In the middle of a snowstorm, two figures could be seen. One of them was sitting cross-legged while meditating. Despite meditating usually being something that required a calm mind, a huge smile was on that figure ’s face. Who else could it be, but Yuna, who was currently elated by what she managed to achieve today?

’When I first caked that teacher, I didn ’t think too deeply about it and just enjoyed the show. Now, however, I have kind of gotten addicted to the feeling. Well, not the feeling of doing it to a weakling like that teacher. The feeling of hitting a powerful person with a cake is what I have gotten addicted to and after I managed to hit Hiruzen, I was kind of in a slump about it. After all, since I have gotten the Hokage, the only worthy targets that still remained, were the other Kage which I felt, except for the Raikage, weren ’t too tempting a target. ’

’Surprisingly, Orochimaru was the one who brought forth a new target for me. He summoned Hashirama in a weakened state, providing a new goal for me. After hitting the weakened Hashirama, the next step is obvious. I would need to somehow get my hands on Hashirama at his peak and next is, obviously, Madara. ’

’Before I could even fulfill that goal, I actually managed to get someone even higher on the food chain. Hagoromo Ootsutsuki, the Sage of the Six Paths himself. Today was truly a good day! ’

The other figure was, naturally, Kurama, who was still in control of the clone Yuna had created previously. He was currently laying in the snow while glaring at Yuna. Over the years he spent together with Yuna, he has started to enjoy the cold temperature, just like Yuna, which might actually be a side effect of Yuna being the one to help him refine his chakra.

[You actually did it, huh? You actually managed to cake father, the Sage of the Six Paths himself.]

”Haha, no need to praise me, I know how awesome I am. ”


Kurama could only groan and cover his face due to Yuna ’s shameless answer. Truth be told, he found it slightly amusing, that Yuna actually managed to hit his father with that, but that was a secret he was going to take to the grave with him.

[So, any plans as to what you want to do with this snowstorm?]

”Well, I guess I will seal away a part of it and unseal it in a hidden room under the Uzumaki compound. As I have already said, this is too useful a resource to just discard it. ”

Kurama nodded his head when he heard that. Yuna did say that Haku might find this place useful after all, so he wasn ’t surprised that Yuna decided to move it somewhere else. However, it was rather obvious, that Yuna had some more plans for it.

[And what do you plan to do with the other part that you won ’t seal away?]

A mischievous smirk appeared on Yuna ’s face that sent shivers through Kurama ’s spine.

”Hehe, Kurama, are you interested in a physical body that you can use to move around in? This would actually make it possible for you to move more independently even when I am not nearby. ”

Kurama ’s head immediately snapped towards Yuna and looked at her with complete bewilderment. Before he could ask any questions, however, Yuna continued speaking.

”It will basically be just like the body you are currently using, but permanent. Unlike a normal clone, that can ’t regenerate chakra, your new body will be able to do it. Oh, and just so there are no misunderstandings, most of you will still be contained inside me and the physical body will only be the size of a large dog while having about one tail worth of chakra, making it rather strong, while still being very far away from what you could usually do. ”

Despite all the limitations Yuna just told him about, he couldn ’t help but be a little excited about the prospect of being able to roam around with an actual body again. Although he enjoyed staying in Yuna ’s mindscape, being able to walk around freely in the real world is a completely different matter. After pondering about it some more, Kurama nodded his head.

[Alright, I accept your offer.]

”Haha, very good. Don ’t worry about the procedure, I know what I ’m doing. Trust me. ”

Kurama snorted when he heard that.

[No need to spout nonsense. We both know I do.]

”Haha, true. ”

Outside the range of the snowstorm, Hinata and Tsunade were still waiting for Yuna to make her reappearance. So far, the only thing that has happened was, that the snowstorm was no longer growing bigger, which calmed Tsunade down quite a bit. If Yuna couldn ’t remove it completely, then there would only be a small patch of land within the Land of Fire where it was constantly snowing, instead of the previous situation, where Konoha could actually get devoured by the snowstorm. As it was now, it might even turn into some kind of attraction, instead of a catastrophe.

