Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 266: A Little Demonstration

Over the course of the last few days, Fuu has been staying inside the Uzumaki compound and managed to make quite a few new friends. Unlike in Takigakure, where people were shunning her due to having Chomei sealed into her, her outgoing and friendly personality made it very easy for her to make new friends, especially inside the Uzumaki compound.

Fuu was currently sitting inside the living room of the Uzumaki ’s clans headquarters and was accompanied by Hinata and Anko. After Hinata realized just how innocent Fuu was, she no longer had any doubts about befriending her, while Anko simply followed after Hinata.

Hinata and Anko were currently drinking some tea Karin served them a short while ago, while Fuu was stuffing her face with some cake she received from Yuna.

On a side note, Hinata and Anko almost had a stroke when Yuna actually handed over the cake normally instead of shooting it in someone ’s face at high speed.

Although Yuna wanted to complain that she didn ’t always serve her cake like that, but after thinking about it more deeply, she decided she would rather not start an argument she couldn ’t win.

A few minutes later, someone knocked on the door, and moments later, it was opened, revealing Yuna, who had a leisurely smile on her face.

”Yo, I ’m back. Did you miss me? ”

While Anko only chuckled a little, Hinata couldn ’t help but roll her eyes at Yuna ’s question.

”You were only away for 30 minutes. ”

”So~ You did miss me? ”

Hinata couldn ’t help but laugh a little when she heard Yuna ’s teasing question.

”Yes, yes, we naturally missed you over the course of the last 30 minutes, Yuna. ”

”I see; in that case, I guess I have to pamper you lots tonight to compensate you for your grievances. ”

Although Hinata started blushing when she heard Yuna ’s suggestion, she nonetheless nodded her head in acknowledgment.

Meanwhile, Fuu just finished the last piece of cake and only now noticed that Yuna had entered the room. A huge smile appeared on her face as she immediately greeted Yuna.

”Yuna! Welcome back! Where were you again? Oh, the cake was delicious, by the way. What have you been d… ”

Before Fuu could pile up any more questions on Yuna, she noticed something rather peculiar. Yuna was currently carrying a person, who seemed to be somewhat familiar, under her right arm.

Hinata and Anko, naturally, noticed that as well but decided not to question Yuna about it. After all, the worst-case scenario was that she only kidnapped someone, which was no big deal for Yuna. They had enough confidence in Yuna ’s skill to know that there were either no witnesses or that she framed someone else for the kidnapping.

A short while later, Fuu ’s eyes widened in surprise as she realized who Yuna was currently holding.

”I-Is that Shibuki? ”

”Correct! You said you wanted to have a chat with him, so I decided to bring him over. ”

As soon as Yuna finished speaking, she sat Shibuki on one of the nearby couches and removed the seal that was stopping him from moving. She sneaked it on him by having one of her chains sneak up on him by tunneling through the ground and trapping him in a small genjutsu just before applying the seal to make it look like he was trapped just meeting Yuna ’s gaze.

The moment Shibuki regained control over his body, his first instinct was to draw out a weapon, but after giving the people in the room a slight glance, he realized that that wasn ’t a good idea.

’Damnit, what kind of monster den was I brought to? Although I can ’t be certain about it, I ’m pretty sure that I ’m currently the weakest person in the room, with a significant margin between the next person and me. And what the hell is Fuu doing? Why is she so carefree? Was she tricked? ’

So, instead of drawing a weapon, Shibuki simply decided to glare at Yuna and started speaking.

”Just to make sure there are no misunderstandings. You, someone who is clearly from Konoha and, if I am not wrong, is called Yuna Uzumaki, attacked Takigakure, knocked out all the Shinobi, and kidnapped the village ’s leader, me, so that you could have a chat? You do realize that if information about that was disclosed to other nations, it could be seen as Konoha declaring war, right? ”

When Yuna heard Shibuki ’s words, she couldn ’t help but chuckle a little while wagging her finger at him.

”What kind of nonsense are you spouting, Shibuki. The person who attacked your village wore a black cloak with red clouds on it. That is a clear sign that you were attacked by the organization called Akatsuki. ”

”Instead of making up outrageous claims about me attacking your village, shouldn ’t you thank me, who coincidently was in the vicinity when the attack happened, for saving your life from the member of Akatsuki? ”

Hinata and Anko could only chuckle at Yuna ’s words, and Fuu looked at the current situation in confusion while Shibuki ’s chin hit the floor so hard that it almost tunneled down into the lower floor.

”Y-You…W-Wha…? ”

While Shibuki was trying to form a complete sentence after hearing Yuna ’s ”slightly ” modified story of what happened in Takigakure, Fuu managed to pierce together what happened as a frown appeared on her face.

”That is not very nice of you, Shibuki. Yuna saved your life, but instead of being grateful for it, you are trying to blame her for something that had nothing to do with her. ”

While Shibuki ’s head snapped towards Fuu so he could look at her in disbelief, Yuna gave Fuu ’s words an approving nod.

”Well said, Fuu. I ’m reducing your head-pat-ban from 2 weeks to one week. ”

Fuu ’s eyes immediately started shining in delight when she heard Yuna reducing her punishment. Without a moment of hesitation, she stood up and started running around in the room in excitement.


While Fuu was excitedly jumping through the room, Yuna ’s facial expression became serious as her gaze landed on Shibuki.

”Well, let ’s start talking about the crucial things, Shibuki. This might surprise you, but I wasn ’t near the village of Takigakur by coincidence. I actually wanted to speak with you about something important. ”

Although Shibuki noticed that Yuna seemed to have decided to act like Taki was really attacked by Akatsuki instead of Yuna herself, but he decided to no longer bother about that matter.

Although he dislikes it with every fiber of his being, the person in front of him knocked out his whole village ’s military force by herself, so Shibuki had basically no choice but to nod his head at everything Yuna said. Additionally, Fuu seemed to like the people present genuinely, so he had at least some confidence that Yuna wasn ’t planning to do anything terrible to Takigakure. Fuu might not like the village much, but Shibuki didn ’t think that she would be fine with its people getting hurt, considering Fuu ’s personality.

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