[I wasn ’t expecting you to come back here. That jutsu you used should have put quite the toll on you since you shot it instantly, right? Will you be okay?]

’Yeah, no worries. I don ’t plan to fight right now. ’

[You don ’t?]

’No, for now, I just want to confirm how reliable Hisoka ’s information are. ’


’Hehe, and I want to have some fun by messing with them. ’

[As expected.]

Yuna let her gaze wander over the people that were standing around her, and when her eyes met Itachi, Obito, and Zetsu ’s, she gave them knowing smirks.

While Obito ’s face behind the mask twisted in hatred when he met Yuna ’s eyes and Zetsu felt a little fearful, Itachi kept his stoic face while praying with every fiber of his body that Yuna wouldn ’t reveal what happened inside the Tsukuyomi a few years ago.

As the silence grew more oppressive, Yuna finished her inspection, and her eyes met a ripple patterned pair of eyes that were currently owned by Pain, the so-called leader of Akatsuki.

”So this is the Akatsuki, huh. Honestly, I am not impressed. I mean, just look at this shabby hideout. That statue you use as decor is beyond hideous while taking up way too much space.

Additionally, the room isn ’t even adequately heated. Just look at it. Due to your negligence, it became cold enough in here for snow to fall, and one of your employees even turned into an ice block and shattered. Don ’t you have at least a little pity for the people that are working for you? What kind of boss forces his people to work in the freezing cold like this, Pain? ”

Although Pain was annoyed by Yuna rambling on and on, he was slightly shocked that Yuna actually knew his name. His identity was supposed to stay hidden for now, and despite that, Yuna knew about him.

Yuna ’s facial expression didn ’t change at all, but inwardly, she was pretty happy with Pain ’s minuscule reaction.

’Although I somewhat expected it, the name matched with Hisoka ’s story, so let ’s fish some more. ’

”Oh? I guess you don ’t want your identity to be known, so how about I give you a nickname. ”

Before Pain could retort, Yuna ’s smile grew even wider as she continued speaking.

”Hehe, how about I call you Nagato from now on? I think that name fits you rather well. ”

Pain was a little shaken by Yuna knowing the name of his created identity, but when Yuna actually revealed his real name, he couldn ’t help but be flabbergasted.

”How? ”

’So that piece of information is correct as well, huh? Good to know. ’

”You want to know how I know about that name? Hehe, in front of my eyes, no secret can be hidden, and no truth can be concealed. I need, but a glance and all your secrets will be exposed to me. ”

As Yuna finished speaking, her eyes shone with wisdom as her gaze yet again wandered over everyone present. While doing so, she gave Zetsu a wink while giving him a knowing smile, resulting in his whole body shivering in terror.

’Does she know about my plan of resurrecting mother? Impossible! I have never told anyone about that. Not even that fool Madara knows anything about mother. Is she trying to trick me into revealing information about my true goal by pretending that she already knows about it? That might be possible, but I am not falling for that.

As I expected after my first meeting with her, she is the most significant variable in my current plan. Worst case, I ’ll have to retrieve the Rinnegan from Nagato and wait until she dies of old age. Although that will take some time since she is an Uzumaki, if it means succeeding in mother ’s resurrection, I don ’t mind waiting another 100 years. ’

While Yuna was looking around the room again, Pain was quite shaken by Yuna ’s claim, but he managed to regain his calm moments later.

”Whether that is a bluff to throw me off or you actually managed to awaken that kind of Kekkei Genkai, it does no matter. No matter how many secrets you dig up, in front of the power of a god, it is meaningless. ”

”Haha, correct. In front of someone who reached the necessary power and comprehension to reach the level of godhood, I am just a mere speck of dust that could be killed instantly, but I am not sure what that has to do with our conflict? ”

Pain arrogantly lifted his head when he heard Yuna ’s words.

”It is good that you know your place. As for what it has to do with our conflict, isn ’t it obvious? Or do you no recognize god when he is in front of you? I am god. ”

”*Pfff* *Cough* haha *Cough*. I apologize, hehe *cough*. That was very unprofessional. I shouldn ’t laugh about someone with a mental disorder. ”

Pain frowned at Yuna when she started mocking him, but moments later, his aloof expression returned.

”It does not matter what you think. I possess the eyes of god; therefore, I am god. ”

Yet again, Yuna chuckled a little before shaking her head with a pitiful smile on her face.

”For now, I will assume the ”god ” you are comparing yourself with is the Sage of the Six Paths, whose eyes you indeed currently possess, but calling yourself a god just because of that, isn ’t that a little bit too funny?

Just because you have the tool of a god doesn ’t make you a god. I see no god in front of me, just a toddler holding a legendary weapon. ”

Pain wanted to interrupt Yuna ’s speech, but when he attempted to do so, powerful pressure started radiating out of Yuna, while the whether inside the cave that was previously just a mild snowfall turned into a raging blizzard.

”Is godhood really something that can be removed just by losing your eyes? Is a god such a fragile being? NO! ”

The blizzard became even more powerful, and despite the Pain in the room only being a projection of a puppet he was controlling, Nagato started to feel cold.

”A god ’s power transcends mortal understanding. Rejoice, for this great one will allow you a glimpse. ”

Yuna flicked her finger towards Pain ’s projection, causing a small icicle to fly towards it.

It barely touched Pain ’s cheek and then pierced into the cave wall, boring through it, and finally vanished into the distance.

At first, Pain was confused by what Yuna just did, but suddenly he felt a wet sensation on his cheek. After checking what it was, his eyes widened in surprise. Right now, he had a small cut on his cheek, and it wasn ’t just on the one body he was controlling; it was on all six of them and his own as well.

He couldn ’t help but be shaken when he saw his own blood as Yuna ’s words resonated in his mind.

’A god ’s power transcends mortal understanding. Impossible; how could she possibly be a god? She is just a slightly powerful young woma… ’

While Nagato was in deep contemplation, the seven point-of-views he possessed due to the Rinnegan saw the same thing simultaneously.

*SPLAT* x7

His six puppets and his main body were all hit with a cake in the face simultaneously.

Although Nagato had no understanding of how Yuna did it, he felt the emotions called fear for the first time in quite a while.

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