A few minutes later, the snowstorm started to become visibly weaker and smaller, which caused the surrounding shinobi to start cheering. They have spent the last few days trying to push back the snowstorm, and now that it actually happened, they couldn ’t help but be happy about it, despite the one who caused it to calm down, being the one who caused it in the first place.

The snowstorm kept shrinking for a while before it stopped getting smaller. Although Tsunade wasn ’t sure what just happened, she was already satisfied with the result. The influenced area had decreased dramatically, while the temperature also started to get more endurable. Even if it stayed like this, she could live with it.

Moments later, however, thousands of seals started to light up all over the snowstorm, resulting in it starting to shrink again at a much slower pace than previously.

After about half an hour of growing smaller, Yuna ’s body emerged from the snowstorm, but seeing that she was sitting cross-legged while her eyes were closed, nobody approached her for now. A short while later, something else emerged, that caused Tsunade ’s eyes to widen in shock.

A huge fox, that was about as big as a large dog, with dark orange fur that was interlaced with streaks of blue. As far as Tsunade knew, Yuna didn ’t sign a contract with an animal clan yet, and for some reason, that fox resembled the Kyuubi quite a bit. Additionally, her instincts were telling her that this fox was quite powerful as well.

Hinata on the other hand had a happy smile on her face when she saw the big fox next to Yuna. She had no idea how Yuna did it, but she was happy that Kurama could now move around more independently. Additionally, Hinata ’s instincts were telling her that Kurama ’s fur was especially soft and got the urge to pet him.

A short while later, the remaining snowstorm was condensed into a golf-ball-sized crystal that had an obscene number of minuscule seals covering its surface.

A short while later, Yuna opened her eyes with a happy smile on her face. She picked up the crystal and stowed it away, before standing up. She walked towards Tsunade, while Kurama was following her by her side.

”Haha, sorry about that, I am done removing the snowstorm. ”

Tsunade could only nod her head dumbly, while occasionally glancing at Kurama. She had no idea what she was supposed to make out of the current situation. Although she was happy that the snowstorm was gone, no matter how she looked at it, that fox by Yuna ’s side was clearly the Kyuubi.

Kurama, naturally, noticed Tsunade constantly looking at him, and snorted in disdain.

[What do you want, human?]

Tsunade couldn ’t help but shiver a little when she heard Kurama ’s deep voice, that sounded like it belonged to a demon. Despite that, she steadied her nerves and asked the question she wanted to ask.

”Are you the Ky… ”


Or she at least tried to ask the question but, unfortunately for Tsunade, someone interrupted her. Hinata appeared behind Kurama like she was a ghost and immediately picked him up and pressed her head into his fur.



Seeing, what she assumed to be the Kyuubi, pitifully struggle in Hinata ’s grasp, Tsunade ’s tension dissipated. No matter how she looked at it, there was no way this could be the real Kyuubi, and since Hinata seemed to at least know this fox a little, Tsunade concluded that it couldn ’t be the Kyuubi. In her mind, there was no possible way for a monster like the Kyuubi to be an acquaintance of a young girl like Hinata.

Yuna, meanwhile, could only chuckle at Kurama ’s plight. With his current strength, he could escape Hinata ’s grasp, but over the years Hinata and Kurama have gotten along rather well and could even be considered friends by now, so Kurama obviously didn ’t want to use his full power to escape Hinata and potentially hurt her in the process.

’Hehe, I am looking forward to seeing how the people of the Uzumaki clan will react. ’

[You do realize that I can still hear your thoughts if you don ’t actively prevent me from doing so, right?]

’*Cough* O-Of course I do. I was just wondering whether they can withstand your terrifying fluf…*cough*…presence or if they will run away when they see you. ’


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