Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 279: Showing off the New Daos True Potential

*********I ’M F*ING BACK!!!*********

Mito Senju casually stepped out of the wall she was just punched into with a frown on her face. Since she was an [Edo Tensei], she was neither wounded nor felt any pain, but she couldn ’t help but frown when she saw the tricolored chakra that was currently coating Yuna.

’What is this chakra? The source of the red chakra is rather apparent; I was once the Kyuubi ’s Junchuuriki, after all. ’

’The blue chakra is a little bit weirder but not wholly unexplainable. Since the natural color of chakra is blue, the only thing strange about the blue chakra that is coating her is its density. Considering the meat-head that was summoned together with me can do it as well, it isn ’t unheard of to use chakra as a cloak to improve your strength in combat, but the density of Yuna ’s cloak is similar to a Bijuu ’s, which should be impossible. Did she somehow manage to filter the corrupted chakra out of the Kyuubi? That should be impossible, right? ’

’Anyway, that isn ’t even the most crucial point. What is that white chakra? Chakra is not supposed to be white. ’

Mito ’s frown deepened as she glanced at Fuyu Yuki, who was still encased in her own ice jutsu, while Yuna ’s words rank in her head.

’ ”Ice doesn ’t work on me ”, huh? How is that even possible? Fuyu is the one that shot the jutsu, but it backfired instantly and hit herself. Control of ice that surpasses reason and unknown white chakra, huh. No matter how I look at it, these two things are connected. ’

Mito pondered a few moments longer before she made a decision. From what she could tell, Yuna probably wasn ’t someone who bothered too much about keeping secrets, considering how easily she admitted to being the one responsible for getting rid of those Konoha elders.

”That white chakra; where does it come from? ”

A slight smirk appeared on Yuna ’s face when she heard Mito ’s blunt question. Rather than long annoying discussions where both sides tried to get ahold of each other ’s secrets, she was a much bigger fan of the more direct method.

”The Kyuubi ’s chakra is a powerful source of corruption. Just a mote of it can cause severe damage to weak people, while the incredible amounts of hatred it contains can easily overwhelm the senses and cause someone to go insane or even consume them completely. ”

Although Mito was listening to Yuna ’s words, she had no idea where she wanted to go with this story. None of the things Yuna just said were anything new, after all.

”However, in front of me, all of that is meaningless because I am the far more significant source of corruption. ”

A face-splitting grin appeared on Yuna ’s face as she bent her knees a little to catapult herself towards Mito at incredible speed. Midflight, she reeled her fist back and punched towards Mito with an ice-coated fist.

Although Mita was surprised by the sudden attack, the nine chains that were growing out of her back started moving with lightning speed, and just when Yuna ’s attack was about to reach her, a red shield rose in front of Mito that blocked Yuna ’s punch.

Ripples were generated all over the shield due to the power of Yuna ’s attack, while Mito couldn ’t help but groan a little due to the pressure of Yuna ’s attack, despite that she managed to stand her ground.

”Hahaha, going insane due to hatred? Too bad, I already AM insane! ”

Suddenly, the Third Raikage appeared behind Yuna and stabbed towards her with four fingers that had massive amounts of chakra concentrated at their tip.

”Have you already forgotten about me!? [Hell Stab: Four-Finger Nukite]! ”

Yuna, naturally, noticed the Third Raikage ’s movement and was ready for it. The hand that didn ’t punch Mito ’s barrier balled up into a fist while her middle and index finger remained straight. She used those two fingers like a sword and cut towards the Third Raikage ’s approaching attack, resulting in a powerful clash.

” ”A mote of it causes severe damage to weak people!? ” I am not weak! ”

Despite the powerful attack, Yuna didn ’t move from her position at all due to her ice anchoring her to the ground.

A short moment after the clash was over, Mito and the Third Raikage ’s eyes widened in shock due to Yuna ’s ice slowly creeping towards them. It not only started to freeze Mito ’s shield but even started to freeze the Third Raikage ’s chakra cloak.

