A few months passed since Hisoka told Yuna, Hinata, and Anko about her past life. Yuna didn ’t do anything to accelerate the war or to lure out Madara and Kaguya in the last few months. She might be a battle junkie, but she was not willing to sacrifice the lives of innocent people so that she could have an enjoyable fight.

Well, she won ’t go out of her way to stop it either. There seemed to be a lot of fate bullshit involved in that battle, and Yuna would rather not mess around with that. Additionally, a war that will result in every country allying will actually be a pretty good thing. Although Yuna didn ’t believe for even a second that something like world peace was even remotely possible, after fighting side by side with each other, the conflicts between the countries should at least cool down a little.

Of course, Yuna was still looking forward to fighting Madara and Kaguya. She won ’t go out of her way to accelerate the whole story, but she won ’t prevent it either. Well, Yuna never claimed that she wasn ’t a hypocrite.

Another important point that spoke against accelerating the appearance of Madara and Kaguya was that Yuna was pretty sure that she couldn ’t win against them without sacrificing her life in the process. Yuna would rather not fight someone that was strong enough to force her to sacrifice her life. She wanted to fight a battle where her opponent could possibly kill her and not a battle where she had no other choice than to go for a draw by sacrificing herself. Her age hasn ’t even reached the third digit yet, so she would rather not die yet.

In the last few months, Yuna spent most of her time training her new genin team, and so far, she was rather satisfied with their progress. All three of them were hard workers and put considerable effort into training. Hisoka did so because she could actually feel herself getting stronger at a fast pace, which was a rather jarring contrast to how it was while she trained under someone from the Hyuga clan. The only thing that annoyed her was that she still had to occasionally train the Gentle Fist Style to keep up the facade that she was loyal to the Hyuga clan. If she got rusty in the Gentle Fist Style, it would be rather obvious that she had discarded it, after all.

Hisoka found it genuinely laughable that the elders of the Hyuga clan believed that she would only continue to improve her Gentle Fist Style and nothing else. If she were to do that, what was even the point in getting a jonin sensei?

Another important fact was that Yuna modified Hisoka ’s seal a few weeks ago. However, unlike Hinata ’s, she didn ’t simply remove the ”can the punished at any time by the main family. ” aspect and went a little more in-depth instead. The seal looked exactly like it did before, but now, if someone from the main family tried to activate it, Hisoka would only feel a slightly uncomfortable itch in her forehead instead of excruciating pain. Like this, she could still ”act properly ” when the seal was activated without actually suffering through the pain.

If Hinata wasn ’t watching her like a hawk after Yuna modified the seal, Hisoka would have probably hugged Yuna with tears in her eyes after the seal was changed. Finally, she didn ’t need to fear some random elder of the main family torturing her simply because he was in a bad mood. And considering the pace at which her strength was increasing, it wouldn ’t take long for her to get revenge on them either. She couldn ’t wait to dish out a beatdown to all those high-strung arrogant bastards that thought that they were something special.

On the other hand, Karin seemed to be capable of breaking through her limit by simply imagining Yuna ordered her to do so. In fact, after Yuna realized that Karin ’s willpower seemed to increase to infinite every time she was ordered to do something by Yuna, Yuna mercilessly abused that knowledge, resulting in Karin pushing herself far more than Hisoka and Sai ever could possible do. Karin ’s passion for Yuna went so far that even Hinata could only grit her teeth and acknowledge Karin as part of Yuna ’s harem, which resulted in Karin fainting while a blood fountain was shooting out of her nose.

Sai, on the other hand, was the odd man out. He didn ’t have anything shackling him down that he wanted to break free from like Hisoka did, nor did he have the weird dedication Karin had.

Yuna once asked him why he was so motivated to keep up with Hisoka and Karin ’s pace, and he answered that he felt like it would be easier for him to understand the bond between people if he did, which caused Yuna to give him an approving nod. Although Sai might not look like it, he actually put quite a bit of effort into his dream. In fact, sometimes, he tried a little bit too hard.

A few weeks ago, he read a book that claimed that friends gave each other nicknames, resulting in him giving Naruto the nickname ”Little Prick ”. As an answer to that, Naruto said that, considering Sai ’s pretty face, he would fetch a good price if he were sold to a brothel and that Naruto wouldn ’t mind having a little bit of extra income. After Yuna explained to Sai that giving insulting nicknames wasn ’t a good idea, Sai decided to give Ino the nickname ”Beautiful ”, which almost resulted in Naruto beating him up for hitting on his girlfriend. While Ino only gave Sai a cold look filled with indifference to his so-called ”flirting ”.

Anyway, right now, Yuna, Karin, Hisoka, and Sai were standing outside of Konoha ’s gates and were preparing themselves for their first C-Rank mission. Over the last few months, Yuna did almost no missions by herself, resulting in the bandit population of the Land of Fire going through quite the dramatic spike, and thus Yuna ’s first C-Rank mission with her genin team was wiping out a bandit camp that has been harassing a small village for a while.

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