gone ’

Heavenly Sense is the downgraded version of Divine Sense and is acquired when someone ascends from being an Immortal to being a Demigod.

’Next one, I guess. [Immortal Sense]…..Come on, at least give me something I can work with. ’

Yet another downgraded version that marks the difference between a cultivator and an Immortal.

’…..[Spririt Sense]….. Sigh.

Haaaa… although I was expecting this, it ’s still rather depressing. Guess I will just have to accept that I somehow was downgraded back to a mortal.

Whatever, this isn ’t the first time I have overcome ridiculous odds just to emerge victorious at the end. This time I at least don ’t have any crazy cannibals, demons, cultists, or fanatics breathing down my neck. Well, at least not yet. I managed to rise from mortal to God once, shouldn ’t be that hard to do a second time. For now, let me check out the situation in a mortal way. ’

Then for the first time in this new life, our heroine did something she hasn ’t done in a long time. She, instead of using her sense skills to scout the surroundings, attempts to use her eyes just to…


…fail miserably.

’Okay, Okay, Okay calm down. No need to panic. I got this. Smell? Nothing. Sound? Something muffled in the background and a rhythmic booming…Better than nothing, but still not really helpful. Taste? Nope. Touch? Errr… I ’m… swimming? Wait a moment… I ’m swimming in something. Most of my 5 senses don ’t work. That rhythmic booming. Is that a F*ING HEARTBEAT? AM I A F*ING BABY???!!! ’

And thus, starts the story of Yuna Uzumaki previously known as Yuna Chionipagos, Goddess of Ice.

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