Another day passed, and Yuna was currently strolling through the Demon Desert to spectate the second round. So far, only two non-Konoha teams have managed to get her interested.

One was lead by a muscular man with greyish hair that had scars all over his body. His name was Shira, and he appeared to have the same condition as Lee; he can ’t use Ninjutsu or Genjutsu and specializes in Taijutsu. His two teammates were a small girl named Yome with huge eyes that could adjust her vision like she was looking through binoculars, and another woman named Sen with sandy-brown hair, specializing in setting up genjutsu traps.

From what Yuna could see, they wanted to let as many Suna teams pass as possible instead of just getting through themselves. Something about showing off Suna ’s strength and helping Gaara; Yuna didn ’t bother paying much attention to their motives.

The other team was actually the sole Kiri team. At first, Yuna expected that Mei would just send over some cannon fodder, but all three of them were actually competent.

Like Yuna predicted, none of them seemed to use water style and focused on swordsmanship instead. Additionally, all three of them were wielding swords that were somewhat similar to Kiri ’s swords of the Seven Swordsmen.

One of them, the team leader named Kaito, was wielding two one-handed swords that looked somewhat similar to Kiba. He had spiky red hair and unusually sharp teeth.

The other two people were the complete opposite of each other. One big man with bulging muscles named Fuji and a petit woman named Haru. Funnily enough, Fuji was wielding the needle-like Nuibari imitation, while Haru used a massive Kubikiribocho imitation. Well, Yuna couldn ’t complain much about someone using a sword that should be too big for them since she did the same.

Strictly speaking, Fuu ’s team was somewhat interesting as well, but that was not because of the team itself, but because of Fuu. Instead of collecting scrolls, she wanted to meet other teams and befriend them, and since the other two people in her team were already jonin, they just allowed Fuu to do what she wants.

Although Yuna realized that helping Fuu befriend, Chomei might not have been the best idea, since now no other teams couldn ’t even hope to defeat her, she decided to let that be the problem of the other teams and not hers. As some people like to say: Luck is also a part of someone ’s strength. If a genin team loses because they met Fuu and got steamrolled by her, they could only curse their bad luck.

After a few more hours of spectating, a frown appeared on Yuna ’s face as she looked in a particular direction.

”A sandstrom is comming. That ’s rather dangerous. I somewhat doubt that Suna expected a sandstorm to happen during the second exam. Should I help some people when they are in trouble? ”

[Why bother?]

”Mhh, that true as well. Oh well, it ’s not like I have anything better to do, so I might as well help those that are in trouble. ”

Moments later, a powerful sandstorm washed over her, but just when the wind was about to hit her, a transparent ice shield appeared in front of her and prevented the wind from hitting her.

”How dangerous~ ”

[You don ’t appear to be in any danger.]

”Well, I was. Do you know how uncomfortable it is to have sand in your clothes? ”


”Okay, that was a stupid question. Of course, you don ’t. You are a massive fox, after all, so you don ’t wear any clothes~ ”

[That sounded more erotic than it should.]

”Hehe, that ’s one of my special skills. ”

[Talk-no-Jutsu: Always Ero Version, right?]

”Hahaha, to think you even knew the name of the skill. Did you really turn into a system while I wasn ’t paying attention? ”

[Honestly, I am somewhat surprised that you are okay with that name. Such a short name, and not a single use of words like ”heaven ” or ”supreme ”.]

”Meh, that ’s fine. If the move isn ’t flashy, then it doesn ’t need a flashy name. ”

[A rare occasion. You just said something that could be considered as sensible. Are you alright? I ’m getting a little worried here.]

”Mhh, true. That ’s rather unusual, isn ’t it? Maybe it ’s the dry weather or the heat? Do you think Gaara would mind if freeze over the whole desert? ”

[Aaaand it ’s gone. The previous rationality is gone. Completely obliterated.]

”Haha, guess the previous one was just a little slip of the tongue, then. ”

While Yuna and Kurama were casually chatting within the sandstorm, the exam participants deployed multiple tactics to overcome the storm.

In Lee ’s team, Tenten took out a scroll that had a small mobile shelter that looked like a turtle shell sealed within it. Her team would simply cover themselves with it and wait until the storm was over.

In Karin ’s team, all three of them simply used the basic earth wall jutsu to create a little shelter. Like with Hinata, Naruto, and Anko, Yuna insisted on them at least learning that jutsu for defensive purposes.

On the other hand, Shira ’s team got lucky and was close to a small cave when the sandstorm hit them. Although they only found the shelter due to Yome ’s unusual visual prowess, it was still rather lucky.

Meanwhile, the Kiri team was having a rather bad time. They were used to moist air and mist, and now they suddenly found themselves inside a sandstorm. A small smile appeared on Yuna ’s face when she saw that.

’Well, I might as well help them out to do Mei a little favor. This sand storm isn ’t exactly part of the exam, after all. ’

Moments later, she appeared in front of the trio, and as soon as she did, all three of them drew their swords.

’Not bad. I guess since they are used to fighting with lousy visibility, they are rather good at detecting enemies. ’

The group leader, Kaito, was about to open his mouth and attempt to talk to Yuna when his words got stuck in his mouth. The constant bombardment of sand suddenly stopped, and massive ice walls quickly surrounded the trio.

”Yo, since this sandstorm wasn ’t part of the exam, I decided to help a few people out. You can stay in here until the storm is over if you want. ”

While Kaito and Fuji were still wary of Yuna, Haru pushed both of them aside while looking at Yuna with shining eyes.

”You are Yuna Uzumaki, right?! I saw how you beheaded the Sanbi with a giant sword! That was so awesome! I ’m a big fan! ”

Yuna could only smile wryly while the young woman was looking at her with shining eyes.

’Did she choose a sword like Kubikiribocho because she saw me fight the Sanbi, or was she always specializing in it and became my fan after I used a similar weapon? ’

[Well, what do you plan to do with her?]

’Nothing. Since she claims to be my fan, I will give her an autograph or something and be done with it. ’

[Really? Are you sure that is all?]

’Geez, Kurama, who do you think I am? ’

[A pervert that seduces women wherever she goes.]

’… ’


’Okay, fair enough, but I am not aiming for her. ’

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