After getting teleported away, Hinata found herself inside a massive hall with a wry smile on her face.

’I guess I should have expected something outrageous to happen when I accepted a mission with Yuna and Naruto. Yuna seeks chaotic situations, while Naruto stumbles into them even if he doesn ’t want to. It would be weirder if nothing special happened. ’

After shaking her head in amusement, Hinata activated her Byakugan to see whether she could find Yuna or Naruto.

The moment she activated her eyes, her attention was drawn to another hall that was somewhat close to her current position. In there, four people were fighting against a horde of puppets. The weird thing was that she actually knew two of the people who were fighting.

One of them was Kakashi, but instead of being an adult, he was a young child. The other one was Minato, Yuna ’s father, who died years ago.

’Yuna once talked about traveling through time; is that what happened? I hope there is a way to get back to my timeline, or I would have to wait a long time to meet Yuna again. Now that I think about it, I bet baby Yuna is super cute, so waiting might not be that bad, hehe. ’

’Oh well, personally, I can do nothing about this, so I can only hope that Yuna and Naruto traveled together with me. Maybe I should have spent more time learning seals? No, that would have been a waste of time, even if it would be helpful now. ’

After shaking her head to get rid of her idle thoughts, Hinata started running towards Minato ’s group. A slight blush appeared on Hinata ’s face while a small giggle escaped her mouth.

’Hehe, time to greet my father-in-law. ’

A short while later, Hinata arrived on the battlefield and immediately noticed that no one was using ninjutsu. After scanning the puppets with her Byakugan, she could make a rather good guess why no one was using ninjutsu but personally didn ’t care about it.

While Hinata started gathering chakra in her mouth to prepare her jutsu, Minato noticed her and started calling her.

”Don ’t use ninjutsu; the puppets can absor… ”

”[Water Style: Severing Water Wire] ”

Before Minato could finish speaking, a very thin beam of water shot out of Hinata ’s mouth, and just like Minato said, a few of the puppets tried to absorb Hinata ’s jutsu. However, instead of absorbing the whole jutsu, the puppets only managed to weaken it, resulting in them getting cut to pieces anyway.

While Minato and his team were dumbfounded by Hinata ’s jutsu not being absorbed, Hinata scoffed at the bisected puppets. Although it wasn ’t as extreme as Yuna ’s ice, Hinata started getting more used to enhancing a jutsu with her understanding of water. The puppets couldn ’t absorb the chakra of her jutsu properly because her attack didn ’t just use chakra.

Seeing the dumbfounded expression on Minato ’s face, Hinata couldn ’t help but chuckle a little before she started speaking.

”We can talk later; let ’s get rid of the remaining puppets first. ”

Although Minato had many questions, especially why a Hyuga was using ninjutsu and was currently cutting apart her enemies with a sword, he agreed with Hinata ’s suggestion, so he started getting rid of the remaining puppets.

A short while later, all the puppets were broken to pieces, and Minato was eyeing Hinata with suspicion. Although he would never say so openly, Minato didn ’t like the Hyuga clan. Since Hinata wasn ’t hiding her forehead, she should be someone from the main family as well. However, there was no way that the Hyuga clan wouldn ’t boast to everyone they could find if they had such a young and powerful shinobi in their ranks, so Minato, having never heard of her, was incredibly suspicious of her.

Hinata saw Minato ’s suspicion, but she didn ’t mind. A slight smirk appeared on her face as she did a small bow towards Minato.

”Greetings, father-in-law. My name is Hinata. I currently have no last name, but it will become Uzumaki soon, hehe. ”

Minato almost face-planted when Hinata called him father-in-law. He didn ’t even have a child yet, but somehow, someone appeared that claimed to be his daughter-in-law.

”Sensei, Kushina will get very angry when I tell her about this. ”

Minato ’s face paled when he heard Kakashi ’s words, but before he could say anything, Hinata ’s face lit up.

”Ohh? Is mother-in-law here as well? I would like to greet her, if possible. ”

Yet again, Minato was dumbfounded. After all, what Hinata just said meant that she was together with the child of Kushina and him, which should be impossible.

Yet again, Hinata couldn ’t help but laugh when she saw Minato ’s facial expression. Although she thought it would be fun to continue messing with him, she decided to reveal the secret for now.

”Haha, sorry, sorry, it was rather amusing messing with you, so I couldn ’t help myself. The truth is that I am from the future and got transported here after one of your kunai broke due to a slight oversight. ”

Minato, naturally, didn ’t believe her for even a second.

”So, you claim to come from the future? Can you prove that? ”

After pondering Minato ’s words, Hinata shrugged her shoulders and lifted up her right hand. Moments later, a Rasengan formed on it. Although she had never used it before, she understood how it was created, so she could easily imitate the jutsu with her superior chakra control.

Seeing the Rasengan appear on Hinata ’s hand, not only Minato ’s but the eyes of his whole group bulged.

”A-Although I admit that that was rather impressive, it still isn ’t enough to prove your outrageous claim of coming from the future. ”

Hinata nodded in acknowledgment when she heard Minato ’s words, and moments later, she pulled out one of Yuna ’s special kunai.

”Here. This was created by your daughter. I think the seals on it should look somewhat familiar to you. ”

Although Minato had some doubts about that, the moment he held the kunai in his hand his jaw dropped to the ground.

’This isn ’t just the [Flying Thunder God Seal]; it is a heavily modified version of it. My own version already has multiple safety mechanisms in place, but this is even more insane. Even if you wanted to hurt yourself while using the technique, it probably wouldn ’t be possible. And what is this sealing style? Although it somewhat resembles what the Uzumaki clan used, there are clearly foreign elements in here as well. I can understand the parts that are based on the Uzumaki style, but I have no idea what I am supposed to do with the other parts. ’

Minato shook his head and heaved a sigh before giving Hinata the kunai back.

”I believe your claim of coming from the future. That sealing formula on the kunai is too complex to be made just to trick me. ”

When the rest of his team heard his words, they immediately wanted to ask him if he was genuinely sure about what he just said, but before they could do so, Minato lifted his hand to calm them down.

”Hinata, can y… ”

”Daughter-in-law. ”

”…Can y… ”

”Daughter-in-law. ”

”… ”

”… ”

”*Sigh*. Daughter-in-law, can you tell me the whole story about how you got here? ”

Hearing Minato calling her daughter-in-law, a bright smile appeared on Hinata ’s face. Moments later, she started telling him about everything that has happened so far.

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