Mito ’s eyes widened in surprise when she saw the frozen ground around Yuna expanding towards her at a rapid pace. Without a moment of hesitation, another eight chains burst out of her back while she pulled back the chain that was still pinning Orochimaru to a wall at the same time.

Blue chakra started shining on the tips of the nine chains as they began drawing seals into the air at rapid speed, and not even half a second later, a complex dome of seals was formed around Mito. The seals forming the dome lit up for a moment and started melting, forming a sturdy-looking shield around Mito.

Although Mito felt some pressure when Yuna ’s ice crushed into the shield, a short moment later, the pressure became weaker as the ice parted and grew around her shield instead, leaving a small patch of ground around Mito unfrozen.

The Third Raikage, on the other hand, wasn ’t fazed in the slightest when he saw Yuna ’s ice approaching him. He was a simple man and compared to most other shinobi, there were only very few tricks in his bag. No, in fact, there was only a single trick in his bag. The trick was called brute force.

Without a moment of hesitation, he cloaked his body with a coat of lighting chakra and waited for Yuna ’s ice to arrive. When it did, he could feel it press against his lighting-covered feet for a moment before simply went past him.

Unlike Mito and the Third Raikage, Fuyu Yuki did not act instantly. The moment Yuna ’s ice made an appearance, she went into a slight daze due to the feeling Yuna ’s ice gave her.

Although her ice was a Kekkei Genkai, she still saw it like just another jutsu, but Yuna ’s eyes felt utterly different, much more natural.

She simply couldn ’t grasp why the ice used by some woman from the Uzumaki clan, who never had any relations to ice jutsu, felt more real than her own.

Only when she felt the powerful lighting chakra the Third Hokage was oozing did she manage to get out of her daze, which unfortunately meant that Yuna ’s ice was about to reach her.

In a split moment decision, she created a hastily made wall of ice around her, which she quickly realized was the wrong choice.

Yuna ’s ice didn ’t even pretend to be bothered by the ice wall and simply kept expanding, so Fuyu could only grit her teeth and jump upwards and hope that Yuna would shot her down in the way to the ceiling.

Meanwhile, Orochimaru didn ’t even consider for a second whether he should stay or leave. The moment Mito ’s chain was pulled out of his shoulder, he got up and started running away immediately.

There were multiple reasons why Orochimaru f*ed up gauging Mito ’s capabilities to such a legendary degree.

Maybe the most obvious and, at the same time, most overlooked reason was that Mito didn ’t appear that much in history books. Well, she did appear, but not as an individual. She always appeared in the role of ”Hashirama ’s wife ” instead of as the person ”Mito Senju ”.

Another problem was that historians mostly disregarded Mito Senju due to the uniqueness of seals. What would historians rather write about? A person who could do some seal stuff that no one understood or a person who could summon a 100-meter tall statue with 1000 arms that smashed everything to pieces? The answer was rather obvious.

Another problem was that Orochimaru pretty much disregarded her ”outstanding talent in seals ” for rather obvious reasons. She was an Uzumaki; all Uzumaki had ”outstanding talent in seals ”. That was like reading about an especially lazy Nara. It simply wasn ’t anything special. How could someone possibly write about what level of sealing a person reached when they themself didn ’t fully understand it?

As for forgetting that she was very likely involved in the creation of the seal? That was pretty much all Orochimaru ’s fault.

Anyway, the moment when Mito ’s chakra pulse was about to hit him a few seconds ago, he realized how much she outclassed him. He didn ’t know what that chakra pulse would have done with him, but what he knew was that he wouldn ’t have survived it.

He could only pray to the gods, in which he didn ’t believe, that he would survive the attack somehow. Funnily enough, someone who was a goddess in her previous life actually saved him. Yuna stopped the attack for some reason that was incomprehensible to him.

Since Mito could act freely, Orochimaru was certain that Yuna would simply wait for her to clean up and then claim the credit for killing him, but what Orochimaru didn ’t understand was that Yuna was not an individual that paid much attention to acting logically.

If Yuna still considered Orochimaru a threat at this point in time, she would have undoubtedly let Mito finish him off, but that was no longer the case.

By now, she simply considered him as a fun little toy she could hand over to her girlfriend so she could have some fun with it.

As if confirm Yuna ’s attitude, the moment Orochimaru started fleeing, Anko followed him with a vicious grin on her face.

”Get back here, you little pedophile; aunty Anko wants to play with you~ ”

Orochimaru would have cursed Anko for her words, but when he turned around to do so, he caught a glimpse of Yuna ’s ever-expanding ice and felt the massive amounts of chakra oozing out of her and decided that there were worst things than someone piling up mocking words on him. Especially since his arms started feeling colder and colder the closer he got to Yuna ’s ice.

’Damnit, what is even going on right now? How in the world did she manage to increase her chakra pool to such a ridiculous degree in a matter of not even two years. She isn ’t even using the Kyubi ’s chakra yet, and it already is this absurd. ’

’Now that I think about it, did the masked man know about her true strength? If he did, I splendidly walked into his trapped. Damnit, so this is how Akatsuki planned to get rid of me. I should have known that this was a trap! ’

Meanwhile, in the Land of Earth, a masked man with a black cloak that had red clouds printed on it was traveling towards Iwagakure in a good mood.

’Hehe, those three combined with Mu, the Second Tsuchikage, should be more than enough to get rid of that monster. We already have people that surpass her in ice style, close combat, and seals. We will be able to thoroughly suppress her with this and then use Mu ’s Particle Style to finish her off. Her corpse, which Orochimaru wanted so much, might get lost due to that, but I couldn ’t care less. ’

Moments later, the masked person, Obito, could no longer contain his joy and started laughing out loud.


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