Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 258: Not the First Wife!?

A groan escaped Fuu mouth as she slowly regained consciousness.

’*Urgh* What is going on? My whole body is hurting. ’

After gathering her wits for a short moment, her eyes opened in surprise.

”I am alive!? What happened?! ”

An annoyed snort echoed through the room, and someone else started speaking.

”Isn ’t that obvious? I saved you when you were about to die and gave the people that tried to kidnap you a good scolding. ”

A happy smile appeared on Fuu ’s face when she heard Yuna ’s familiar voice, but the moment she met eyes with Yuna, her smile faltered due to Yuna currently glaring at her.

When she saw Yuna glaring at her, Fuu guiltily lowered and head and started speaking.

”Hehe, hello, Yuna. How are you? ”

”Unlike the idiot who was around one minute away from dying when I arrived at the scene, I am rather well. ”

Fuu lowered her head even further without retorting Yuna ’s words.

”Fuu… ”

When Fuu heard Yuna use her name in a much softer than she previously did, Fuu looked up with a hopeful expression on her face, but the moment she did, Yuna ’s hand appeared in front of her forehead and gave it a powerful flick, resulting in Fuu holding her head in pain.

”Oww, why did you do that?! ”

”That was the punishment for acting stupid. Now, can you tell me why you decided not to call for help despite being clearly outmatched? ”

”I didn ’t want to put you in danger as well! I don ’t want to see my friends getting hurt. ”


”OW!!! Why did you flick my head again? ”

”This time, it was for saying something stupid. ”

A pout appeared on Fuu ’s face as she started glaring at Yuna.

”But it ’s true; I don ’t want to see my friends getting hurt. ”

Yuna rolled her eyes at Fuu ’s words and started lecturing her.

”That is not the problem here. Of course, you don ’t want to see your friends hurt, but what is the point if you die in the process? You might not want to see your friends getting hurt, but do you think your friends would be happy seeing you die? What would you feel if one of your friends sacrifices themself just to prevent you from getting hurt? ”

Fuu ’s eyes widened in surprise when she heard Yuna ’s words. She didn ’t think about that at all!

”T-This, I-I ’m sorry for acting stupid like that, Yuna. ”

When Yuna saw that Fuu had repented, she nodded her head in approval.

”It ’s good that you understand. We are currently inside the Uzumaki compound. I want you to stay here for now. Takigakure isn ’t strong enough to protect you, so you would be in danger if you return there. ”

Fuu ’s eyes widened in surprise when she heard Yuna ’s words.

”Ehh? You want me to stay here? Then what about Shibuki? I don ’t think he will be happy if he hears about this, and besides that, I don ’t want to leave him just like that. ”

Yuna simply waved Fuu ’s worries away and continued her explanation.

”No need to worry about that. I will go over to Taki, explain why you being inside Takigakure isn ’t a good idea, and fetch Shibuki so that you can have a chat with him. ”

Fuu pondered Yuna ’s words, and moments later, a broad smile appeared on her face.

”Alright, that sounds good. ”

Yuna nodded her head and prepared herself to leave.

”Okay, that is all for now. Stay in bed and rest some more, and I will send someone over to bring you food soon. ”

Fuu happily nodded her head, but moments later, she heard Yuna ’s following words, and her face twisted in despair.

”Oh, I almost forgot; No head pats for two weeks. ”

”Ehh!? Why? That ’s so cruel! ”

Yuna snorted in disdain when she heard Fuu ’s words.

”*Mmph* Did you really think you could get yourself almost killed, and the only punishment you would receive are two mere finger-flicks to the forehead? ”

Fuu pouted as she looked at Yuna with a hurt expression.

”But those two finger-flicks really hurt, okay? ”

”Well, they were part of your punishment, so that is only natural. ”

Fuu ’s pout deepened even further while Yuna left the room while lightly chuckling to herself.

”Meany. ”

Only a few minutes passed since Yuna left, and Fuu was already getting bored of lying on the bed and doing nothing. She was just about to stand up to go on a little adventure when another person appeared in the middle of the room.

Due to the person ’s dangerous presence, Fuu immediately got vary.

”Who are you? What do you want from me? ”

”My name is Hinata, and I am Yuna ’s first w-wife. I want to know what your intentions with Yuna are. ”

At first, Fuu was a little confused when she heard Hinata ’s words, but a beaming smile appeared on her face moments later.

”That ’s so awesome! I didn ’t know that Yuna had a wife! Why didn ’t she tell me about that? Anyway, I don ’t really understand what you mean by intentions, but Yuna is my friend! ”

Hinata was a little dumbfounded by Fuu ’s reaction, but for now, she continued questioning Fuu.

”I see, so she is your friend. Is there anything else? ”

Fuu tilted her head in confusion when she heard Hinata ’s question.

”Err, like super good friends? Well, Yuna is the first friend I made. Is there maybe some unique name for that? I never left my village before, so I wouldn ’t know about that. ”

”F-First f-friend? O-okay, then what… ”

”Haha, that ’s right, she is my first friend, but she actually helped me make some more friends. Now even Chomei became my friend; isn ’t that awesome? ”

”C-Chomei? The Bij… ”

”Anyway, my goal is to make 100 friends, and I ’m already on a good way. ”

”I-I see. ”

While Hinata was faltering more and more, Fuu ’s eyes sparkled in excitement due to having a good idea.

”I know, let ’s become friends as well, Hinata! ”

”Eh? F-Friends? ”

”That ’s right! You are Yuna ’s wife, right? So you should be like really close with her, right? Since Yuna is my first friend and you are her wife, I think we should also become friends. ”

”Ehhh? O-Okay? ”

”YES!!! I made another friend! Let ’s get along from now on, Hinata. ”

”S-Sure. ”

Moments later, Hinata left the room with a defeated look on her face. She shakily made her way to her room and collapsed on her bed. An annoyed scowl appeared on her face as a deep sigh escaped her mouth.

’*Sigh* What are you even doing, Hinata? If you continue acting like that, then even Yuna ’s patience may end one day. First, I actually pushed Yuna away with a jutsu, just so she wouldn ’t come in contact with that princess, and now I wanted to kill someone as innocent as that Fuu girl due to my irrational jealously. ’

’Damnit, what am I supposed to do? Every time I imagine Yuna getting a new girl, my whole mind is filled with dangerous thoughts like that. ’

”*Sigh* I need to talk with Yuna about this. ”

Silence covered the room before another sigh escaped Hinata ’s mouth.

”*Sigh* You are already here, aren ’t you, Yuna? ”

Without any prior indication, Yuna appeared in the middle of the room with a mischievous smile on her face.

”You really know me well, my cute little Hinata~ ”

Although Hinata blushed a little when she heard Yuna ’s words, she at least had built up some resistance against Yuna ’s teasing over the last few years, so it wasn ’t too bad.

Without waiting for Hinata to say anything, Yuna casually sat down next to Hinata, who was still sprawled on her bed.

”Well, you wanted to talk with me, so let ’s talk, Hinata. ”

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