ne speaking to him, he got out of his daze, but when he noticed that Anko somehow appeared inside his hideout and that she just admitted to shooting the previous attack, he could only look at her in bewilderment.

”You shot that attack? That is impossible; you don ’t have what it takes to reach that level of power. I examined you multiple times over a long period of time while you were my student, and you simply do not have the potential to produce an attack like that. ”

Before Anko could answer, Yuna landed next to her with a disdainful smirk on her face.

”Well, little snake, that is the difference between someone who thinks he knows how to teach someone how to become stronger and someone who actually does. ”

However, Orochimaru barely heard Yuna ’s words because the moment she appeared next to Anko, hatred flooded his body, which was quickly replaced by a feeling of glee.

”Kukuku, to think you would dare to show yourself in front of me again, Yuna Uzumaki. Today you will pay for what happened the last time we met. ”

Yuna looked at him weirdly before shaking her head in dismay.

”Every time I meet you again, you somehow make it sound like our previous encounter didn ’t end in you getting your ass kicked. I really wonder what kind of weird perception of the world you have. ”

”Well, I won ’t deny that our last encounter didn ’t go too well for me, but this time I have prepared proper countermeasures against you. Well, my preparations are 100 perfect yet, but it shouldn ’t be too much trouble to kill you with what I have prepared. ”

Yuna could feel some excitement bubbling up when she heard Orochimaru ’s words, but before she could say anything else, Anko stepped forward with an annoyed expression on her face.

”Oi, I ’m still here. Yuna is just here for transportation and will not participate in our one-on-one fight. I ’m not here to see Yuna tear you a new one; I am here to do it myself. ”

Orochimaru couldn ’t help but laugh when he heard Anko ’s words.

”You? Defeat me? In a one-on-one? You sure have grown delusional over the last few years, Anko. I know what kind of potential you have, and you will never be my equal. ”

”Hehe, big words, big words. During our encounter in the Forest of Death, I managed to cut your head off, but you managed to escape due to all the weird techniques, you know. This time, I will make sure that there is no next time. ”

Orochimaru snorted in disdain before going through a few hand signs and slamming his right hand on the ground.

”I have no intentions of humoring your desire for a one-on-one. Frankly, I have no interest in you at all. [Edo Tensei]. ”

Moments later, three coffins rose out of the ground, causing a massive grin to appear on Yuna ’s face.

”Seems like I will get the chance to have a little workout, after all, Anko. I assume you have no desire to fight whoever comes out of those coffins, right? ”

Anko only shrugged her shoulders in indifference before answering Yuna.

”Yeah, I couldn ’t care less. You can have them. Let ’s see for how long Orochimaru is willing to ignore me after I set him aflame a few times. ”

”Kukuku, you still dare to act so casually despite your death being this close? I am not sure if I should call your behavior courageous or plain stupid. ”

Moments later, the three coffins fully emerged from the ground, and the first one opened. The moment Anko saw the person in the first coffin, she was overcome with absolute helplessness…

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