”The chakra can consume someone completely!? My ice devours everything, not the other way around! ”

Fuyu, who managed to free herself by now, went through numerous hand signs while amassing a vast amount of chakra to shoot her next attack at Yuna. Although she didn ’t understand how Yuna managed to counter her previous jutsu, she didn ’t believe that she could do the same with something much more powerful.

”[Ice Style: Twin Ice Dragon Jutsu.] ”

Two massive dragons formed and shot towards Yuna. However, Yuna only glanced at them once before she stopped paying attention to them, and just like they were Fuyu ’s target all along, the two dragons shot towards Mito and the Third Raikage.



Although the two people heard Fuyu ’s frustration-filled yell, they still clicked their tounges in annoyance. They already had enough trouble with Yuna alone, and now they even had to deal with a teammate whose attacks could apparently be controlled by Yuna with absolute ease.

Both of them jumped back simultaneously to dodge the approaching dragons while glaring at Fuyu, effectively telling her not to interfere anymore, which caused her eyebrow to twitch in irritation.

Mito and the Third Raikage glanced at each other for a moment before both of them lowered their stance and prepared themself to go all out.

While previously Mito only used her chains to draw seals, now her finger also lit up with chakra, so she could use them for sealing as well. Nine chains and ten fingers, resulting in a total of nineteen seals that can be drawn simultaneously.

The Third Raikage, on the other hand, didn ’t have any fancy tricks like that, and the only thing that changed was the density of his chakra cloak and the number of fingers he used, which was reduced to one.

”Hahaha, it seems like you are finally willing to go all out! Very well… ”

Yuna ’s presence started growing even more domineering as her battle intent started flooding Orochimaru ’s base. Seven chains burst out of her back and combined themselves with the seven chakra tails that were already flailing around her. Her face twisted into a crazy smile while the ice that covered the whole cave kept getting denser and colder.

”…LET ’S PLAY!!! ”

Meanwhile, Anko was walking through Orochimaru ’s base with a happy skip in her steps. After killing Orochimaru, her mood was beyond excellent, and she had to actively hold herself back from whistling in happiness due to it.

Moments later, Yuna ’s battle intent washed over her, which made the smile on her face even more pronounced.

’Hehe, it seems like Yuna is having fun. I guess I should warn Hinata that today ’s night activities might get a little wild~ ’

A few moments later, Anko arrived on the battle scene and couldn ’t help but chuckle a little at what she saw.

Yuna, Mito, and the Third Raikage were currently having a high-speed two-on-one battle, which was pretty much what Anko expected to happen when she saw who Orochimaru summoned, while the fourth person in the room, Fuyu Yuki, seemed to be somewhat depressed.

She was currently sitting in a corner with a massive pout on her face while drawing circles on the ground with her finger.

Although Anko certainly found that scene somewhat amusing, she couldn ’t help but feel a little bit of pity for her as well. After all, it was Orochimaru ’s fault for summoning an ice user to fight against Yuna, and Fuyu herself had nothing to do with it.

After pondering the current situation for a moment, Anko simply shrugged her shoulders, walked towards her, and sat down next to her.

”Yo, if you want some advice, I suggest you focus your attention on Yuna ’s ice instead of sulking. I ’m not really sure how or why, but Haku, who is part of your clan, got stronger after observing how Yuna uses her ice. ”

Fuyu was somewhat startled when someone suddenly sat down next to her, and she couldn ’t help but look weirdly at Anko when she heard her advice.

’Getting stronger just by looking at her using ice? What kind of nonsense is that? ’

She considered arguing with the person who nonchalantly sat down next to her, but after a short moment, she decided to just ignore her. From what she could tell, the jutsu that was used to summon her made her pretty much immortal, so she really didn ’t care if someone was sitting down next to her or not.

While she let her gaze lazily wander all over the cave they were currently in, she couldn ’t help but notice that Yuna ’s ice seemed to spread further and further without any input from Yuna ’s side.

She picked up one of the nearby frozen pebbles and took a closer look at Yuna ’s ice, and as soon as she did, she fell into a daze.

’What is this ice? It feels so… different… ”

Anko, meanwhile, didn ’t say anything when Fuyu fell into a daze, chuckled a little, and returned her attention to Yuna, who was currently laughing like a madwoman.

’Yup, tonight will definitely be fun~ ’

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