ude of seals and intent mixed into it, so not even Itachi ’s Mangekyou Sharingan could memorize it.

Itachi took another deep breath while wiping away the blood on his face and shakily stood up. Despite what he just experienced, a small smile appeared on his face.

’Well, everything is fine. Consider how I downplayed Yuna ’s actions as nothing special and the pride and arrogance of the Akatsuki members; they probably won ’t start fearing Yuna. That is good. In fact, some of them might even feel challenged and attempt to attack Yuna on their own, which would be perfect. I genuinely hope they go out of their way to challenge Yuna, just to be completely obliterated. The more of these maniacs die, the better. ’

Itachi took another deep breath as powerful determination started burning in his eyes.

”*Sigh* I hope that after you kill me, you can at least appreciate all the things I am willing to go through for you, Sasuke-chan. ”

The image of a young woman with black hair and eyes that was glaring at him appeared in Itachi ’s mind, as a fond smile appeared on his face.

”I will do everything for you, my cute little sister. ”

Meanwhile, Yuna, who was still lying on her bed, opened her previously closed eyes as a mischievous expression appeared on her face.

’Just as I expected, Itachi dismissed what I just did while egging on the other members to attack me. Considering that we have met three times now, I expected him to have a decent grasp of my personality and strength, and I was correct. His end goal should still be protecting Sasuke, and the best way to do so is to eliminate as many threats as possible. Having a bunch of Akatsuki members challenge me to a fight because of their pride or whatever and consequently getting killed is obviously a good thing for Itachi. ’

[Well, are you fine with doing someone else ’s dirty work?]

’Usually not, but since the dirty work is killing a bunch of arrogant meatheads, I don ’t mind. In fact, I ’m looking forward to it. ’

[Guess I should have expected that kind of answer from a battle junky, huh?]

’Hahaha, you should! ’

Yuna slowly stood up, and after checking if she could move around properly, she gave a slight nod of approval.

’The Uzumaki bloodline in combination with your chakra sure is a cheat, huh? This regeneration speed is insane. ’

[*Snort* Isn ’t that obvious?]

’Yes, yes, you are the greatest, Kurama. ’

Yuna did a few more stretches, and after confirming that she was in a decent condition, she prepared herself to teleport again.

’Well then, let ’s take a look and see how Fuu is doing, shall we? ’

[*Mmph* I don ’t care about that Fuu girl, I only hope that Chomei is fine.]

’Yeah, yeah, I know. Big angry fox that hates humans. I haven ’t forgotten your image. ’

[I-IMAGE!? It is not an image! I don ’t care about humans in the slightest. I am the Kyuubi no Youko and I…]

’Yes, yes, yes, as I was saying: Big angry fox that hates humans, I got it. ’


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