Yuna stood inside the Hokage ’s office with a casual smile on her face, while Tsunade looked like she was attempting to set her ablaze due to the intensity of the glare.

Truth be told, Tsunade had been glaring at Yuna like that since she returned from the Land of Water. She clearly wanted to punish Yuna, but considering an envoy from the Land of Water arrived a few days after Yuna and offered a peace treaty, Tsunade ’s anger had subsided quite a bit. Additionally, in the reports, she got about Yuna ’s involvement in the war she read that Yuna didn ’t fight a single Kiri shinobi and only fought the Sanbi that was apparently controlled by someone else. Although Tsunade had some doubts about the last part, Mei Terumi, the new Mizukage, confirmed Yuna ’s claim to be the truth, so there was nothing she could do about it.

All these factors combined, managed to reduce the intensity of Tsunade ’s glare in the last few days, but now it was back to full strength.

”Haha, what ’s wrong? I know that I ’m handsome, so you can skip saying that part. ”

Instead of continuing to glare at Yuna, Tsunade let loose a sigh of annoyance and tossed a small book towards Yuna.

”You got a bounty in the new edition of the Bingo Book. Considering your personality, I guess I should congratulate you? ”

”Ohh! It was about time, wasn ’t it? I actually thought that I would get it after the chunin exam. ”

Tsunade didn ’t say anything and nodded her head in agreement. She also found it rather unusual that Yuna didn ’t get a bounty after revealing who her parents were. Especially Onoki, the current Tsuchikage, should have a huge grudge against Minato due to him stopping Iwa ’s invasion into Konoha by himself.

’Oh well, who knows what that old fossil is thinking. He probably didn ’t want people to think he is afraid of Yuna just because she is Minato ’s daughter or something like that. ’

While Tsunade was thinking, Yuna opened the book and a few moments later, she found her entry. The first thing she saw was her photo, which caused her to nod in approval. She was sitting on a throne that was completely made out of ice. She was leisurely resting her hands on the hilt of a sword that was stabbed into the ground in front of her and she had a calm and dignified expression on her face.

”Nice, really nice. This photo came out especially good. ”

Hearing Yuna ’s voice, Tsunade woke up from her contemplations, and moments later, her fierce glare returned.

”What the hell is that picture? How in the world did you manage to make the publisher use it? ”

”Coercion and bribery. ”

”Right, that was a stupid question. ”

”Haha, indeed. Oh well, I guess you want to hear the whole story, huh? Someone tried to stealthily take a photo of me. I caught him and politely asked him what he was doing and when he told me that he was taking pictures for my bounty I forced…*cough* requested him to take the photo you see here. ”

”He told me that there was no way his boss would use a photo like that for my bounty, so, after a little bit more of polite small talk, I met the boss and we came to an understanding. Unfortunately, I accidentally dropped some money while I was leaving the building, but I guess there is nothing I can do about that now. ”

Tsunade nodded her head in understanding. She did receive a report of a man crying and begging Yuna for mercy while saying that he will show her the way, so this was probably what that event was about.

Yuna, in the meantime, started reading her bounty page.

’Let ’s see what they got. ”Bijuu Slayer ”, huh? Not sure about that title. I think I would have preferred if my title had something to do with my ice. Oh well, could have been worse. It could have been something lame, like ”Ice Princess ” or whatever. As expected, I got an S-Rank. Although I knew it would be like this, having my ice categorized as a Kekkei Genkai is a little annoying. Oh? The bounty is from the Tsuchikage just as I have expected. 50 million, huh. Not bad, not bad at all. Hehe, guess I will have to send that old man a little present in return. ’

After Yuna finished reading, she nodded in satisfaction.

”Seems like someone did his homework properly. Most of my techniques are listed, but I have to subtract a few points for writing that I will lose control while fighting. I don ’t ”lose ” control, I give up control. ”

Tsunade rolled her eyes at Yuna ’s comment but didn ’t bother arguing with her.

”Yes, yes, whatever. I didn ’t call you over just to show you your bounty. Recently, you have been running amok a little too much, resulting in the other countries paying more and more attention to us, so I was ordered by the Daimyo to keep you out of trouble for a while. That is why I… ”

Yuna ’s eyes shone when she heard what Tsunade said and eagerly nodded her head and interrupted her before she could finish speaking.

”Haha, very good. I was wondering when you would decide to follow my suggestion and assassinate the Daimyo. Guess that time has finally come. Do you want me to go right now and do it? If I hurry, I should be done before dinner. I have already prepared an obedient puppet that can take over the position and I have prepared false evidence to blame it on someone else as well. ”

”… ”

”… ”

”… planned to assign you as a jonin sensei for a team of fresh genin… ”

”… ”

”… ”

”*Cough*, hahaha… I was just joking. Especially that last part about the puppet and the false evidence. Definitely a joke, haha, so funny. ”

”… ”

”… ”

”Whatever, I will just pretend I didn ’t hear that. ”

”Yeah me too. ”

Yuna and Tsunade were both surprised when they heard the voice of a third person. They turned around and saw Hiruzen, who was relaxing on a couch while reading his favorite book and smoking.

Yuna and Tsunade both had the same thought at the same time.

’ ’Was he here the whole time? Isn ’t his presence becoming a little thin? ”

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