ld probably be considered good-looking if she didn ’t have a stoic expression on her face that seemed to be looking down on everyone around her. Although that kind of expression was rather normal for a Hyuga to have, her ’s was especially pronounced. The label of the photo read ”Hisoka Hyuga ”.

”That ’s a spy or an assassin. ”

Without waiting for Tsunade to say anything, she flipped open the last folder, and just like the previous two times, she pointed her finger at the picture inside the folder. It showed a young woman with long red hair, red eyes, and black-framed glasses. The most striking feature was the revealing maid outfit she was wearing and the slightly deranged smile on her face. Her photo was labeled with ”Karin Uzumaki ”.

”… a pervert. ”

Hearing Yuna ’s short assessments of her new genin, Tsunade couldn ’t help but sweat a little. She couldn ’t help but feel that she messed up quite a bit this time. When she was choosing Yuna ’s team, the only criteria she was looking for was a combination that might endure Yuna ’s personality long enough to become a chunin without adapting too many of her traits.

Sai was an easy choice in that regard. He was pretty much emotionless, so it shouldn ’t be that easy to mess with him. Unfortunately, Tsunade didn ’t pay any attention to his background and didn ’t even consider for a moment, that pairing Yuna up with one of Danzo ’s disbanded Root agents was a bad idea.

Hisoka Hyuga was another easy choice. From what Tsunade had heard about her, she was even more stoic than the Hyuga usually are, so she had some hope that she could resist Yuna for long enough to become a chunin. Additionally, she was apparently very skilled, so she might actually make it to chunin after her very first chunin exam. Yet again, Tsunade didn ’t pay any attention to the circumstances and forgot that Yuna had a conflict with the Hyuga clan.

’Well, this at least explains why the Hyuga clan happily agreed to make Hisoka one of Yuna ’s genin… Oh well, Yuna will probably be fine. ’

The last choice, Karin… She was already too far gone, so it didn ’t matter. Although Tsunade accepted her as a disciple a few months ago, she regretted that choice by now. Since she had a deal with Yuna, she can ’t just kick her out, and it was not like she wasn ’t talented either. In fact, Karin was incredibly talented in iryo jutsu and was very hardworking as well.

The problem was, that even the slightest mentioning of Yuna ’s name would end in her telling everyone who did and didn ’t want to hear it, how much she liked Yuna. Although she can ’t stop teaching Karin, she can still divert her attention to something else, so when Tsunade suggested becoming one of Yuna ’s genin to her, she agreed instantly. Tsunade was hoping that Karin would cause most of Yuna ’s attention to be on her instead of the other two people.

While Tsunade was sweating more and more due to just having attached potential assassins to Yuna, a wide smile appeared on Yuna ’s face.

”Haha, interesting! Very interesting, indeed! On one side, we have two seemingly emotionless people, and on the other side we have me and Karin, who will be messing with them. ”

”Eh? ”

”Breaking the facade of two seemingly emotionless people will be a lot of fun. Although both of them being potential spies or even assassins makes the whole situation rather spicy, but for me that makes it much more exciting. And you even gave me a little assistant, how nice of you. ”

”Ehhh? ”

”Haha, anyway. I need to go. Sneaking into the Hyuga compound to gather information about my new genin will be a bit of a hassle so I will need some prep time. See ya! ”

”EHHHH!? ”

Without saying another word, Yuna left the office, leaving a completely dumbfounded Tsunade behind. Hiruzen, who hasn ’t said anything for quite a while now glanced at Tsunade and chuckled a little before turning the page of his book and taking another puff of his pipe.

’I love my retirement. ’

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