was attempting to get away from something.

”Just out of curiosity, what is he currently dreaming? Or is it that bad that I probably would rather not know about it? ”

Yuna coughed awkwardly before a sheepish grin appeared on her face.

”*Cough* Hehe, I think you would rather not know about it. There are a few things a mortal mind is not equipped to handle. ”

Instead of losing interest in the matter after hearing Yuna ’s claim, Anko ’s eyes were brimming with curiosity as she eagerly waited for Yuna to continue.

”Anyway, let ’s go look for Orochimaru now. ”

Yuna wanted to turn around and walk away, but before she could do so, Anko ’s hands landed on her shoulders.

”Come one, Yuna; you can ’t get me all hot and bothered, and then just stop. ”

”Hehe, pretty sure I already did that a few times. ”

”Although that is not wrong, I always came to a fulfilling ending in those situations. ”

”Okay, okay, you win. ”

Yuna turned around again, and when Anko saw the smirk on her face, she realized that Yuna was only playing hard to get instead of actually not wanting to tell her.

”As you probably have already found out, Sasuke is currently getting chased by someone inside his dream. ”

Anko simply nodded her head when she heard the first part of Yuna ’s explanation. She had indeed already guessed that that was the case.

”Naturally, Sasuke is getting chased in his female form. ”

Yet again, Anko simply nodded her head.

”As for the person who is chasing him, hehe, I thought Orochimaru would be a good candidate. ”

Anko choked a little when she heard that before she started laughing out loud. A moment later, however, she stopped laughing since Yuna continued talking.

”And since I thought that wasn ’t enough, I changed Orochimaru ’s…design a little. ”

Seeing Yuna ’s eyes getting slightly distant, Anko felt like something outrageous was about to be said, so she braced herself for the impact.

”Guy ’s body-tight, green, spandex suit, his thick eyebrows, and the bowl cut. ”

Anko visibly staggered backward when she heard Yuna ’s words, and moments later, an incredibly disturbing image appeared in her mind.

”O-Okay, I admit that that is pretty disturbing, bu… ”

”THIS, however, was when I truly became mad with power. ”

Before Anko could finish speaking, Yuna ’s face became even more distant as her eyes seemed to lose focus completely.

”I made the suit tight, Anko. ”

”Y-Yuna, c-calm down. ”

”Very tight. ”

”Y-Y-Yuna. ”

”Like, two sizes too small. ”

”… ”

”There is nothing that can not be seen, Anko. ”

”YUNA!!! ”

When Yuna heard Anko ’s yelling her name, she woke up from her trance and dazedly looked around the room. The moment she saw Anko, a gleam of determination flashed through her eyes, and she casually approached Anko and picked her up in a princess-carry.

”Let ’s have sex. ”

”Huh? Now? ”

”You think you can face Orochimaru with the image I just created still fresh in your mind? ”

Anko shuddered a little at the still fresh image before shrugging her shoulders.

”Oh well, might as well have a quickie to get the image out of our heads. It ’s not like we are in a hurry, after all. ”

Yuna eagerly nodded her head before a large bed appeared in the middle of the room on which she placed Anko, and moments later, the duo started removing each other ’s clothes and proceeded to purge the cursed image in their heads with something more enjoyable.

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