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Moments later, Anrokuzan ’s puppet body smashed into the ground while Yuna safely landed a few meters away from him.

”Well, wasn ’t that a nice civil discussion about proper manners? ”

Anrokuzan stood up with a loud groan as the power of the Ley Line yet again repaired his puppet limbs.

”Y-You damn monster! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU!? ”

After hearing Anrokuzan ’s question, she chuckled and licked her lips like she just tasted something delicious.

”Mhh~ one of my favorite tastes. The fear of a once arrogant opponent. Delicious~ ”

Anrokuzan instinctively shrunk back when he saw Yuna ’s facial expression. He realized that he indeed felt fear just now, but moments later, his anger exploded.


While Yuna chuckled in amusement due to Anrokuzan ’s delusions, the mouth of the puppet opened, and massive amounts of chakra started gathering in it.


Blue flames shot out of the puppet ’s mouth and covered the whole area.

Yuna snorted in disdain when she heard the name of Anrokuzan ’s technique.

”You call that a dragon breath? I would call it a lizard fart at best. ”

An ice wall rose in front of Yuna and blocked the fire that was heading in her direction. Yuna wanted to mock him some more, but moments later, she felt something in the atmosphere shift.

”Oh, seems like they succeeded in sealing the Ley Line. Guess I should finish this as well, huh. ”

When Anrokuzan heard Yuna ’s claim, he immediately realized that he messed up. Since Yuna was constantly insulting and mocking him, all of his anger was focused on her, and he completely forgot about the second team that wanted to seal the Ley Line. Now that his endless supply of chakra was gone, his confidence immediately crumbled into dust.

”Nonono, this can ’t be! I-I am supposed to be invincible! How did this happen!? ”

Yuna scoffed at Anrokuzan ’s words and lifted a huge ice sword that had just formed with both of her hands.

”Because your arrogance and anger blinded you. You are not the first and indeed not the last person who will die due to that. ”

He panicked, even more, when Yuna told him that he would die, but she slashed down her sword before he could do anything about it.

”[Ice Sword Combination Style: One Slash Begets a Thousand Cuts] ”

Yuna decided to finish this with a big move, and just like the first time she used this technique, a massive ice slash was created and flew at Anrokuzan. It was rapidly splitting apart and turned into a wall of thousands of tiny ice slashes that were heading for him.

Unlike Obito, who was the first victim of this technique, Anrokuzan simply froze up in fear when he saw Yuna ’s deadly attack.

Yuna ’s attack washed over Anrokuzan ’s gigantic puppet body and cut it into thousands of pieces. Now that he no longer had the Ley Line to sustain his form, this attack killed him instantly. Truth be told, Yuna believed that this technique would have killed him anyway, but she decided not to risk it since she wasn ’t entirely sure about that.

After making sure that Anrokuzan was really dead, Yuna nodded her head in satisfaction and teleported to Hinata, who had one of Yuna ’s seals on her.

In the middle of a vast hall stood an altar that served as the main access point to the Ley Line. Multiple people surrounded the altar, and one person was kneeling on top of it while stabbing a kunai into the altar.

The man on the altar, Minato, sighed in relief when the sealing process ended without any complications.

”Good, now we just have to get rid of Anrokuzan, and this mess should be ov… ”

Before he could finish speaking, Yuna appeared next to Hinata.

”Yo! I ’m done. ”

Minato was, naturally, startled by Yuna suddenly appearing but was even more surprised by her words.

”D-Done? What do you mean by ”you are done ”? ”

”Well, just what I just said. I ’m done with Anrokuzan. When the Ley Line stopped supporting him, I used a big move and turned him into confetti. ”

”C-Confetti!? ”

Yuna chuckled a little when she saw everybody ’s dumbfounded face and pointed at Naru2 and the adult Kakashi.

”See, these two are already fading away. The reason they were here was the sealing formula that Anrokuzan absorbed. Now that it is gone, they are no longer anchored in this timeline and are sent back to their own. Unfortunately, it won ’t be this easy for my group since were came here due to slightly different reasons. ”

After seeing that Naru2 and Kakashi were indeed fading away, Minato nodded in understanding, despite still being somewhat doubtful that Yuna managed to deal the finishing blow pretty much the moment the Ley Line was sealed.

