Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 248: Are you a Good Girl Fuu?

Yuna ’s encounter with her fan ended rather quickly. Apparently, she always wanted to fight by using a huge two-handed sword, but everyone told her that such a weapon didn ’t fit her body stature.

But, when Yuna defeated the Sanbi, a lot of people changed their attitude, allowing Haru to follow the path she wanted to take.

Although Haru wanted to try sparring against Yuna, she could only save her request for later since the second test was still not over. After all, one of the proctors fighting against one of the genins was definitely not allowed.

A few moments later, Yuna left, leaving two relieved and one disappointed Kiri shinobi behind.

Yuna spread her sense to find whether any other team needed some support and noticed that Gaara was currently moving around as well.

’I see; he decided to help the contestants as well. I am not surprised by that. Having a bunch of promising genin die because of unexpected circumstances certainly wouldn ’t look good for Suna. ’

However, moments later, a frown appeared on Yuna ’s face.

’Something is off about Gaara ’s situation. There is only one additional person instead of a full genin team, and I don ’t know the chakra signature of that person either. Additionally, Gaara ’s emotions are chaotic, and his chakra is slowly getting lower. It seems like the rebels decided to make a move while everything is chaotic due to the sand storm. Time to lend him a hand, I guess. ’

Meanwhile, a chain was pierced into Gaara ’s stomach and was absorbing Shukaku ’s chakra. The chain ’s origin was someone who looked like a monk and who was currently playing the biwa. His name was Hoichi, and he was now using a technique from Suna ’s first Jinchuuriki, Bunpuku, to extract Shukaku from Gaara.

Although Gaara tried to struggle free from the chain, he could barely move his body, so there was nothing he could do.

’Damnit, I can ’t utilize my chakra at all. Can you do something, Shukaku? ’

[Why are you calling my name so casually, human? You should at least call me the amazing Shukaku-sa…]

’Yeah, yeah, really amazing. Anyway, can you do something? ’


’Well… can you get me out of this situation or not? ’


’… ’

Sukaku sighed in annoyance. Previously, Gaara treated Shukaku like some untouchable monster, but after meeting Yuna, he somehow lost all the respect and fear he once held and started talking to Shukaku like he was just a fellow human.

Although Shukaku would never say it out loud, he enjoyed being seen as an equal. His first host, Bunpuku, interacted with him like that as well. Despite being shunned by everyone he met, Bunpuku never took out his anger on Shukaku. At the end of Bunpuku ’s life, Shukaku even acknowledged him as someone similar to the Sage of the Six Path.

[*Sigh* There is nothing I can do. This technique was designed to seal me, so it is not something I can fight against on my own.]

A frown appeared on Gaara ’s face as he continued pondering about possible solutions, but there was nothing he could do, no matter how he looked at it.

”Seems like you are in trouble, Gaara. ”

Although Gaara was a little annoyed at how nonchalantly the new person, Yuna, was taking the situation, he was also relieved that she arrived.

”This chain is absorbing Shukaku ’s chakra and prevents me from moving. Do you have a way to stop the process, Yuna? ”

Yuna eyed the chain that was pierced into Gaara ’s stomach and then glanced at Hoichi, who was still playing the biwa, before shrugging her shoulders.

”Yeah, a few dozen. ”

While Gaara was dumbfounded by Yuna ’s claim, a frown appeared on Hoichi ’s face when Yuna appeared on the scene.

After giving Yuna a closer look and realizing who she was, a small smile appeared on his face while the melody he was playing changed slightly.

’I wasn ’t expecting to meet a second Junchuuriki, but this is a good chance. The technique developed by Bunpuku-sama can be used on multiple targets, and this is the perfect chance to do so. ’

Moments later, a second chain burst out of his body and shot towards Yuna.

When Gaara saw that, his eyes widened, and he immediately warned Yuna about the impending attack.

”Quickly dodge! Another chain is coming, and you will be in the same situation as me if it hits you! ”

However, seemingly before Yuna could react, the approaching chain pierced into her stomach, causing Gaara to despair.

[What the hell, Yuna!? Don ’t just tank the attack!]

’Eh? But I was curious what it would feel like. Besides, I have a good affinity with chains, you know. ’

[Really? A bondage joke? Who allows an enemy to land an attack on themself just to make a bondage joke?]

’Please pay attention, Kurama. I just did. ’

[*Urgh* Whatever. Can you do something about the chain? This thing is getting rowdy.]

Yuna glanced at her mindscape and couldn ’t help but chuckle when she saw Kurama easily pinning the chain to the ground with one hand.

The technique Hoichi was using might be capable of extracting the chakra from a sealed Shukaku, but an unsealed Kurama was a totally different story. Kurama was simply too strong to be affected by that kind of technique.

Hoichi frowned when he noticed that he wasn ’t getting any chakra despite succeeding in his attack against Yuna.

’Did something go wrong? I don ’t think it did. Maybe she isn ’t the real one, and someone transformed into her? ’

While he was in deep contemplation, a smirk appeared on Yuna ’s face as she looked at Hoichi.

”Well, mister monk, how about you stop this technique, and in return, I won ’t kill you and just capture you instead? ”

Hoichi ’s frown deepened when he noticed that Yuna didn ’t appear to be under any strain despite supposedly being restricted by his technique. After pondering for a short moment, he continued speaking.

”It appears that you have a method that makes it harder for me to absorb the Kyuubi ’s chakra, but it doesn ’t matter. The moment I am done with the Ichibi, I can put my full attention on you, and then, no matter what method you use, I will be able to absorb the Kyuubi ’s chakra. ”

Yuna indifferently shrugged her shoulders when she heard Hoichi ’s words.

”Very well. It seems that you have chosen death. I am happy to support you in making what you have chosen come true. ”

”*Mmph*, big words from someone who currently can ’t utilize their chakra, nor move their body properly. ”

Yuna tilted her head in confusion when she heard Hoishi ’s words.

”Can ’t utilize my chakra? Can ’t move my body properly? I wonder what you are talking about. Do you actually believe that a small-fry like you is capable of restricting me in any shape, form, or fashion? That ’s just ridiculous. ”

While Hoichi frowned when he heard Yuna ’s arrogant words, Yuna raised her right hand, pointing her index finger at Hoichi and pointing her thumb skywards.

”Bang! ”

Before Hoichi could understand the situation, a small ice sphere pierced through the barrier he had set up and hit his head, shooting through it and killing him instantly.

”What a smallfry. Easy Oneshot. ”

Gaara could only gape at the attack he just witnessed. Considering that he was Shukaku ’s Jinchuuriki, he was somewhat confident that he could block it. The problem was that considering how casually Yuna used her attack and how little chakra it seemed to use, Gaara was certain that the number of projectiles was not restricted to one, which would make it almost impossible to block.

’She really is a monster, huh. ’

[I agree with you on this point, human. Even someone as great as me thinks that she gives off a very dangerous feeling.]

Gaara ’s eyes widened in surprise when he heard Shukaku ’s words. Him, feeling that Yuna was dangerous was one thing, but Shukaku feeling the same was a whole different matter.

’Should I stay away from her? No, if I suddenly started doing that, she would notice without a doubt. Considering how much she likes messing with people, she might even start going out of her way to harass me if I suddenly started trying to avoid her. I guess I can ’t do anything about it but to hope that Yuna leaves me alone. ’

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