later, he disappeared completely, leaving the cake behind. Despite feeling rather exhausted from overclocking her brain like that, she gave a satisfied nod to herself. So far, Hashirama was the most important person she caked, but that record was finally broken today.

Kurama, meanwhile, had just now reached Yuna and tackled her to the ground. He had already seen that it was too late to do anything, but it was too late to stop his momentum as well, so he crashed into Yuna.

While Kurama was slightly dazed from the collision, he could feel a hand petting his head.

”Well, I have to admit your fur is quite soft. It feels pretty good. ”

When Kurama noticed that Yuna was petting his head he immediately jumped up and took some distance from her.

[D-Don ’t casually start petting people without their permission!]

”Okay, next time I will ask before I do so. ”

[Okay, that ’s bett…THAT ’S NOT WHAT I MEANT!!!]

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