Mei Terumi looked at the gigantic form of the Sanbi and a frown appeared on her face. So far, the war has been going rather well, but now something happened that she would have rather prevented from happening. Yagura transformed into his Bijuu form before Mei could get close to him. If Yagura was mid-transformation, she had the means to stop it, but now, that Yagura was already fully transformed, there was nothing she could do about it except defeating him in battle.

Additionally, Yuna, who claimed that she would fight the Sanbi was nowhere to be seen. Although Mei didn ’t know to what degree Yuna could fight the fully transformed Sanbi, having a Jinchuuriki on their side would definitely increase the morale of her troops and reduce the number of causalities.

Before Mei got the chance to properly set up a defensive formation against the Sanbi ’s attacks, it unleashed a gigantic wave of water towards her side of the battlefield.

This was actually, why Bijuu were so dangerous during a war. There was nothing that could match a Bijuu in large-scale destruction capability, although Mei ’s Boil Style came rather close to it.

Seeing the massive wave of water approaching her, a serious expression appeared on Mei ’s face as she started gathering Chakra. Although she would have no problems repelling this attack, it would cost her quite a bit of Chakra, which was rather annoying.

Just before she could activate her own jutsu, a domineering voice echoed over the battlefield.


Mei could only look dumbfounded at what happened next. As if the water was obeying the command that was just issued, the massive wave of water stopped dead in its tracks and turned into a massive wall of ice.

Moments later, Yuna appeared next to Mei with a satisfied smile on her face. After using this kind of technique against Danzo, she lost her consciousness for quite a while, but causing a sentient being to disappear and freezing some water is on a fundamentally different level, especially for someone like Yuna who has an incredible affinity with ice.

Although Mei was still slightly dumbfounded from the spectacle in front of her, when Yuna appeared next to her she immediately started glaring at Yuna.

”Did you deliberately wait until the last moment to appear and save the day, Yuna? ”

”Haha, although that is indeed something I would do to win a young maiden ’s heart, this time it was pure coincidence. ”

”E-Eh? Y-Young maiden? ”

Seeing Mei ’s flustered look, Yuna couldn ’t help but chuckle a little and wink at her, which caused a slight, pink blush to appear on her cheeks, but moments later she regained her composure and glared at Yuna.

”Are you here to flirt or to fight? ”

”Hehe, both. ”

Mei ’s glare intensified even further while the air around her started to get hotter. Yuna quickly lifted her hand in a pacifying gesture.

”Fine, fine, I am done flirting, so I guess it ’s time to fight now. ”

As soon as Yuna finished speaking, an incredibly condensed ball of chakra broke through the newly created ice wall and flew straight towards Yuna and Mei.

”B-Bijuu Dama!? ”

Mei immediately realized that she made a mistake. She was so engrossed in the conversation with Yuna that she didn ’t notice the enemy preparing another attack. Although she was annoyed at herself for making such a stupid mistake, that didn ’t mean she was helpless to block it, however…

”No need to bother with that, Mei. Didn ’t I say I will be the one fighting the Sanbi? ”

As soon as Yuna finished speaking, five chains burst out of her back, and drew a massive seal within a split second. Moments later, the Bijuu Dama smashed into the seal, but instead of exploding, it vanished, followed by a huge explosion and an earthshaking roar of pain.

[Easy there, Yuna. He is still my brother.]

’Sorry, sorry, but there was nowhere else to put it and it is not like he will actually die from it. ’

Mei was, naturally surprised by Yuna blocking yet another attack seemingly without any effort.

”What happened just now? ”

”Hehe, nothing much. I just teleported the attack back to its sender. ”

Yet again, Mei couldn ’t help but be stunned by what Yuna just said. She, of course, heard about the [Flying Thunder God Seal] before, but she has never heard that it could teleport attacks away. Especially not attacks on the level of a Bijuu Dama.

Moments later, an even more terrifying realization hit her. She realized that Yuna could simply teleport attacks inside other hidden villages, which would result in massive amounts of damage that no one could prevent from happening.

Yuna noticed what kind of direction Mei ’s thoughts were going in, but decided not to bother with that for now. In Yuna ’s opinion, attacks that aim for total destruction from afar are beneath her. She always preferred to deal with things in a more…personal manner. Mei, of course, didn ’t know Yuna well enough yet to know that and right now wasn ’t the best time to talk about it either. There was, after all, a Bijuu in front of her that was asking for a beating. A request, that Yuna will happily fulfill.

Red chakra started to bubble out of her body while she grew a total of five chakra tails. Unlike how Kurama ’s chakra cloak usually looked the cloak wasn ’t completely red.

Instead of that, there were patches of blue and white chakra interwoven all over the cloak, and instead of oozing hatred and killing intent, a mysterious and ancient aura was radiating out of it. Additionally, the ground Yuna was standing on immediately froze over without any input of her own, while small ice crystals started dancing all around her.

This was the combined result of refining more and more of Kurama ’s chakra with the help of Yuna ’s own and Kurama having watched a lot of her old memories about how she fought using ice and her understanding of it.

At this point in time, Kurama could already be considered very knowledgeable about the Dao of Ice, despite having never cultivated it before.

”Beautiful. ”

While barely even noticing what she said, Mei complimented Yuna ’s new look just to become flustered when she realized what she just said.

”N-No, w-what I mean… ”

”Haha, I know I am beautiful, no need to say it out loud. On a different note, what do you think about my new chakra cloak? Looks pretty good as well, right? ”

Mei ’s glare made a return when she heard Yuna ’s shameless answer, but before she could say anything, Yuna started speaking again.

”Well, you can compliment me some more after this is over. For now, I have a Bijuu to fight. See ya later. ”

Without giving Mei a chance to defend herself, Yuna jumped towards the enraged Sanbi with a smirk on her face, leaving a dumbfounded Mei behind.

Mei heard the troops behind her snicker at her misfortune, but after glaring at them once, all of them straightened their backs and shut their mouth.

’Why doesn ’t this work on Yuna? So far, this has always worked. *Sigh* I guess Yuna is just abnormal, so there is nothing I can do about that for now. It ’s just a matter of time before I get my payback for Yuna messing with me like this. ’

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