A short while later, everybody finished their goodbyes and Naru2, and Kakashi had vanished entirely. Minato ’s gaze landed on Yuna as he started speaking.

”Well, what do you plan to do now? ”

”Guess I will start creating the seal that will return us to where we came from. Naruto, help me create this, please. ”

”Eh? N-Nee-san, I have no clue how time travel works. ”

”That ’s fine; I will be responsible for that part. ”

Without saying another word, Yuna took out a huge scroll, unfolded it, and started drawing seals on it. Although Naruto was a little skeptical about whether he could really help with this, after watching Yuna for a short moment, his eyes shone in understanding, and he started working as well.

Meanwhile, Minato could only watch in fascination at the duo working. He had reached a very high level in sealing, so he could, to some degree, understand what Yuna and Naruto were doing.

Although the foundation of the seal was the [Flying Thunder God Seal], Yuna and Naruto were currently creating something with significantly more complexity. It was like creating a fourth-dimensional drawing on the foundation of a three-dimensional one. While Naruto was building the foundation, Yuna was responsible for adding another dimension, and about half an hour later, the duo created an incredibly intricate sealing arrangement.

”Impressive! ”

That was the only word that left Minato ’s mouth when the two were done with their work.

Yuna nodded in acknowledgment to Minato ’s praise, while Naruto had a happy smile on his face.

”Guess it is time for us to leave as well. ”

After he heard Yuna ’s words, a tinge of regret briefly flashed through Minato ’s eyes. Most people probably wouldn ’t notice it, but Yuna wasn ’t ”most people ”.

A smirk that sent shivers through Minato ’s spine appeared on Yuna ’s face as she started walking towards Minato.

”Now, now, no reason to hold back. ”

Three books appeared in Yuna ’s hands, which she quickly held out for Minato to grab.

”Here you go. I noticed you wanted some copies as well when I gave them to Kakashi. ”

Yet another shiver of terror went through Minato as his eyes quickly landed on Kakashi, who was still completely immersed in the book he was holding. Considering everything that had happened so far, it was an impressive feat, and Minato sighed in relief that Kakashi was still distracted.

With minuscule movement, he grabbed the three books and made them disappear instantly. He glanced at the other two people in his team and received two small nods. A small smile graced Minato ’s face before quickly disappearing again.

”*Cough* As expected of my daughter. ”

Minato noticed that Hinata and Naruto ’s gazes became a little colder when he accepted Yuna ’s gift, but there was nothing he could do about that anyway, so he didn ’t bother to begin with.

Moments later, the goodbyes were done, and the trio stepped onto the freshly created seal.

The seal started glowing, and just before the light completely engulfed the trio, a slight smirk appeared on Yuna ’s face that gave Minato a rather bad feeling.

”Hehe, I hope you four like strawberries. ”

Minato tilted his head in confusion when he heard Yuna ’s remark.

”What do you m… ”


Four cakes smacked into the faces of Minato and his teammates. Minato had no idea what just happened, but considering the laughter he heard coming from the trio, he didn ’t think that this was the first time Yuna did something like that.

Meanwhile, Kakashi and Naru2 were carefully climbing out of the ruins of Loran, and moments later, Sakura and Sai came running towards them.

”Kakashi-sensei, Naruto, what happened to you two? ”

Kakashi couldn ’t help but chuckle a little when he heard Sakura ’s question.

”A lot happened, but we can discuss that later. For now, I have something important to do. ”

Without giving Sakura a chance to ask more questions, a small book appeared in Kakashi ’s hand, and he started reading.

Although Sakura noticed that Kakashi seemed to have acquired a new book somehow, she still clenched her fist in anger when Kakashi blatantly started reading his porn in front of her.

She was just about to lash out at Kakashi when the book started glowing.

”Well, that can ’t be go… ”


Before Kakashi could finish his statement, four cakes appeared out of nowhere and hit Kakashi, Naru2, Sakura, and Sai in the face.

After wiping the cake out of his face and confirming that his book is undamaged, Kakashi shook his head in disbelief.

He couldn ’t even begin to fathom how Yuna pulled this stunt off.

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