Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 197: Feeling a Little Nostalgic

Although her face had a stoic expression, Hisoka Hyuga was in an excellent mood, right now. Whoever reincarnated her into this world, she was thankful for that being for giving her a face that didn ’t show many emotions, otherwise, she wouldn ’t have survived inside the Hyuga clan for very long.

Right now, for example, she would, instead of having a serious expression on her face, sneer at Hiashi Hyuga in ridicule. He just summoned her to his office and told her that he got information about her jonin sensei and that it was actually going to be Yuna Uzumaki. It took Hisoka quite a bit of willpower to resist the impulse to stand up and exclaim in joy, but Hiashi luckily interpreted her short muscle twitch differently.

”It seems like you understand the situation despite being just a member of the branch family. ”

”Yes, Hiashi-sama. ”

’She is the one who can get rid of this damn curse seal after all! ’

Hiashi nodded in approval and continued speaking.

”She humiliated the Hyuga clan and even messed with our seal, so we need to get rid of her as soon as possible. The same is, naturally, true for Hinata as well, but she is of lesser concern for now. Now, that you have become her student, I want you to spy on her and, if you see a good chance, get rid of her. ”

Seeing the stoic expression on Hisoka ’s face, Hiashi, yet again, nodded in approval.

’I heard that she was an exemplary member of the Hyuga clan and it seems to be true. Although I just gave her the mission to kill her jonin teacher, she wasn ’t surprised in the slightest. Considering her high potential and skill, I might even consider her a potential marriage candidate for Neji if she succeeds in her mission. ’

Despite her stoic face, however, Hisoka had slightly different thoughts.

’Yeah, sure, great idea! I can barely fight a chunin and you want me to kill a jonin? No big deal at all. I will just use the secret fighting style I learned in the Hyuga clan which is called the Gentle Style. I bet she will never see that coming. ’

”I understand, Hiashi-sama. Could you allow me to earn her trust and become closer to her? ”

Although Hiashi was slightly taken aback by that request, after thinking about it for a moment, he nodded his head in agreement.

”I see, she will probably be on guard against you, because you are from the Hyuga clan. I allow it. ”

”Thank you, Hiashi-sama. ”

’Hehe, what an idiot. Now I just need to convince Yuna that I do not care about the Hyuga clan and then I can act normally with her, without the Hyuga suspecting anything. ’

Hiashi was just about to dismiss Hisoka when he remembered something else that he should mention.

”Although I think it is rather obvious, you are not allowed to have that girl modify your seal. ”

Yet again, Hisoka thanked whoever was responsible for giving her such a stoic face, since she definitely would have slipped up if that wasn ’t the case.

”Of course not, Hiashi-sama! As if I would do something like that. Wouldn ’t that betray the Hyuga clan?! ”

’Hehe, that shit will be gone as soon as possible. F* the Hyuga clan. ’

Seeing Hisoka being seemingly outraged by Hiashi even suggesting that she would do something like that, he nodded in approval, yet again.

”Good work, Hisoka. I have heard that you were quite remarkable despite being born from a very low ranking branch family and I could indeed confirm that today. You may leave. ”

”Thank you for your praise, Hiashi-sama. ”

Although Hisoka almost spat in his face when he praised her, she barely showed any reaction to it, thanked Hiashi, and left the room.

The moment Hisoka was out of the room, a minuscule smile appeared on Hiashi ’s face.

’Well, she is still young after all, so I guess it is normal that she shows some reaction to getting praised by me. ’

Hisoka, meanwhile, was walking through the Hyuga compound back to her residence. Most other members of the Hyuga clan she met would greet her politely. She, naturally, returned these greetings equally politely. Since she has been acknowledged as a genius, a lot more people have started being polite to her despite currently not even being a genin, and since she had no grudge against the Hyuga clan as a whole, she saw no point in shunning every single member. Additionally, as someone who grew up in Japan, it felt weird to her not to greet back the people that greeted her.

A few moments later, she reached her residence, and as soon as she did, she went to her personal training ground and smashed her fist into one of the wooden poles that served as training dummies, leaving quite a deep dent behind.

’ ”…quite remarkable despite being born from a very low ranking branch… ”? Go f* yourself you piece of shit! Neji, your precious heir of the main family, got rolled up like a newspaper by Hinata, someone who, apparently, wasn ’t worthy of the Hyuga clan. Despite only receiving one-on-one training after quite a while and being two years younger than Neji, I could still kick his ass, and you dare spout shit about my birth? If I had received the same kind of meticulous training as Neji, I could probably defeat him with one hand behind my back! ’

Although her face only twitched a little while these emotions were raging through her head, experienced shinobi might still be able to interpret them as anger, so Hisoka kept her thoughts in control until she reached her training ground. She was getting closer and closer to being freed from the Hyuga clan, and she couldn ’t mess that up now.

After a few more seconds, she took a deep breath and calmed her emotions. She has been bottling up her anger for quite a while now, but there was nothing she could do about that for now. There were always people nearby and if she actually lashed out, it would bring her nothing but trouble.

Only after calming down sufficiently, did she notice that something was dripping down her hand and that her hand was actually hurting quite a bit. She removed her hand from the wooden pole that she just punched and noticed that there was actually some blood on it. She glanced at the fresh wound and then decided to ignore it and start training instead. She didn ’t have the time to dawdle around. She needed to get stronger no matter what. She wanted to free herself from the Hyuga clan as soon as possible.

While Hisoka was devoting herself to her training, a pair of purple eyes were watching her from the darkness. This pair of eyes has been following her around for quite a while and although it only held amusement at the start, now it showed a bit of intrigue as well.

’Seems like things aren ’t as simple as I thought they were, hehe. How fun~ ’

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