Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 216: Naruto meeting Naruto

A few more months passed, and Yuna, Hinata, and Naruto were currently traveling to the Land of Wind. Or, to be more precise, they were traveling to the ruins of Loran. There, they had to capture a missing nin called Mukada.

Typically, capturing a single missing-nin at Mukada ’s level was not something a team of two Jonin and one Elite jonin would have to do. However, since a Ley Line, a supposedly infinite chakra source, was involved, the mission rank increased to A-Rank.

Additionally, the person who sealed the Ley Line was Minato, Yuna, and Naruto ’s father, which made them a rather obvious choice for the mission. Since missions are usually done in three-men-teams and Hinata was familiar with Yuna and Naruto, she was a rather obvious choice as well.

”Nee-san, do you think this Ley Line really holds an infinite amount of chakra? ”

Hearing Naruto ’s question, Yuna shook her head in denial.

”That ’s impossible. It might hold massive amounts of it, but having infinite of anything is impossible. Although I can ’t guarantee anything about it before I take a good look, I guess that siphoning too much chakra out of the Ley Line will have devastating consequences for the surrounding areas. Considering the surrounding area is a desert, and the Ley Line had to be sealed in the past, there is a high chance that those devastating consequences I was talking about had already happened. ”

Naruto and Hinata both nodded their head in understanding when they heard Yuna ’s assumption. Although having a vast chakra source like that at hand would be useful, there really was no point in it if it would turn the surrounding area into a desert.

A few hours of traveling later, the trio reached the ruins, and the moment they entered, a puppet burst out of the rubble and attacked them.

Without even glancing at the puppet, Hinata made a cutting motion with her hand and cut the chakra strings that were controlling the puppet, resulting in it falling to the ground lifelessly.

”As expected, since that Mukada guy is a puppet user, there will be a lot of annoying traps in our way. ”

Naruto gave Hinata ’s words an acknowledging nod and copied Hinata ’s hand movement, resulting in a blast of wind that dispersed a bunch of kunai that were shot at the trio from a nearby wall.

Simultaneously, Yuna pinched her left index finger and thumb right before one of her eyes and caught a small, almost invisible senbon. She glanced at it curiously and then gave it a lick.

”Mhh, and most of it seemed to be poisoned as well. Pretty strong poison, too. ”

Yuna disinterestedly threw the senbon away, while Hinata shook her head in incredulity when she saw Yuna ’s behavior.

”Is it necessary to try out every poison you come across by giving it a taste? ”

”Yes. ”

Hinata considered pushing the topic some more, but in the end, she only shook her head with a wry smile on her face. Yuna had quite a few unusual habits, and there was no point in trying to steer her away from them. People had trouble letting go of habits they developed a few months ago, so Hinata really didn ’t want to know how hard it would be for Yuna to stop a habit she had for who knows how long.

A few minutes and dozens of traps later, the trio reached the room where Minato sealed the Ley Line. Unfortunately for them, a thin man with a massive forehead was already kneeling in front of the kunai that functions as the seal. He was currently in the process of pulling the kunai out, and the moment he saw the trio appear in the room, a mad smile appeared on his face.

”You are too late! Soon, I will possess the power of the Ley Line, and with it, combined with my puppet jutsu, I will rule over all the Five Great Nations. No! I will rule over the entire universe, HAHAHA! ”

Hearing Mukada ’s words, the trio looked at him with deadpan expressions on their faces.

” ” ”Okay. ” ” ”

All three vanished from where they stood and appeared in front of Mukada far faster than he could react.

Yuna was the first to arrive and instantly cut off his arms to stop whatever he was trying to do.

Next, Hinata appeared next to him and cut his head off with one swift motion of her sword.

And finally, Naruto appeared, but instead of bothering with the already dead Mukada, he grabbed Minato ’s kunai and pushed it back into the seal while quickly applying his own seals as reinforcement.

Seeing that everything was under control, Yuna gave an approving nod and started speaking.

”Well, that was easier than I expected it to be. Since Mukada is dead and the Ley Line is still sealed, the mission is completed. Good job. ”

”Meh, wasn ’t that a bit too easy, nee-san? I was hoping for more action. ”

”Well, there really is nothing I can do about that. You should just be happy that everything worked out without any complications. ”

Naruto shrugged his shoulder when he heard Yuna ’s words.

”True. I guess it is pretty nice to have a mission that doesn ’t turn into a complete mess for once. ”


” ” ”Crack? ” ” ”

The trio heard a sound they didn ’t expect to hear and looked down simultaneously. A long tear had suddenly appeared in the blade of the kunai. Seeing this, Yuna and Hinata glared at Naruto, while Naruto had a wry smile on his face.

”Guess the material of the kunai weakened over the years and is now no longer able to hold the seal in place. Especially not after I reinforced it even further. ”

” ”That seems to be the case. ” ”

Yuna immediately tried to use the [Flying Thunder God Seal] to teleport the three away, but to her surprise, something was blocking her ability to teleport. Moments later, she realized that powerful space-time fluctuations radiated out of the already damaged seal and prevented her from teleporting.

’Well, this sucks. ’

Moments later, the kunai shattered, and a massive beam of light engulfed the trio. Just before all three of them vanished, Yuna managed to squeeze out one more sentence that caused the other two to smile wryly.

”Let the record show that I was not the one responsible for raising this flag. ”

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